Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Anniversary, Femdom Style...

A couple's anniversary. A day for love and romance. Or is it? This year, not in our world.

This school year has started out very badly for us as far as our play goes. The fall is always busy, but add to that the both of us got sick, and we were out of commission for almost the entire month of August.

This led to two things happening. The first was that I was very horny. I haven't been properly fucked by any of my bulls in a very long time, and as a result, toys just weren't doing it for me. We were both still contagious, so getting together with one of their gorgeous cocks was out of the question. This left only my pup’s pathetic little clit to try and satisfy my hunger for the real thing. I know it was weak, but sometimes a girl just needs to feel real flesh inside her. So I gave in, and for puppy’s part, he did try. In fact, likely because it was so very horny, he succeeded somewhat.
This led of course to the second thing happening. As I am sure you can guess pup’s pseudo-success when allowed to enter me caused him to be under the false impression that his place was no longer on his knees at my feet. And as usual, he began to run his mouth enough that it became very obvious to me that not only did he need a session soon, but that his pussy desperately needed to be filled, taken, and fucked hard by my cock.

As I said before, August found us both sick. My moment of weakness occurred the first weekend of September. So, the first available time to put him back in his place was the next week, which happened to coincide with our 15th anniversary. Normally, this would be a regular vanilla romantic evening/weekend for us. We do love our play, but from time to time, we break from those roles and just spend time enjoying each other as partners. Historically, our anniversary is one of those times, but much to pup’s surprise this anniversary was going to be different.
We had a lovely dinner, followed by drinks after. It was during our nightcap that pup started to dig his hole too deep for him to get out of. To make sure the point was driven home I allowed him to go on and on about all of the things he thought he was going to do to and with me when we got home. I wanted to make sure that he got all of his dominance out. That would make my recapturing of it even more pointed. You should've heard the things he said. Very defiant, very sassy, pretty much the exact opposite of submissive. And he had fun doing it too. Quite really, by the time we reached home he was very sure that I was going to submit to him.

When we got in the door, I excused myself to the restroom and he headed for the bedroom. Now, pup didn't realize but I had prepared ahead of time and made sure my very favorite flogger was waiting in the bathroom for me. When I came out pup had already undressed and was very surprised to see that I was not, and even more surprised to see that under the dress I had been wearing was concealed my black and red bra and panties (a favorite outfit of mine to Domme him in). It wasn’t long before his eyes fell on the flogger in my hand. And let me tell you, watching the realization come over him that he was in for a very different evening than he had expected was absolutely delicious.

he spent a few minutes backpedaling, apologizing for his behavior – telling me how wrong he'd been – begging me to let him make it up to me by pleasing me. He offered me many orgasms, he offered to bathe me, and he even offered to call my bulls and see if one of them would come over and fuck me.

I let him go on for a while; I do love to see him grovel. Then I ordered him to bend over the bed and hold on to the end so that his body was stretched out and as much of it as possible exposed for my correction and training. We had a nice long talk pup and I about his recent behavior. Well more so, I talked while pup cried out in pain and begged for mercy, but we don't need to argue the semantics of it here. ;)

 If he thought he was apologetic before, he became 100 times more under the crack of my lash. I made sure to make some very pretty patterns all over his back and ass in red puffy welts. I then flipped him over (he begged me not to as he was very sore on that side, but that wasn't my problem was it?) and begin to remind him of just how inadequate his little clit really was. This was not a gentle reminder, and it wasn't long before the area surrounding his clit matched his backside. His face and his cries would have indicated that he was not enjoying his punishment at all, but his little clit betrayed him by staying so happy and excited the entire time. I think this little game of ours has turned him into more of a masochist than he would care to admit. I certainly am all for it, because there are few things that excite me more than giving a good beating now and then.

I thought I had made my point and put him properly back into subspace. It was now time to reclaim him fully and complete his correction and retraining. I ordered him to his knees and took out my cock. I fucked his face with it slowly at first, making sure to give him the full effect of my hardness inside his little mouth (which I have, of late taken to calling his 'face pussy'). I gradually increase my speed and before long, he was choking on my superior cock and trying desperately not to gag. I told him to get it good and wet and to prepare it to enter his pussy. As I fucked his bitch mouth, telling him how hard I was going to fuck his pussy his eyes looked up at me pleadingly begging me not to take this last bit of dignity and masculinity away from him. But it fell on deaf ears, and he knew from my look there was no way he was getting out of this. He knew that his little adventure away from his submission to me had come to an end, and it was time for him to retake his place as my fuck toy, property, cum whore, cuck, and slave.

When I saw in his face that my point was taken, and that he was resolved to resume his life of having me control his sex, I ordered him to present himself to me and spread his cheeks to await my entry. I prepared my cock and used some lube to wet his tight little hole, grinning devilishly when I made him jump from the cold of the lube and also the anticipation of what was to come. I entered him slowly, forcing him to describe every little sensation my cock was giving his pussy. I made him tell me how it felt stretching him, I made him tell me how deep it was going, I made him tell me how hard it was, I made him tell me how full he felt. I fucked him very slowly like this for a while, just reminding him that his permanent place was now on his knees, stomach, or back at the end of my cock. That his only sexual satisfaction would come from the pounding of his pussy, and even then only at my whim. That he truly was nothing more than a toy for me to use for my pleasure and amusement, and that filling him up and pounding his tight hole was something I found very amusing.

But this alone was not enough for me. He needed to fully and truly submit to me. It had been too long since he had been made to, and I know him well enough to know he would have gone right back to his defiant ways if I didn't touch on every aspect of his submission to me. So I stood still behind him, and ordered him to fuck himself with my cock. At first he started slowly, and I told him that wouldn't do. I told him cock hungry whores who haven't had one in over a month don't go slowly when they finally are filled with one. I told him to fuck that cock like the cum hungry whore he is. And fuck it he did. He rode that cock hard, like a greedy little slut using his pussy to beg to be taken.  

I love standing behind him, watching him fuck my cock. He really gets into it. He starts out tentatively, but with a little verbal encouragement from me, eventually he really goes to town. It's pretty difficult when he does that to believe that he's not enjoying it. It is so hot to see what a little whore I've turned him into. So hot in fact that I can't watch for too long because it makes me want to fuck the shit out of him and wear him out like a bitch in heat.

And so fuck him I did. I matched his speed at first, and waited for him to register that he was now being taken again. I began to increase my speed, reminding him that just about an hour earlier he had discussed pounding into me. I pointed out how the night had gone very differently from the one he described to me at the bar. I asked him, since he seemed so set earlier in the evening for one of us to get a pounding if he was ready for his.

“Yes master, my pussy is ready to be taken and owned by you.” He said. “Please, please fuck my pussy hard and use me. I'm your little whore.”

Well now, how can anyone say no to that? I proceeded to stretch that hole and pound him as deep as my cock would go. I ordered him to stroke his clit while I claimed his hole. He begged me not to make him cum that way. He begged me to let him fuck his girlfriend instead, he begged me to let him hump my leg and lick it clean. Basically he begged me to let him cum any way except for being milked by my cock. You see he loves and hates that orgasm at the same. It is always a big one, but it is one he has no control over. It is not so much the explosive orgasm that men are used to, as it is one that is forced and pulled out of him and he has no control. It is the ultimate submission to have even your orgasm taken from you - not given - but taken, yanked and robbed. He knows as well as I that coming that way fully shifts the control back to me.

And so my response to his pleading was ordering him to make his pussy cum for me. To give me his pleasure, to give me his release, to give me back his submission to my will. What he gave me was a hot creamy pile of clit juice and cuck tears that almost signaled the return of the balance of power to its rightful place. The only thing that was needed to complete said return was for him to lick that pile clean like the cum swallowing slut he truly is. And so, with me standing above him my cock still glistening next to him, my little bitch cleaned up his mess like a good little boi.
Happy Anniversary to me!