Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Letter to BBC Bull

I had my pup send this to Tiger:
In panties, clit juice catcher, and pink bow for Mistress

Sir....I need to mention some I sit in panties and a pink bow contemplating the coupling of you and my fiancée, I know now it is obvious sir that in all ways you are the superior male. Because of your body....cock...balls...youth...ethnicity...physique...ejaculate and stamina I am a mere bitch in comparison. I beg you to fuck my fiancée in ways I am unable. To mate with her and push your superior cock in virgin areas of her body I know I could never dream to reach. I know your cock will brush against places that no toy and no cock could ever caress and you will lay claim to those areas as your own territory . You are truly the alpha male and I am now the beta and I will lick your large superior balls as a sign of thar tranisition. I will guide your real mans cock into my fiancees neglected pussy and gaze as she gets what she has been denied so long, a cock worthy of her beauty and sexuality. Thank you for wanting to fuck her in ways impossible for me to ever replicate and making her cum in ways I can only dream of. You are her boyfriend, her lover and BBC bull.

*This post is sponsored by EdenFantasys. However, all opinions contained in this post are honest and  ours*