Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Size does matter

Recently Master found a web site that described different size cocks and quotes by woman about those sizes...she told me I should share what woman think of my size...and what they think of her bulls size. size...

Short Dick Man - 5 1/2 to 6 Inches. This size has many names, bitch dick, baby dick, baby carrot dick, migdet dick, shrimp dick. Either way, while growing up things where looking promising downstairs, then for no reason it stopped growing, leaving you hung like a puppy. You have the type of dick that needs a virgin everytime you have sex so she can feel you at all and so she's a little bit tight around your shrimp dick. A short dick man spends a lot of time eggagerating their size by at least 2 inches, only wishing they were in the 7 inch range. Most short dick men keep their hair very short and trimmed to make it apper to be bigger... but this never works on a true woman that knows a real MAN from a Short Dick man like YOU.

Keep On Wishing Dick - 6 to 6 1/2 Inches. This is the type of dick that every man belives is going to make them proud, till it stops short of the mark. Having a penis this size isn't terrible but there are a lot larger things for women to find out there. You have enough to make a woman know you're there, but you fall just short of giving her a good night. You leave her aggravated and unsatisfied, unless you luck out and she's a tight virgin. Most wishful dick men keep there hair very short and trimmed to make it appear to be bigger. Most girls sadly enough will settle for this type of a man, because they have never had a real cock, or orgasm before. The woman that know better don't bother with the "close enough" dick, or the almost orgasm.

....and her bulls...

The Pussy Killer - 8 1/2 to 9 Inches. Congratulations!! You have The Pussy Killer! You have enough between your legs to not only satisfy a woman but to make her never forget you! Your the type of man most woman want. You have enough cock to rock you womans world! Most woman only dream of a cock like yours, and never really get to experience sex with a real man like yourself. After sex, your womans pussy will never be the same! She'll always need a killer cock to fill her up!

The Pussy Destroyer - 9 to 9 1/2 Inches. Congratulations!! You have The Pussy Destroyer! You have enough between your legs to not only satisfy a woman but to make her never forget you! Your the type of man most woman want to marry and the women your with walk away satisfied (and limp like a duck) after sex. You have enough cock to rock you womans world! Most woman only dream of a cock like yours, and never really get to experience sex with a real man like yourself. After sex your womans pussy will never be the same! Sex with a destroyer is the ultimate sacrifice for the ultimate orgasm! After a destroyer is done no pussy is ever again the same. It will always be loose to almost all men, and the odds of her ever finding a man that can fill her gap are bad...So she better hold on too you!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Michael- Feeding time

So, all of you will of course remember Michael... He was to be my first BBC, but circumstances and conflicting schedules unfortunately made that difficult. We have tried on a few occasions to remedy that situation to no avail. That is, until the other evening.

My pup and I had been fairly dry in the cuckolding department for a few weeks, (the date with the Spaniard being our last foray and I was ready for a cock. I sent a text to the Spaniard, Tiger and Michael; intent on meeting up with the first to respond. Lucky me (though, really I was going to be lucky regardless) Michael was first. FINALLY!

So we met at our usual spot. It was so good to see him again, as it literally had been at LEAST a year (if not longer) since we had. We talked a bit and caught up over a couple of drinks, then Michael wasted no time asserting his authority over my pup. He worked various comments into the conversation (for example, when pup mentioned his drink of choice was served in a smaller than normal glass, Michael responded that pup should be used to smaller than normal. ;) Stuff like that). Typically a statement like that would be followed up with a kiss for me, so you know I was all for it. :)

Now, as you all know I LOVE to kiss. It's so sensual and sexy. Gets juices flowing and imaginations running. I have always maintained I can tell if I am going to enjoy someone sexually by the compatibility of our kisses. And when the kissing is good, I get very excited and impatient to move on to other things. Kissing Michael was, well exciting, fun, and extremely enticing which made the fact that we were at a bar and not in a bed very frustrating indeed.

But my Michael was not phased by this at all. Sensing that I needed his cock inside some part of me right then, he did not even hesitate. He took his manhood out, right there at the booth and told me to help myself (of course, it helped that the bar was pretty dead at that point in the evening, but still... How friggin hot is that?). My pup had gone to get me another drink, so I waited until he came around the corner. As soon as I saw he could see me, I dove in.

I have to say, Michael's cock... Gorgeous. It is 8.5 inches, thick, and the smoothest cock I have ever felt. What I mean by smooth is this, most cocks have ridges and veins that are very pronounced when they are hard. This is one thing that always perplexed me about sex toys. Until the past few years, most dildos I have seen had been smooth. But cocks (in my experience) aren't. Michael's however-  smooth as silk. I didn't feel a single vein or ridge, bump or blemish. Just 8.5 inches of pure sexual masculine deliciousness. And he was delicious. I am sitting in a booth at a bar I frequent, sucking a cock (not in my normal repertoire mind you. This was certainly a first for me), and I didn't want to stop. I wanted to feel and taste every inch of him, to suck in as much of his chocolate goodness as I could.  As a matter of fact, I only stopped because Michael told me to. He said we had pressed our luck enough and shouldn't risk too much. Understandable, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed.

I didn't stay that way for long.

I have to take a bit of a side bar here. Can anyone tell me if there is a better invention out there than the skirt? Sexy, fun, enticing, and in the right situation.... easy access.

This of course was the right situation. Not one to be selfish, Michael began to return the favor. He spread my legs (putting one on puppy's lap) slipped his fingers under my panties and began working on my clit. Now, I am not sure if you all can tell by the photos we post here, but my clit is not as pronounced as some. I have heard the term hidden clit before, and that would pertain to me, except that it is usually in conjunction with inability to climax which is something I have (thankfully) never suffered from. But, it is typically difficult to find, especially at a sideways angle in a public place. My Michael had very little trouble at all, and in a matter of a few minutes my pussy was dripping wet. He has VERY strong fingers, and he was trilling them so powerfully on my clit it was almost like I was using a vibrator. It felt GREAT, and at that point, I really didn't give a shit that I was in a public place, legs spread and panties to the side. I was really into it, moaning and panting... experiencing a bit of sensory overload looking back and forth between my pup and Michael. I have no idea what I look like when I am caught up like that (hopefully good, but I've never done it in a mirror or anything so I wouldn't know), but apparently it is pretty obvious as the bartender came around the corner at one point, took one look at me and spun back around and left. :) Unfortunately for me, that happened to be just before my climax, and Michael didn't want to push our luck so I didn't get to finish. :(

So, there I was, dripping wet pussy... Two men with their hands all over me.... horny as hell and ready to go. So, we went. Settled the tab and left (I always wonder when we leave that place what the people there must think. As I said, pup and I are there fairly frequently. I like to bring him in between meetings with bulls and other lifestyle friends to remind him of the things I have done there. There is something so deliciously evil about sitting there on a 'normal' evening, pointing to different places around the bar and saying things like "over there is where I kissed Tiger for the first time... There is where he took my breast out and sucked it right in front of everyone... There is where I first felt the Spaniard's cock grow in my hand... "etc. I also make him park in or as close to the spot Tiger took that first night we met when he and I... said goodbye for 30 minutes and barely (just barely) kept our clothes on and didn't consummate our coupling then). As you can imagine, it makes my puppy mad with a delectable combination of jealousy and lust to go to this particular bar and be reminded of these things. And this is a bar with regulars and bartenders that have been there a while, so I just wonder what goes through there minds when they see the two of us come in one night and have a lovely time, clearly into each other... clearly physical and sexual with each other (especially when I tease him about the others)... Then we come in another time, together and are met by a different man. I then proceed to be very clearly with that other man (or both men) and we all leave together. With the Spaniard, pup and I even came back for another drink after our session in the truck, all sweaty and clearly having just had sex. To their credit, they never say anything (yet), but you can tell in their faces they think plenty. Oh to be a fly on the wall after we leave there....

hey, birds do it, bees do it... :)

I told pup to get the car, and Michael and I walked out together. We got into the back of pup's car and Michael instructed him to drive around. Before we were out of the parking lot, Michael's pants were off and I was sucking him as hard and deep and eagerly as I could. It was wonderful to finally take the opportunity, without worry of being caught (and kicked out) to really get to know his manhood. To lick every inch of him. To take as much of him into my mouth and down my throat as I could (8.5 inches is a lot, and I am a small girl. I am good, but I am not that good... yet. Never had one big enough to practice on. I will bet in time I will get there!) But I wasn't happy with pup just driving around for this. I haven't given him pleasure with my mouth since we signed our first contract 2 years ago, so I really like to make him watch while I eagerly devour a bull. I ordered him to find a place and pull over so he could see this, and he was of course happy to oblige.

Shortly after though, Michael wanted to give my pup a show of his own, so he sat me up and quickly found my not so hidden (at least to Michael) clit again. I was sitting right in front of pup, looking at him and holding his hand, and Michael was (yet again) making my pussy drip with his magic, robotic, almost inhumanly fast moving fingers. This went on for a while. He would make me cum, I would lean in and kiss pup for a while, then lean back and let Michael manipulate my sex and make me cum again. I believe I had 4 orgasms total (though I was so caught up it's difficult to remember  something as trivial as quantity, especially when you have quality like that!),  all the while Michael's fingers never letting up... Never slowing down... Never relieving any of that amazing, pussy gushing pressure. Do you get that I was impressed? I swear his fingers had to have been sore for days after. It was unreal.

So, after a few (I'm going with 4) orgasms, I was ready to return the favor. I dove back into his gorgeous, silky thick and delicious cock. Man, I LOVE sucking that cock. I love sucking cock in general, but the smooth factor is such a turn on for me. It glides so easily into my mouth. It just slips right through my lips like butter and hits my tonsils before I even know it. SO HOT. So hot, in fact I thought my pup should experience it too.

So I ordered him to get closer. Not an easy feat when you are in the driver's side of front seat trying to reach to the passenger's side of the back seat, but his comfort was not even remotely a concern for me right then. I told my pup to look at how smooth his cock is. Then I kissed him, moving Michael's cock closer to pup's mouth as I did. Then I sucked on Michael, then I kissed my pup... I did this a few times, getting pup's head or Michael's cock (sometimes both) closer together until eventually when my pup thought he was kissing me, he was really licking one side of Michael's cock while I licked the other. :-D
Once he realized this, he started to pull away like he had when I did it with Tiger on our Big Night. Only this time, I wasn't going to allow it. I was really into this, and I wanted him to show me just how obedient he can be. He pulled his head back and I shoved Michael's cock into his mouth, telling him to suck it. He looked at me pleadingly, begging with his eyes (because his mouth was too full of cock to use his was actually pushing out his cheek at this point) not to make him do this. I answered with a kiss. I kissed him hard and deep, signalling to him that I was very turned on by feeding him that gorgeous cock. I pulled back, told him to open his mouth, and put Michael in him for the second time. this time, inspired by my kiss he was a little less reluctant... just a little. I kissed him again, both our eyes open and his very clearly pleading with me not to put that cock back in his mouth when we finished. Now, I am a reasonable Master, and I also am pretty good at knowing what I can and can't get away with when pushing his limits. So, when our kiss ended I did not put Michael back in his mouth. I did, however want him to have another taste, and I really wanted a good visual to remember later, so I held the back of his head so he could not move away, and ordered him to stick out his tongue. Michael had a small trickle of precum on the tip, and I had pup lick it off. Holy shit, that was the hottest thing ever. As you know, I really enjoy teasing my pup to the point of leaking like mad, and then feeding him his precum. This.... Was a whole new level. This pushed limits farther than I ever thought I could push him. If you had told me two years ago that I would eventually make him lick precum off a BBC (and not walk out the door and never look back) I would NEVER have believed you. I am so amazed at how far we have come and so VERY, VERY turned on and excited to see just how much farther we have to go!
But, I figured I was pressing my luck already, so I left it at that. I let pup move back into his watchful position, and proceeded to finish Michael off. He came so much and so hard. It was so hot to see his seed squirt all over his stomach, and stroke his cock with his natural lube. Wow. I really love making cocks cum. It is, by far one of the biggest thrills in my life. Especially a big one. They shoot so far and so much. It's so rewarding... What an amazing night....