Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Captioned and Caged!!!

Mistress first wanted me to apologize for not having a recent post lately on our adventures. We have had several great times in the past month but just have been too busy to post. I assure you it will be worth it as cuckolding has reached a new level in our new lifestyle and as well as FemDom and our future posts will go into detail.  This time however she wanted me to write you a brief overview of her two new found obsessions....chastity and cuckold captions. First off her favorite new toy....the CB6000s.

Me in the new CB6000s...wayyy smallll!
CB 6000s

Mistress prefers to call this my kennel and not a cock cage (she reminds me i no longer have a cock only her bulls do), this specific kennel is the new CB6000s....and while it says it is made for males who when flaccid are under 3 inches (the CB6000 for men over 3 inches soft)...I assure you those of us over (I am 3.5 inches soft and 6.5 inches hard with above average girth) it can be squeezed in this one if desired by a Mistress and plenty of lube. There is NO WAY to even get a slight erection with this. Its VERY different from any other chastity device i have used since we started, it is not only VERY thin compared to me, this "s" version is VERY short (2 inches from the info that came with it).  I was also given the regular 6000 which at least can give one SOME erection if not extremely limited, the "s"  however makes it impossible to get the slightest erection. Go with the 6000 regular unless you truly want to be made impotent by a demanding cuckoldress. :)  I am also sure that the 6000 would be fun to be teased in and because of the extended head a Mistress can even simulate giving head when one is caged.  All with little expansion and secure confinement.  BUT, if one is interested in severe chastity that limits even slight erections and wants to make one feel truly small clitted and owned then the s version works.

CB6000 regular on left, CB6000s on right. BIG DIFFERENCE
I will give it this as well, the CB6000s is certainly easy to wear under clothing as one cannot see you have anything in your pants at all with it on.  Even tighter jeans show no profile and because of that it makes it an excellent choice to wear at work and play, but it is just very bizzare to not even be able to have the slightest expansion of ones cock no matter how excited one gets all day.  It is also easier to urinate with it on as for me at least the head of my "clit" it right up against the end where the hole is.  The challenge during the day however is that because of sexual frustration you basically just leak pre cum (in my case clit juice) onto your balls all day long (usually my non caged flacid cock at least extends beyond my balls so this wouldnt normally happen but in this device it just pools onto my balls making them wet hour after hour)  From what I can see one stays soft all day in this because the minute your cock tries to fill with blood and engorge, the thin shaft of the plastic cage and the short distance to the tip of the head pushes and squeezes the blood right back into you before you can even remotely get erect, deflating you. It truly feels now that I have a clit and not a cock anymore, I get excited but stay small like an excited clit and leak like a wet pussy all over myself. Mistress is of course very pleased with that result.  This is new territory for me however!  But thats not all she wanted to me to share on this post...she wants to share her new found pleasure of cuckold captions.

Example of cuckold captions online

Mistress had me over the weekend look at some cuckold captions online to see what I thought.  I never got into sex captions before but some are very hott and sexual.  The ones dealing with a cuckold are usually profession model pictures with captions added, but the words and phrases together can be very exciting.  Then she told me to take some of our pictures with her bulls...and make captions of our own (real phrases she has said about her bulls) and present them to our audience.  WEL, that was different.  So I searched from all our pictures, one or two are from our first bull encounter with Tiger.  But others are from our recent encounters which have not even been written yet. (Mistress promises me the next post she will catch you up) So not only is this our first ever cuckold captions with pictures of our real life adventures, but some of these are from a bull encounter we have not even yet discussed with you.  Of course as you can see from both these bulls on different occasions...both are black and both are HUGE (8.5 and 9 inches).  It seems to be Mistresses new preference, however not to be left out she wants to try the Spaniard bull next to compare.  She is def becoming a size queen.  Without further ado, here are our own "cuckold captions", let us know what you think.

Caption 1
Caption 2
Caption 3

Caption 4