Sunday, June 14, 2015

A new toy!!!

Due to some unforeseen life events, our play has been on a sort of hiatus for the past year.  We have played, and even sometimes with others, but not to the level we once were.   

A few weeks ago, pup (in the hopes of kick starting our game), decided to expand his ‘limits’ for me.  HE does this at times… Decides to throw out a challenge he thinks is too much for me, only to typically find that I take his challenge and rise above it. 

This was no exception.  On Tuesday night we were out, and he said that he had decided it would be hot if I felt free to pick up and random man I want at a bar.  There were some limits put in place, namely that before I decided to have sex with him, I would need to make pup aware, as well as inform the man of the situation. 

On Friday, I was out with some friends, and noticed a gorgeous man sitting across from me at the bar.  We made eye contact and smiled a few times, and when his friends left but he hadn’t, I knew my chance to put pup’s challenge into play.  It wasn’t very long until I had his number and a very promising good night kiss…

This had the exact desired effect for me, though it might have been too much for pup.  J

The next morning I had filled in my new friend on the situation, and he is very much intrigued.  While he is new to the game, he is eager to hold on and enjoy the ride.  For me he poses several interesting opportunities… First, he is nine inches (swoon), second, he is from Brazil, so he has a very sexy accent, and consequently he is uncut.  I have never had an uncut cock before, so I am very curious about that.  Do they taste different?  Feel different? I have heard they are more sensitive, and that makes me just want to tie him down and tease him until he begs me for release… 

But that brings up the most tantalizing opportunity of all, do I take him on and groom him as a new bull for my bullpen, do I simply take him on as a playmate, and just see where his very green mind might take things (seriously, he hasn’t done much… His answer when I asked him what the kinkiest thing he’s ever done?  Watched a girl play with herself.  How adorable is that?) , or do I groom him as another sub, teasing and torturing him and exposing him to new things, eventually perhaps even using him to train pup on cock sucking, which up until now he hasn’t had a lot of real-life experience?

Mmm.  The possibilities with this one are endless.  However, since I have been remiss for so long in telling you about my adventures, I thought perhaps you would forgive the neglect a bit more if I let you decide.  What would you like to see?  

Should I ride his long, thick, uncut rod until I cum all over it while pup watches?  

Should I ease him in and just see what a normal man can come up with? (He’s already requested a threesome with my pet, whom you will learn about soon I promise.)  

Or should I tie him down and make him beg? 

Let’s see if I can meet your challenge as well as I met pup’s…. xoxo