Saturday, July 4, 2015

He's HOW big?

So, after finding the new Brazilian toy to tease pup with, I was ready for a new bull.  That same week, I instructed pup to put a new add on craigslist, this time with the sole purpose of finding me nine inches or more.

From experience I know nine inches to be pretty ideal for me, but I wanted to see if more would be even better.  So, pup found me ten.  Ten. Inches.
That's got to be pretty true to size for ten inches, right?
So, I couldn't wait to meet(feel) ten inches in person,  We met that same week, and after verifying he did indeed have a huge delicious cock, I knew I needed to feel him inside me.  Soon.

I had pup get a hotel room for the very next weekend.  We got an early check in, and I had pup prepare me as is our ritual for nights like these, with a slight difference.  He bathed me, and shaved me as usual, but my bull had requested I greet him wet from the shower, and when ten inches makes a request before he fucks you with ten inches, you honor that request.  :)

My bull arrived and I greeted him at the door, wet from the shower.  Pup was on his knees beside me, collared, useless clit kenneled, and wearing very pretty crotchless panties.

Ten inches (who happens to also teach, so we call him the Professor) wasted no time, pulling me into him and kissing me deeply.  Y'all, can I just say, there is nothing hotter than a man who sees what he wants and takes it.  I love when a man gives me that 'I'm going to devour you' look, and then grabs me and proceeds to do just that.  It makes me weak in the knees to be man handled by a real man, and it doesn't get more real than ten inches.

We played for hours that night, and while the play by play is a bit fuzzy (partly from it being two weeks since then, and partly from the delirium that ten inches brings on), what I cannot, will not forget is how ten inches feels....

I have learned over the last few years by fucking cocks that are several inches more than pup that my pussy has depths to it that yield pleasures beyond what an 'average' cock can give.  pup likes to send me articles that prove his 6.5 inches are average, like that is supposed to somehow make him better equipped to please me.  I always respond that mine is not an average pussy, so I deserve above average cocks to please it.  Every single cock I have felt since I first cucked pup has provided further proof that I need a minimum of eight inches to truly feel the pleasures my pussy is capable of, and the simple truth is that even on his best day, pup could never, ever provide the pleasures that a bull can.  This night proved that ten inches is my perfect fit, and can truly fuck every inch of me...

When he first entered me, we were in the doggy style position.  I am not going to lie, it hurt at first.  I had challenged him to make me take all ten inches, and he wasted no time.  He had no mercy on my pussy, thrusting softly twice, then ramming into me.  I gasped, asked him to slow down.  He pulled out, thrust softly two more times, then rammed the fullness of his manhood into me twice.  Both times I gasped in that wonderful sort of pleasure/pain that comes when it hurts now, but you know soon your pussy will adjust, will make room in preparation for and anticipation of pleasures that only a huge cock can give.

The third time he rammed, I ran away from him a little, jumping forward on the bed, but he would not relent and he pulled me back onto his huge shaft, forcing my pussy all the way down his shaft and held me there, tight in his grip, his cock pulsing inside me, unrelenting until my pussy had no other choice but to give in and make room for every glorious inch of him.

After that, every thrust felt like the most amazing, intense, unbelievable sensation I have ever felt, until the next thrust came.  I can't describe the absolute power that a large cock wields over my pussy. The waves of pleasure my body feels just from having one inside me is like nothing I've ever felt, and then when they thrust, it literally feels like an orgasm with every single one.  The only way I know they aren't orgasms is that they get better and better until eventually my pussy explodes with so much pleasure I am not sure I can stand it, and I cum all over that cock harder than I have ever cum in my life.

I have felt this with Tiger, who is nine inches.  I love fucking him, it is amazing.  But that extra inch?  Oh. My. God.  I literally trembled for several minutes after he fucked me the last time.  Wave after wave of,,, aftershocks?  Yes, orgasm aftershocks hit me over and over for at least 5 minutes.

Unbelievable the amounts of pleasure the human body is capable of feeling, with the right stimulation.  And I am here to tell you, ten inches is just the right stimulation for me.


Anonymous said...

What did pup do? Just watched you?

Anonymous said...

Do you plan to see him again?

Us said...

Pup just watched. I saw him again just this past Sunday night

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