Monday, October 29, 2012

Big Night of Cuckolding

And what a 'big' night it was! That's right... I have finally been with my first bull. I have finally been introduced to the wonderful world of deliciously huge cocks, and I am here to tell you the hype isn't hype. It's all true people. Bigger is better....

But I am getting ahead of myself.

After the night on the dock with Tiger, it became clear to my pup and I that we both wanted more. Tiger did as well, so we made a date. My pup booked a hotel room. He had instructions to purchase pamper products for me, as well as wine and snacks for the evening.

He set up the room for my coupling ahead of time, then picked me up. When we got to the room, I had him strip both of us down. He was wearing...

Nope, wait. Getting ahead of myself again!

Back it up to the evening before. Just as my work day was winding down, Cleo called to see if I wanted to grab a drink. She lives near my work, which is on the other side of town. So, I agreed to meet her for a drink. After a little persuasion on my part, we changed the venue from a local bar to her place.

I had texted my pup to let him know I would be meeting him later than originally planned as I was seeing my girl beforehand. He proceeded to blow up my phone for the next hour with texts wondering what I was doing, how far I was planning on going with her, etc. It was psychologically very good for him, as it put him in sub and cuck space so well, and prepared him for the next night.

Cleo and I didn't have a lot of time as she had dinner plans, but we certainly used the time to our advantage. See, I had a plan... My plan was to get her excited and make her cum in her panties. I then planned to take the panties home with me and force my pup to wear them the next evening when Tiger and I gave him his first full- blown cuck experience. Now, Cleo and I had not played in a great long while, so it was not long before her pretty pink panties were wet (of course, knowing what the end game was helped. Cleo loved the idea of my little bitch wearing her pretty pink panties while another man ravaged my body). We played around for several minutes on her bed, kissing, sucking nipples, licking and touching, and then I made her pussy cum. After she'd cum, I wiped her clean with the panties, making sure to get every last drop.

When I got to my pup, his little clit was dripping with anticipation. He was excited to know what she and I had done, what we had discussed, etc. I ordered him to his knees and pulled her panties out of my pocket. First, I had him smell them. He knew immediately what that smell meant. He knew that his night of being cucked had just become a weekend of being cucked, and that he had in fact already been cucked once without even knowing it. I would not give him any details (and in fact still won't, hence the lack of them here) other than that I made her cum and she gave me her panties. After he'd smelled them for some time, I ordered him to taste them. All the while I was reminding him of the first time we were all 3 together. I spoke of how good she tasted, how much I love to eat her pussy. I reminded him how much he loves to watch. Then I reminded him of the chance he had to fuck her, to really know what it's like to be a real man, and how he blew it. I told him that perhaps if he wasn't the type of pathetic little boi that blows opportunities like that, I might not be the type of woman that fucks others while he watches. It is, after all his own deficiencies that led to my need for other lovers.

All this while he is on his knees before me, smelling and sucking my Cleo's panties clean. Once they were sufficiently cleaned, I ordered him to strip and put them on. They were so tight and tiny on him. It was so hot. He was uncomfortable because they were wet from him sucking them, but I wouldn't let him take them off. I rubbed his little clit through them, and it wasn't long until my puppy was exciting and his clit was leaking like mad.

I then ordered him back to his knees to eat my pussy and make it cum. While he was working, I went to 'work' on him mentally. First, I talked about Cleo's taste. I told him to think about the difference between how she tasted and how I taste. I reminded him that while he got to taste two pussies that night, he could only take credit for making one cum. The other one was all mine, and he only gets to play clean up bitch. I reminded him that neither one of those pussies can be pleased by him. When she needed a cock, he couldn't keep it hard enough to please her, and he obvioulsy can't please me or I wouldn't have plans the next night to fuck another man in front of him (of course, he tried as he always does when we discuss his mishap with Cleo to point out that he couldn't keep his little clit hard because I had just made it cum while she was in the bathroom, but it as always fell on deaf ears. The fact of the matter is he can't perform when he is needed, and that is why he is now a little sissy cuck).

As I came in his mouth (clean up #2) I spoke of how much I wanted Tiger, how much I needed to be fucked by a real man. I told him how much I wished it was Saturday and not Friday so I could feel it now. I asked him if he as ready... truly ready to show his devotion to me and give me to another man so that my body could feel the pleasure it so deeply desired. He said that he was and I told him it wasn't good enough, I told him he would have to prove it by begging me once again to fuck Tiger's huge, superior cock, and then text Tiger and beg him to fuck me with it. He of course did so. By now it was time for us to proceed with the vanilla plans we had for the evening, so I allowed him to take off the panties and suck them clean of his dirty little clit juice so he could get dressed. After he'd cleaned them, he held them out to me as if to return them. I looked at him, gave him a devlish grin and said "oh, no. Those aren't mine.... Those are a gift for you from Cleo. She want's you to wear them tomorrow while I make you my cuck fully and completely." Imagine his surprise... : )

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Letter to BBC Bull

I had my pup send this to Tiger:
In panties, clit juice catcher, and pink bow for Mistress

Sir....I need to mention some I sit in panties and a pink bow contemplating the coupling of you and my fiancée, I know now it is obvious sir that in all ways you are the superior male. Because of your body....cock...balls...youth...ethnicity...physique...ejaculate and stamina I am a mere bitch in comparison. I beg you to fuck my fiancée in ways I am unable. To mate with her and push your superior cock in virgin areas of her body I know I could never dream to reach. I know your cock will brush against places that no toy and no cock could ever caress and you will lay claim to those areas as your own territory . You are truly the alpha male and I am now the beta and I will lick your large superior balls as a sign of thar tranisition. I will guide your real mans cock into my fiancees neglected pussy and gaze as she gets what she has been denied so long, a cock worthy of her beauty and sexuality. Thank you for wanting to fuck her in ways impossible for me to ever replicate and making her cum in ways I can only dream of. You are her boyfriend, her lover and BBC bull.

*This post is sponsored by EdenFantasys. However, all opinions contained in this post are honest and  ours*


Saturday, October 6, 2012

MY FIRST BBC BULL!!!....aka: The (apparently REALLY) Slow Burn, Part 2

SO Sorry this is so long in coming. I recently changed jobs and school is kicking my butt so I got side tracked!

So, where were we… Ah, yes. We paid the bill, and tried to decide where to go. Not wanting to be tempted to accelerate the slow burn into an actual fire, I preferred not to retire to someone’s home. It would be too easy with a bedroom handy not to give in and just cuck pup right then and there. So, we needed a place private but not so private… It just so happens, I know a perfect place.

For those of you who have read it, I wrote a blog about a toy I received from our former partner, Eden Fantasys. It is a ‘real’ cock for girls who want to give the illusion of having one. In this story I took pup to a secluded park area and had him blow me. If you haven’t read it yet, here it is.

So, since this was a good spot for pup to be introduced to new aspects of this lifestyle he has chosen, I thought this would be a fitting place to begin the cucking process. We drove over, and settled in on the exact same spot that pup gave his first blowjob. Tiger was on me pretty quickly, and my panties were off before I even knew it. We made out fairly heavily, and Tiger was quick to get my breasts out in the open (he had been very anxious to get to a place where he could see and play with them openly). We were seated, and Tiger then had me stand up. He was in front of me, and bent me over. He ordered my pup to lick my ass while he alternated between licking my pussy, sucking and licking my nipples, and kissing me.

My bull eating HIS pussy

I have to tell you… This was about the hottest thing ever. I have never been with two men at the same time. Having both of them completely focusing their mouths on various parts of me was amazing. At some point in time, Tiger turned me around. He told my pup to hold my ass out of his way and began to lick, finger and play with my pussy from that angle. While I had the chance, I kissed my pup. I kissed him hard and deep, and then asked him if he could taste Tiger on me. Then I fed him my breasts, but first I told him that Tiger had licked and sucked them so good. While he was sucking them, I asked him if he could taste or smell Tiger on them.

My bull has a great body

After a while, Tiger turned me back around. He started to take off his pants. Let me tell you, they could not come off quickly enough for me. As soon as I saw his hard cock in his underwear I had to taste it. The minute his pants were off, I was on him. First licking biting and sucking through the underwear. Then, I almost (and would have if I had to, let me tell you) tore them off of him to get to that cock. Once it was out, I dove in. I was so hot for that cock, I cannot tell you. I am usually so very careful of my pup in situations with others. I always want to reassure him, to make sure he is ok, but not this time. The second I laid eyes on that gorgeous cock, I could only think of making it cum.

Pretty submissive for a Mistress huh?

And it tasted wonderful. Tiger’s cock is so big, but the best part about it is it continues to grow with his excitement. There is something so rewarding about sucking on a cock that so visibly and physically reacts to what you are doing. It’s like a reward system, and it made my pussy drip to think of how good it will feel when it’s inside me. Here is a grouping of pictures to show you what I mean

He is 9 inches!!
He is thick!
My first BBC!
And I love to lick balls

I sucked on Tiger for a while, kissing him from time to time. It wasn’t too long before I got to see what a real man cumming looks and feels like. It was thick and there was so much of it. It erupted out of him, and all over him and me. God, what a glorious thing, to make a man like that cum so hard while my pup stood by and watched.

ALOT of cum

SOOO much more cum than puppy
So there we were, in the middle of the park, cum all over both of us. Very hot, but not the most comfortable thing in the world, especially considering the heat outside. So, I sent my pup to the car to fetch some tissues to clean us up. When he returned, I ordered him to wipe me off, and then in turn I wiped Tiger clean. I thought this a fitting end to pup’s first cuck experience, signaling to him that while he was my little clean up bitch, attending adoringly to my needs, I was now a bit of Tiger’s bitch and would be caring for his cock from here on.

After I cleaned my bull, I turned my attention to my pup. I kissed him, caressed his face, arms and hands. I wanted to reassure him that I was still his Master. Tiger and I spoke to him about the experience, telling him in turns how each of us felt and what we thought about the experience. We also solicited his feedback, which was very positive.

So, there we were, me sitting next to pup, Tiger sitting across from us and all of us talking about the very kinky experience we had just shared. All of that talking made me horny again (not to mention the fact that I was half nude and Tiger was fully), and I got the idea that it would be hot to suck him off again, but with pup’s help.

I needed another load

So I sat in pup’s lap and Tiger stood before me, looking as beautiful and perfect as ever. My pup began kissing my neck and stroking my breasts as I took Tiger deep in my mouth. I have to say, it is a glorious experience to feel a cock that big grow inside of you, to know that you are getting it excited. Thinking about how it will feel when I finally have it inside my pussy drove me mad. After a while I became conscious of the fact that someone had their hand gripping my hair, forcing my mouth deeper onto my cock. I realized it was my pup. He apparently was really getting into it and wanted his participation to be more active. So there we were, Tiger standing before me, pup holding me lovingly in his lap and helping me suck my bull deep. I am sure I don’t have to tell you that my pussy was dripping wet from the intense hotness that was this experience.

My favorite picture...with my engagement ring in full view

This went on for several minutes, and Tiger alternated between fucking my mouth (with pup’s help) and fucking my breasts. When it was time for him to cum again, I wanted him to do it on my breasts. I wanted to feel his warm juices shoot all over me, showering me while pup held me in his arms. And shower me he did. This man has large orgasms, and even though he had already had one for the evening, the second did not disappoint. After he was done, I licked his cock clean, tenderly caressing his beautiful manhood. While I did this, I grabbed my pup’s hands and rubbed them in Tiger’s cum. I guided him until he got the picture, then he proceeded to finish rubbing it all into my skin as I finished cleaning up my Bull.

My first Bull experience!!

Once we were done, it was time to bid my Bull adieu until the next time we would be together. I did not want to leave, but it was late and puppy still had some work ahead of him. So, after a long kiss goodbye with Tiger, I had my pup drive me home and lick me clean….

Where the Hell Have YOU Been?

Ok, ok... I know where you've been. Sitting around waiting for me to finish the damned story!

Well, it's on its way. As a matter of fact, it will be up today. I apologize for the delay, as you all know with us sometimes life gets way too busy and I just don't have the time to devote to updating you all on our games. I really like to take my time with these stories, so that I can truly capture the experience for you all. I cannot do that in a small amount of time. Each of these stories takes me at least a couple of hours to write, and sometimes you just don't have that much time to devote, you know?

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that I will finish the story TODAY.

And, also I wanted to let you know that since that night I have so much more to tell you. As always, I am hoping that you think it was worth the wait, and I look forward to your feedback. I always love to hear your comments. It really enhances the intensity of my play to share it with all of you... Hope you enjoy it half as much as I do!

So, see you in a little while, and in the meantime, here's a teaser pic to give you an idea of what my next story is about....