Tuesday, July 21, 2015

From cuck to cocksucker- His story

Well, I know many of you have since left our little blog as we have not posted in a long time.  As you can tell from my fiancée's recent posts we are back and hope many of you return and share our blog.  And our lifestyle is more extreme now than ever.  In fact that in itself says a lot.  It is no longer a game, a side thing we do for fun.  Her being a Femdom Mistress, her being a Cuckoldress is now the norm.  Me being a sub. Me being Her bitch is now simply the way it is..  It is the way we live now. It is full time.

So, one of the things Mistress always wanted me to do was to show my submission to her by me submitting to a gay male dom for her pleasure.  She wants to make me a cock sucker.  Has marked me for many years as one by making me write it in marker over my hairless crotch and has told me that in order to truly be her bitch that I need to understand my place as a slut....a whore....and no longer as a real man.  My cock is a clit, my ass a pussy and my mouth needs to be a hole for dominant males cock to cum in.  I need to be a fluffer for her bulls yes, but I also need to know what it is like to feel like a tramp.  A true slut.  The best way to do that in her mind was for me to feel the cum of a man coat me. For me to feel a cock fill my mouth and for me to know the feel, smell and taste of cum.  Something she adores.  For so many years I had woman drop to their knees for me....fucked their mouths and called them my whores...came on their face and made them wear it....rubbed my balls on their soft lips and sent them home....well now it was my turn to feel like I made those girls feel.  Now was my turn to be made into a harlot.  Now longer as a game, but as a regular way of life.

So, with the new lifestyle, she made it happen.

We have know a gay male dom named E for quite a while now.  A good looking, very dominate male with a large cock. A man who has broken other guys before.  A man who wanted to make a straight man turn.  Mistress knew he was perfect and would train me and break me from a straight male to a fag whore with little trouble.  He had been waiting for a long time to take my throat and use it as hole for his cum. She knew he was the right man to take my virginity and to make the conversion complete. He would be the one to make me a faggot.  A cocksucker.  He would mold my throat to his cock head.

She made the arrangements and my Mistress and I met for a drink before we were to meet him.  He made it clear I had to have my chastity cage on, a collar and leash ready, be pumped full of Viagra and wearing a jock strap.  When we sat in the bar discussing the plan for the next hour and old friend of mine showed up and sat with us.  I thought clearly that this would break the mood and I would be able to use my safe word and get out of it.  How could I go through with this with a friend of mine chatting about politics and sports.  I looked over to my Mistress/finacee and she tapped her phone.  Obviously she sent me a message.

"How does it feel to sit and talk with your friend knowing that in 30 min you are going to be sucking cock"

"What would you think if he knew you were a whore"

"I think he would want you to suck him off. Get under the table and service him"

"Are you watching him talk and thinking of his cock", I bet its bigger than your dicklette". "Can you picture it sliding in your mouth, pass your lips, over your teeth, hitting your throat, blocking your airway"

I had to leave.  I was scared but knew I had to go.  I couldn't believe how strong and dome she had become.

When we got into the car, she took the collar and placed it on my neck.  Took the leash and attached it.  She told me it was time.  No more excuses.  I was to become the faggot cock sucker of a gay male dom and it wouldn't be the last time.

We drove to the male doms house and I blurted out my safe word.  I wanted to stop.  But no...this was no longer a game with safe words.  She fucked men alone, she took ten inch cock with or without me there.  She fucked my pussy at will.  And now I was going to suck cock for her. She ignored my safe word.  We had entered a new era.  She truly was in control. This whole game had started as my idea, but it wasn't mine anymore.  Truly for the first time.  She was in control.  And the control would never pass to me again.

We arrived at his house and in broad daylight, she got me out of the car,  walked me to his front door leash in hand and handed it to him at the door.  Here I was, now being led to a gay male doms bedroom by a leash.  As much as I wanted to fight it, by clit grew in its cage and leaked.  I was done, I was handed over to be someone's slave for the first time

The Dom went face to face with me...eye to eye....told me to breathe deep and relax.  My nerves finally settled.  He was in control, I was his to use.  He would be gentle but firm with me.  I trusted him. I knew my Mistress was nearby and in ultimate control. This was meant to be.  He told me to remove my pants. My shirt.  My socks.  My shoes. Here I was naked in front of a gay dom.  My fiancée sitting nearby watching.  Chasity cage leaking.  Pussy exposed.

He told me to get on his bed. Crawl on all fours.  He removed his clothing.  His large superior cock already hard in anticipating of training a straight man to be become a bi cock sucker.  He made me look at his cock.  Stare at it.  I have never looked at another cock before.  Not like this.  The head, shaft, balls.  Just staring at it.  I knew my cock but this one was different, bigger....and more importantly hard with desire for my mouth.

He told me to smell it.  To inhale its essence.  I trigger those parts of the brain that remember smell for life.  I smelled it. Cant say I ever smelled my own cock before, this was new.  It was clean and masculine.  Smelled like sex.  He made me smell his balls.  More masculine. Almost similar to the smell of an excited pussy.  But this was not a pussy....this was a cock and I was to please it.   I noticed something that stood out right away.  Hiss balls had hair on them...and his cock too.  Something I haven't seen on my own in two years.  It reminded me of my place. His cock and balls had freedom.  To cum when he wanted.  To fuck when he wanted. And to grow hair around them as men do, as a sign of masculinity.  He was allowed hair.  He was a man.  I was neither anymore.

He told me to begin.  To lick...to suck....to worship his cock like an ancient god.  I didn't know what to do at first but remembered what I liked girls to do to me when I used to get mine sucked. Yes, that's what I need to do, the things I liked done to me.  I licked the head, I rubbed my lips on the shaft, I tickled the underside of his cock. I twirled my tongue all around the head.  I thought, okay I am doing this so lets make it fast.  If I can do this well, I can have him in 5 minutes.  I began to jack his 8 inch cock off hard and fast in my mouth....I wanted him to cum fast.  Stroke a steady and fast rhythm like a cock in an ass or pussy.  Tight and wet and fast pumping.  But he knew what I was doing and he wasn't going to allow that.  He wanted worship.  He told me to stop....remove my hand and use just my mouth.  He cradled my head on his leg and had me lick.  Slowly.  To learn every vein on his cock.  To feel very inch of his shaft.  To make sure I remember this moment forever.  To know that his cock, this cock took me.  He slapped me with his hard cock like I used to do with a whore to remind them to get back to work.  I sucked deeper.  Slowly.  He fucked my throat and made sure I would feel it and remember how it was to have my lips stretched.  It filled my throat and I played with his balls to make this experience good for him and my Mistress.  I was his and hers to use.  I was his faggot.

I looked over at my Mistress, mouth full of cock and knew she was in pure sexual joy.  Eyes glazed over.  She knew what she had done. She had broken me further.  I was a whore for her.  She now owned my mouth like she owned the rest of me.  She has made me ...a straight alpha male ...in only a few years ...into a cock sucking whore.

I went back to my job, to make my mouth into a pussy for dick and to show I was a good cock sucker.  I worked his cock like a professional slut.  Sucking, licking, using my hands, rubbing his cock head all over my face.  If I was going to do this, I was going to do this good.  I was going to be a dirty cock sucking bitch who made men cum.  I was going to be the best faggot I could be.

My new male Dom was ready now, he wanted to mark me as his property.  To mark me like a dog marks his bitch.  He wanted to claim what was now his...my face...my mouth...my throat fuck hole.  He made me lie on my back and he mounted my face.  All I could see was my Mistress on the side watching as this gay male Dom mount my head laying his ass on my chest and stroking his cock over my face.  Like I used to with her so long ago, he was now in control of me and stroking his cock and slapping me with the head.  I knew he could see the red cock marks on my cheek.  The pre cum flicking off my face.  I heard him begin moan.  I knew what was coming.  I was on the opposite side so often in the past.  I knew what was going to happen. I felt the first hot drops spurt on my chin, then a heavier amount splash on my cheeks, another spurt in my eye, then a torrent cover my face entirely...spurt after spurt enveloping me.  Transforming me for life into a cum whore.  Washing me in slutiness.  Coating me in submission. I know why some girls never let men cum on their face.  Its the ultimate form of submission, even more so than swallowing a load this is a visual sign that you are just a tissue to cum in, a receptacle for a load of sperm, an thing to be used to take a mans load.

There I was, laying beneath a man who just came on my face, the hot load cooling down.  The Dom grabbed a tissue and wiped it from my eye as I had done to so many sluts after I came on them as a sign of kindness and appreciation for milking them well .  He rubbed my face...literally rubbing in the cum on my lips, nose, hair, cheeks, forehead.  I never knew cum smelled before.  Like a mix between bleach and sugar.  I know now first hand that cum does has a smell,  I wanted so much to wash it off.  But that was not to be. In fact as I found out I was to have that cum dried on me all night long.

My new male Dom who broke me in had to go, and my Mistress wanted to go get a drink and tell me how hot the experience was.  We dressed, the cum drying on my face and said our goodbyes.  But I knew I would be back.  I looked at the room and knew I would be on that bed many times in the future.  Sucking that cock and probably taking it up my pussy someday.

We left to get a drink. I had made the next step.  I went from cuck to cock sucker and it was only the start. Now when she marks me... It will be a fact.


phoenix said...

Very nice post. I loved it!

Anonymous said...

I hope you keep posting!

Anonymous said...

Now you need to be taught how to deep throat.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about the line " He [E] made it clear I had to have my chastity cage on, a collar and leash ready, be pumped full of Viagra and wearing a jock strap", and specifically about the Viagra and chastity combination. Had you actually taken Viagra before your "visit"? In chastity I would think this would be more than a little uncomfortable.

I was also a little disturbed that your safe word was ignored. I wonder if the two of you discussed this after and what has changed as a result?

Anonymous said...

i hope you keep posting too

Andy X said...

I loved the post but think it would be worth another chapter duscussing the safeword and how Her ignoring it has effected things. It was wonderful reading about you special moment

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Maria said...

I don't get this. Why would a real domme woman want her man to have done anything gay? I would be tempted to send him to a woman friend to break mine in perhaps with him wearing a blindfold so he cannot enjoy her beauty or even know who she is, just because I ordered. But I like guys sub not homosexual.

Maria said...

I don't get this. Why would a real domme woman want her man to have done anything gay? I would be tempted to send him to a woman friend to break mine in perhaps with him wearing a blindfold so he cannot enjoy her beauty or even know who she is, just because I ordered. But I like guys sub not homosexual.

Maria said...

I don't get this. Why would a real domme woman want her man to have done anything gay? I would be tempted to send him to a woman friend to break mine in perhaps with him wearing a blindfold so he cannot enjoy her beauty or even know who she is, just because I ordered. But I like guys sub not homosexual.

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