Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Slow Burn, part 1

Ok, now I will treat you to a story....

In keeping with the idea of the slow burn (teasing pup with my bulls... doing things with them that gets everyone ready for sex but not actually having sex until puppy begs me to), I have another story to tell you if you have the time.... ;)

The other night I saw Tiger again. It had been several days since our first meeting. We had been texting back and forth during that time. Discussing our favorite aspects of our time together, talking about how hot we were for each other, going over how much more we wanted to do to and see of each other. Of course, this whole time I was making sure to forward a copy of these conversations to my pup. This is also part of the slow tease. I want my pup to not only see me seduce and physically be with another man, I want him to realize that the seduction never ends. That I am daily (and sometimes hourly) working to turn on other men with feeling their cocks inside me as my ultimate goal. I also spent a great deal of time during those days teasing him in person about Tiger (see previous post from my pup).

All of this proved to be too much for my pup to handle, and he began to beg me to fuck Tiger. I of course took advantage of this and teased him mercilessly about how much I want to fuck him, how much my pussy needs to be stretched by a real cock, how fantastic it will feel when Tiger's bare skin is against mine, how hot it will be when pup guides T's cock into my pussy for the first time.... This of course only made him beg more. Each time, I waited until the begging had reached what I felt was maximum desperation, and then I would tell him his begging wasn't good enough... That he wasn't desperate enough, and that he wasn't ready to be fully cucked.

It didn't take many days of this before pup finally said he couldn't take it anymore and begged me to at least see Tiger again. I think he was figuring that as turned on as I was by Tiger, it would simply be a matter of getting me in the same room with him and I would cave in and allow his long awaited cucking to happen. I may have allowed him to believe this a little bit, only to hear him beg me to see my bull again...

We met Tiger at a local bar and held hands rigth away. We tried to find a new bar this time. I thought it would be better to have a variety of places, scattered around town wherein pup could simply drive by it and get a memory of watching me with another man. This proved more difficult than expected. Ya'll, there are not a lot of dimly lit, sparsely populated places in this town where a girl can meet a bull and tease the fuck out of her puppy. If anyone knows of any, I am open to suggestions because we struck out 3 times.

Doesnt my ring look pretty embraced in a back studs hand?

The fourth place was not dimly lit, but there were few people in it and there were some booths off to the side that had tables that covered most of what might happen under them. This is where we finally settled in. Now, this is not to say that the search for a place was not fun, for this involved pup driving around looking while my Tiger and I got reacquainted in the back seat. I learned later that pup could hear us, but that it was too dark for him to see anything in the rearview. Can you imagine how maddening that must have been for him? To hear me kissing and licking another man but not be able to see? His only indication was when he opened the door for me at each stop, he saw how much of my outfit had to be put back together before I could exit the car. Not until much later in the evening would I even tell him what Tiger and I did while he chauffeured us around.

Not actual picture of us...but you get the point ;)

The teasing of my pup continued at the 4th place for some time. This was also deliciously maddening for him, because he could only see what Tiger and I were doing from about chest level up. So, he could see us kiss, he could see Tiger's hands on my breasts. He could see me licking and sucking on T's ear. Could see T licking and sucking on my ear and neck... But he couldn't see our hands, or what we might be doing with them. I loved to watch him desperately looking from my arms to Tiger's, trying to gauge from their motion (or lack of) what was happening at the end of them. If he saw mine making a rubbing motion, he could only assume it was Tiger's cock I was rubbing through (or under) his pants.
nowww we have more of the real pictures :)

Tiger's hands were harder to read, as playing with a pussy doesn't require a lot of upper arm motion. pup learned quickly to read my facial expressions, and boy did he get to see some good ones. Tiger was quick to find my most sensitive spots, and he found one on my clit that until that time only I knew about. It makes me wet just thinking about him stimulating that spot. That direct spot that works like a charm when I masturbate, but I have never had anyone find it so well. Others have gotten near it, but not as directly as Tiger did. And finding it is not all. It has to be touched a certain way. Guys usually think that if they rub a clit in a circular motion it works. For some ladies maybe it does, but for me I have always felt like my clit was a spot they were trying to rub out. Tiger didn’t do this. He actually didn’t rub at all for a while. What he did at first was apply pressure. Then, slowly he intensified the pressure and rubbed, ever so slowly. Oh my, that felt amazing. It must have showed on my face just how amazing because my pup had to pretend to drop something and try and peek under the table to see what Tiger was actually doing to me. And yes I made him take a pic.

Had puppy take a picture when he was down my panties?

In an attempt (I think) to try and regain some authority over my pleasure, my pup began to brag about how good he is at locating my G-spot and making me cum. Now, I am always one to give credit where credit is due, and he is really quite very good at that. However, Tiger took this as a challenge and took very little time finding mine. He began to stroke it forcefully with his fingers and I began to melt into him (right there at the bar!) . His point being proven, he stopped. Let me say that again… HE STOPPED. I was almost there, and he stopped. Fingers out, back to conversation.

I do taste good off another mans fingers

It was at this time my pup felt the need to warn him, based on the look I had that I do not like being brought almost to orgasm and then being denied. To say I don’t like it is not strong enough. I get violent. I am a pretty laid back, pacifistic person, but if you bring me to the brink of an orgasm and then stop… Well, let’s just say it takes all of my self-control to let you walk away with all of your limbs intact. I am not sure if this is a strictly me thing, or a strictly female thing. I know that men like to be teased and it increases their pleasure when they do finally cum, but for me at least this is not the case.

Tiger was of course apologetic, and offered to finish the job. I declined considering how loud I can get, and how public our setting was. I was not looking to get kicked out. However, it became increasingly clear that we needed to move the ‘party’ to a more secluded place. So, we paid the tab, and headed on our way… Care to guess where?  (PS,,,LOTS AND LOTS OF PICS WERE TAKEN)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's MY Party

Well folks, this week you WERE going to get treated to my latest adventure in cucking. I had it all written in a delicious two part installment as well. Unfortunately though, something happened recently that I feel needs to be addressed first. One of your peers made a very rude, inappropriate comment here on the blog, and I feel the need to address it.

My pup got a hold of it, and was so upset that he deleted it before I could stop him. His thinking was that no one should insult me, and he wanted to make sure this guy couldn’t/wouldn’t. In retrospect (and as I have explained to my pup, with a whip and some clothespins) I would have preferred to leave it up. The reason for this is twofold. First, I want all of you to feel like you can provide input when you feel the urge. I don’t want to get in the habit of policing the content that others contribute here, because you have shared some very good ideas over our time together, and I appreciate your help and enthusiasm. The second reason is that I hope that this entry will be sufficient enough to convey to this person my deep disappointment and anger at his insubordination, and would prefer that his source of shame remain up for all to see as further punishment for his bitch behavior.

The comment was in response to one of the posts about my meetings with Tiger, and it was something to the effect of: too bad Lin just turned into another slut for BBC…she had such potential…

UGH. Reading this now (almost 2 weeks later) and I cringe at the utter disrespect.

Where do I start?

First, LET ME BE VERY CLEAR. This is MY sex life. It is not yours, it is not this little bitches, it is MINE. I decide where it goes and who is included in it.  And by mine, I of course mean my pup's since I own him and his sexuality and sex life are inextricably tied to mine.

Part of the fun of this adventure is sharing it with all of you, and as I said before I love your feedback. But do not think in any way that I am your toy, your puppet, or yours to command or control. I am the conductor on this crazy, hot, sexy, fantasy train, and this game goes where I take it.

Perhaps this sad little bitch doesn’t have any real experience with a Domme. Perhaps he doesn’t realize that the submissive in the relationship is just along for the ride and does, wants, and thinks what the Domme wants him (or her) too. Perhaps he is just a sad little boy trying to assert some authority over a clearly superior Being, but only has the balls to do so in cyberspace. Perhaps I could give him the benefit of the doubt here and go easy on him. Or perhaps not.

Here's why....

First, he says that I ‘had such potential’. This leads me to believe that his maggot ass has been following my adventures and knows enough to know that I have more than just 'potential'. He clearly however only reads enough to make his little clit excited because had he been any sort of a real follower he would have known that my partners are neither defined by nor limited to race (or gender for that matter).

Now, I have gone back and forth on this for several days. On the one hand, I do think clarification of his role in this game is needed. On the other hand, is this little shit even worthy of a response to his blatant plea for attention? It might be best just to leave him in the corner and ignore him. Does a Domme take the bait and give the punishment the pathetic bitch so obviously is vying for?

In the end, I decided yes, she does. Other Dommes may disagree, and I certainly respect your opinions. However, #1- no disrespect should ever be tolerated, even from a stranger, #2- I think you all would like to hear it, and #3- I really just enjoy putting a bitch boi in his place.

So, here is my open response to the disgusting worm that had the gall to take me on:

Your insubordinate, obstinate behavior only proves that you are an unworthy slug, not even fit to clean my boots with your tongue. Unfortunately, we are in cyberspace so I cannot give you the punishment you so richly deserve. But, I can tell you what you would have received had this encounter taken place in real life.

First, I would force you to your knees and put your disgusting clit juice sack in a humbler.  I really feel that the humbler would be a good starting point to make you see the error of your ways. I would also use a spreader bar on your lower legs, so that your discomfort is truly maximized. Your arms would be cuffed behind your back so that balance would be difficult for you to maintain. You would then begin your penance by licking the aforementioned boots. While you licked, I would slowly move a little farther away every few seconds, forcing you to stretch in your constraints further and further, maximizing your discomfort and the stretching of your little bitch balls.

Once my boots were sufficiently cleaned, I would have you lay your head on the floor, face down. I would then use 4 or 5 different types of whips and crops to bring welts to your ass, back and legs so big that for the next several days you would not be able to walk, lie down, sit, or stand without the sting reminding you of your outburst and the just punishment you received for it. I would also make sure that in this beating, each of the crops slipped several times and caught some of your bitch balls, to maximize your pain.

Once I was satisfied by the swelling of your backside, I would move your arms to a secure place attached with rope to your side, and roll you over. I have never seen a humbler in person, but it seems to me that lying on one’s back while wearing it is quite uncomfortable indeed. One, it would seem has to keep his legs at a right angle or suffer extreme discomfort, and with a raw, sore back, ass and legs this would be rough, wouldn’t it? I would then proceed to build a ‘zipper’ on your front side using rope and clothespins. This zipper would begin at your right nipple, travel down your chest, over your pathetic excuse for a dick, and back up the other side to your left nipple.

At this point, I would leave you to your thoughts. I have learned over the past couple of years that nothing is more effective than the combination of pain and contemplation. I would leave you for about 10 minutes, then return to see if you were sufficiently sorry. If you groveled to my satisfaction, I would remove the zipper. Not just quickly in one swift motion either. I would remove each one slowly, all down the right side. With every removal I would pinch the red skin underneath, pulling it toward me before letting it snap back. This process would go very slowly until I got to the left side of your balls and dicklet. At that point I would tell you to beg me for mercy. Beg me for forgiveness. Beg me for relief. If your begging was not loud or pathetic enough, I would shake the rope a little, causing the remaining clothespins to pull and tear at your skin until you screamed for mercy, and then I would rip the rest of the zipper off in one quick flick of my wrist. At this point you better hope the scream I get is enough to satisfy me that the lesson is learned, or round 2 would begin…

*This post is sponsored by EdenFantasys. However, all opinions contained in this post are honest and mine*