Monday, October 14, 2013

Cuckold's mouth turned into a pussy

Well, there it is.
 I’ve never been this close to one before.  I’ve never even been this close to my own before.  My mouth is within one foot of an actual cock.  A hard, stiff, throbbing, engorged, wet, real cock. My Mistress has already licked it, sucked it, made it hard and coated it with her spit, now she demands I get close to it.  Very close.  I’m on my knees.  On my knees to a black man who has fucked my Mistress on a few occasions. Fucked her and made her cum over and over again.  With this cock within one foot of me. This is the cock she has grown to adore.  I stare at it.  Knowing the pleasure it has bought her.  Knowing that this cock has touched inside her in places I cannot reach.  Knowing it has rubbed her interior pussy walls deeper than I can get even with a toy. It has penetrated her and pushed into places that no matter how hard I slam into her, I cannot get.
 I look at the head. 

Her lover's cock in between Mistress 38E breasts

Its bulbous tip is smooth, dark, pinkish brown in color.  Different from my own that I have seen so many times.  Different in color and in texture especially when contrasted with the blackness of his skin.  Different in thickness and circumcised in a unique way like all cut cocks.  There is the head that has gone beyond the cervix of my fiancée and entered her depth.  She has told me that my “clit” can make it to the door of her pleasure spot and knock on that door which gives her some pleasing orgasms but this head. This cock head.  It busts open that door and travels beyond giving her pleasure my dicklette cannot hope to give. This head and cock makes her cum in ways she never thought possible.
I look at the shaft. 

Her lovers cock in Her hands
Well there it is.  It’s black, large, long, hard, and thick.  It bears no resemblance to my own in color, size or texture. I look down on my own caged white cock and realize that right now, it looks like Mistress says it is….a clit.  A clit in plastic.  His shaft is smooth; Mistress says it is flawless with no veins and bumps.  And she is correct.  It is like a smooth piece of alabaster glass. Made even more so because it is coated in my Mistress saliva.  The same saliva that flows through me when she kisses me is now coating his back alabaster cock.  This is the shaft that even encased in a condom doesn’t need lubrication when fucking my Mistress like my clit does, as her bodies gushes for it and dampens itself in preparation. It blackness and size makes it appear in some ways dangerous.  Mean.  Controlling. Like a dark sword looking to conquer.  It pulsates and seeks to be deep inside something warm and to control it.
I look at the balls. 

Her lovers cock in Her pussy
Similar, yet not so similar to my own. A distinct aroma of sex emanating from them permeates the air. They are larger, darker, and above all…more full then my own have ever been. Full of seed needing to be emptied and knowing they will be emptied in another mans woman. They hang lower than mine and even though they are pulled close to his body because of his excitement they are still larger.  Wrinkled and hairless, they too are covered in my Mistresses spit.  The look like fruit on a tree, ripe and ready to be picked. Shiny and warm, they are almost begging to be emptied inside of Her;   They even twitch in anticipation of releasing their heavy load.
Mistress pulls my head forward and I look closer that this thing, this creature that has made my Mistress cream and yell and call Herself his whore.   It is not enough to observe any more. Now I am close enough to smell. 
While a clean smell, it is clearly a smell of sex.  A slight musky odor that identifies itself as an aroma of a sex tool.  Of a tool ready to be used for pleasure.  It is the smell of fucking, juices, spit and passion.  Not unlike a pussy ready for penetration of which I have smelled much the slight humidity around it and perfume is that of pure lust.  But clearly this is no pussy getting wet in anticipation of being penetrated.  This is a cock…a black man’s cock and balls that are getting ready and primed for entering my fiancée and Mistress and rubbing her insides raw.  But not yet…Mistress has other plans for this alabaster cock first. 
I guess this was inevitable. 

Not a new girlfriend but a new Goddess
My fiancée turned Master wanted me to see her stroke a man’s cock at a party and got off on seeing my observation as she milked it.  My Master turned Cuckoldress wanted me to see her ride a large black cock and got off of seeing my observation as she was penetrated and came in a position I cannot make her cum in.  And now my Cuckoldress turning into a Goddess wants me to worship the object of her desires and transform me into her cocksucking whore. 
This is the next step in my submission.  Yes fags do this for pleasure, sissies do this to get off, but cuckolds, well cuckolds and slaves do this for the pleasure of their Mistresses and to show authority has passed from them. This isn’t about being gay or bi, this is about my submission to Her and to seal the status in the hierarchy of Her bull and Her relationship to Him.  This is to signify that He has assumed His place as the Alpha male and the main masculine sexuality in Her relationship.  This shows Mistress that this bull has finally laid claim to Her body and that the bull has broken the sexual bond that limited Her in the past.  She has replaced me and the new Alpha male in the bedroom is Him and I as her cuckold must show my acceptance of that.  It is similar to nature films where in a wolf pack where other males who are around the dominant Alpha Male how their submission, they keep their bodies’ low, shoulders retracted and mouth down.  The females notice this and mate with the Alpha. She desires me to show Him and Herself that He is now head of the pack and She desires to mate with Him.
My Mistress grabs my head and guides me, open mouthed to accept his cock inside what she now calls my face pussy.
At first I feel the smoothness of the head as it passes my lips and stretches them to accommodate.  My lips then drop a little almost a pop as the head passes and the shaft begins it journey in taking my mouth cherry.  The shaft is as smooth as glass as my Goddess has said.  Smooth and wet the black shaft fills my mouth and penetrates my throat. But this is no piece of glass.  This is a warm, hard, living, throbbing piece of flesh.  This is a cock, a black man’s cock and it is now deep in my mouth.  I am no longer a cock virgin but a cock sucker.  I look at Her and She is pleased, giddy in fact as she sees her fiancée turned whore with a black cock sticking out of his mouth.  I have now tasted and consumed cock.  It is not like the strap ones that my Goddess has made me practice on.  There is no plastic taste.  This tastes of cock sweat, of Her spit, of a salty pre cum.  It pulsates…its warm…almost hot….it is leaking.   My Goddess makes me sit there.  Not moving my mouth.  She wants me to experience the feeling of having my mouth filled with black cock, she wants to observe, she wants me to observe.  Again, I feel it throb in my mouth with each heartbeat; I can taste pre cum oozing on my tongue. It has taken my mouth and it knows it.   Her lovers cock has taken His prey and has shown its authority and dominance and She is happy about that.
Finally She lets me pull off it.
But that is only to tell me not to use my teeth and take it deeper.  To breathe through my nose and let the cock slide in.  It is not enough that I have tasted it, not enough to let it take my virgin mouth and penetrate me.  No.  She wants me to fuck him with my mouth to give him head, to blow him, to suck his cock like a bitch in heat.  She wants to give me lessons.  To teach me to be better at it. She wants to make me a blow job queen.  So back it goes in my mouth pushing even deeper that now I choke on it.  He is pleased He made his new bitch choke (as all men are when a whore chokes on their meat), but My Goddess is not as She wants me to be better at this act and to learn to take it deep without choking. A good cock whore never chokes but swallows her man, she tells me, swallows him deep so that her throat becomes a pussy for his enjoyment.
She has me withdraw and tells me to stick out my tongue.

She grabs his cock wet with my saliva and slaps it against my face, lips and tongue.  I feel the weight of his cock hitting, the wetness of it splattering on my lips.  How many times have I done this to girls? Numerous times.  Telling them to stick out their tongue, slapping it, looking down and showing them that I own them for that time being and in doing so making my cock harder with each slap on their whore face.  And here I am now being that same whore and feeling the weight of a large black cock slapping me but this cock is being held in the hands of my finance turned Cuckoldress and She is the one showing that She owns me with each slap.
She tells me then to lick it, to get a better feel and taste of Her lovers black cock on each area of my tongue.  I do what I know I like during head and I lick the underside of his black meat, near the tip.  I lick the shaft and roll my tongue over the head as I remember how my Mistress used to do to me before our roles shifted.  I hear him moan as I lick his leaking black cock like a lollipop and realize for the first time that this is not just between me and my Mistress but there is an actual male here and I am giving him pleasure with my mouth.  I try to push that thought aside and to treat his cock like a toy and that this training is just between my Goddess and me. I flick my tongue near where his cock meets his balls as sluts have done for me and his shaft rubs over my face and rests there pulsating even more and leaving a streak of pre cum on my chin.
Back she pushes my head on Her lovers cock.
She whispers in my ear how I need to learn to take it deeper. How I need to learn to please her lovers, to make them hard for Her, to be Her surrogate mouth when she is tired of sucking, to be her fluffer and cock whore.  I try to go deeper as requested and I push my throat onto His black shaft and try to swallow his cock like She wants.  My lips travel further down his smooth shaft closer to his root but again I gag, much to His amusement and Her disappointment.  I push his cock into my cheek in an attempt to cover more of his cock with my mouth and to show Her I can take this dick that she adores deeper, but my Mistress scolds me again for not deep throating.  She again withdraws the cock. Makes me sit on my knees in front of it.  I can smell the odor of cock on my own face, still taste the saltiness or the pre cum coating my lips and still feel my throat stretched from its girth and length straining to get deeper.
 Well, there it is. 
I’ve never been this close to one before.  I’ve never even been this close to my own before.  My mouth is within one inch of an actual cock.  .  A hard, stiff, throbbing, engorged, wet, real cock. I have licked it, sucked it, made it hard and coated it with my own spit, now my Mistress, Cuckoldress, Goddess demands I get away from it.  She is ready to fuck it now.