Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cuckolding 101

Well, as you can see Master is well on Her path to teaching me how to be a good cuck.  Because of Her journey these last few weeks with Tiger (her potential black bull) She had me purchase the panties above....she told me I needed to be reminded of the reality of our new life. They just arrived yesterday so I was ordered to write my view of the past few events and to also let our followers know that they will be getting many more pictures of our actual fun like the many below.  The panties She said are a physical sign of our progression.  I am sure you will be seeing these new panties on her often lately as we continue our journey.

As she told you in her previous post She had met her bull at a local bar (one we frequent often as couple)  and the two of them hit it off right away.  You could feel the chemistry and sexual energy in the air....not 10 min after meeting him they were all over each other. Kissing as i fetched drinks....her pussy being fingered in public as i watched.. his cock being stroked at the table as She held my hand.  In no time at all, this stranger was holding the very hand that I put Her engagement ring on as I got up to get them another round like a server. 

My fiancees ring encased in Her bulls hand
I couldn't believe that this happened so fast.  I walked in with my wife arm in arm, sat at a bar and had a drink.  And within no time at all, another man...a younger, larger, black man had come in and now i was the outsider. She was in his arms, walking hand in hand and groping each other like 2 teenage lovers on prom night. At one point my fiancees breasts were out of her shirt, panties pulled aside and his black hands were all over her body in this public setting as i sat and saw my fiancees eyes roll back in her head oblivious to the world around her caught up in the smell, taste and feel of her first potential black lover. Details are in her post below.

Mistress and her new black bull at bar as I am sent to get a drink for them

It was a short night but one that had a HUGE impact on us....Outside, as she said I stayed at our car waiting for her as she walked him to his car to say goodbye.  They took a LONG time.  I could see them kissing...I could see her hands down his pants..i could see him flip her around to face me as he played with her body in this open well lit parking lot. As i stood there, i could see other bar patrons watching them as they fed each other in the open.  They saw Her arrive with me like a good taken by him physically at the bar....and leave with me like an obedient servant escorting his Master.

When she came back to the car, she told me to immediately bring Her home.  She said her panties were soaked and She was never so horny in Her life.  Even as i drove away she had her skirt hiked up and was masturbating in the passenger seat.  She moaned his name as She came while I was driving down the road.  We got the house and she ordered me to strip and meet her upstairs.  She took off her panties, literally pulling them from her soaked pussy and told me to look at smell them....they were SOAKED....literally dripping.  they looked like they just came out of the washing machine.   She had me hold the pantie in my hand,,,smell them,,taste them.  She said "He did that...He made me that have never made me so wet that my panties were stuck to my body".  She ordered me to stick my fingers inside her.  "Feel what he now owns....HIS pussy...feel the wetness he milked from me.", she whispered in my ear.  I began to finger her pussy harder.  She bellowed to me "Tell the pussy it is now owned by Tiger..TELL IT".  As i obeyed and sped up my fingering, she came...HARD. And for the first time ever, squirted.  She squirted pussy juice ALL over my hand....soaking down to my wrist. My entire hand held a cup full of pussy juice.

After She came she became even more frantic. She was like an animal in heat.  She screamed to me that She needed cock and needed it NOW. I was as hard as I have ever been,  I grabbed my cock and walked towards Her.  As I went closer to Her to try to please Her She stopped me and laughed.  "No....not with that clit...I said a cock...a real mans cock a cock like Tigers...go and get the hollow strap on and put it over that pathetic thing.".

Disappointment was not the word...but the look on Her eyes clearly said that if i didn't put it on right now and fuck Her she was going to go back and find Tiger to fuck Her pussy instead.  I put my pathetic marbles through and slipped in on.  "Yes, that's the real cock I meant....that's a black cock...that's the size I fuck me like my black bull will." I put the head of the black dildo in her and pushed...its slid in easily...coated with the juices that this strange man just coaxed out of her.  I entered her fully...balls deep not feeling a thing because of the dildo encassing my clit but knowing she was being stretched out.  Stretched more than I ever could with my clit.  A moan escaped Her lips.  "Yes..fuck me Tiger".  I wasn't here in her mind...She was being fucked by was his cock she was thinking was his cock stretching her. I fucked her as hard as i could....seeing the black dildo being coated in pussy juice..dripping off the shaft and yet not feeling one precious drop on me. I remember how it felt to be awash in those juices....but that was long ago only the strap on feels them. Finally after giving her 6 orgasms...she was able to calm down a BIT.....but that was only temporary.

me using black hollow strap on
ONE day post Bull:

"Pull over and eat my pussy in an alley puppy...I'm thinking of Tiger".  I was was in the middle of the afternoon on a busy street in Tempe Arizona.  Where did it come from?  Yes I should have guessed.... all day she was in a daze still.  Thinking about Tiger..thinking of how she became his slut in front of me in a bar we commonly visit.  Thinking about how I used to be the alpha male but in a short period of time she not only stripped me of that...she found a replacement. What was just a routine trip to get a bite to eat was now me frantically finding an alleyway so my Mistress could pull Herself up on the back of my seat and push my face in between her spread legs telling me "Eat Tigers pussy...please it like a bitch pleases her stud". So, here I an alleyway....feeding on my Masters juices that were brought forth from her pussy not from me....not from a movie....not from a story...not from porn....but juices brought forth from a guy she just met.  A guy whose cock she cant stop thinking about.  A guy who is now a bull in her life.  Three orgasms later and my face painted with her pussy juice we are at the restaurant eating...holding hands....and talking about politics and the world around us...she has become a true FemDom and now a Cuckoldress in training.

TWO days post Bull:

"We need to go right now to the same parking lot Tiger had his way with me and I felt his 9 inch cock...NOW".  SO of course obeying Her quicker and faster than I have ever obeyed Her before and seeing She was still in heat from days ago....I drove to the bar.  "Park here...this is the spot".  Sure enough....we were in the exact spot where days before they explored each other bodies as I stood by my car waiting.  What happened in those next 40 min could fill volumes of books on cuckolding 101.  Mistress started by stroking me thorough my jeans.....telling me how She did the same thing with him at this exact spot....She traveled Her hand further down my jeans quite a bit past where the head of my clit ended.  "See cuck THATS the difference....when I stroked him...his cock head was down his jeans, all the way down here".  She kept stroking down my leg...showing me physically where the shaft of his cock was yet only stroking my leg.  "Oh was so much bigger than you...a real cock in a pair of jeans....yes... here I was still stroking his cock all the way down here...look...look how further his cock reaches" she kept stroking further down my leg....where obviously the head of his cock was and where my pathetic clit was NO where near.  "His cock travels down the length of his jeans soooo far down and yet yours fits in right near the zipper."  Frantically she starts to jack off my cock is NO WHERE near where her hand it..but obviously where Tigers reached. Stoking over and over where my cock was not reaching but where his cock was....moaning as She did..."Mmmm his cock felt good....your no where near the man he is in the cock department....I cant believe what I have been missing."  She lightly patted my cock...." Yes, yours fits like a little dicklett right in here by the cute."

She then stopped and reached in  my pants and grabbed my marbles.  "Yes...thats what I thought as well.. his balls are SO bigger then these.". She moved her fingers all around my marbles...cupping...weighing...squeezing slightly.  "I cant believe that I ever thought of these as masculine."  She pulls her hand out of my jeans....she then smelled Her hand....licked it.  " you powder your little marbles? The don't even smell masculine like his...I'm sorry...but we need to talk seriously about the next step here.  I kind knew what was now coming.   "I want him puppy....i want his cock....i want him to fill my tight neglected pussy... fill me like you never could....reach places inside me with his 9 inch black cock that you can never reach.".  She then started kissing me (GOD I love Her kisses) ...biting my lower lip and telling me how much she wanted him and stroking me though my jeans. "Beg me to fuck him...beg me puppy...i need you to".  I couldn't...I could I beg my fiancee to fuck a young black stud...the guy has a friggin 9 inch cock and is a dam physical trainer....But Ill be dammed, begging her I was.....I was right on the edge with all she was doing and I so wanted to cum I would have said anything at that point.  As soon as I said the words, "please fuck him, please let him enter your pussy and satisfy you like I cannot" She stopped. STOPPED. Stopped stroking....stopped kissing....STOPPED. "Thank you puppy", is all She said. She grabbed my hand and ordered me to finger make her cum in the the exact spot where he fingered Her. I slide my hand into the wettest pussy I ever felt.  Now..a side note here....My fiancee....get WET! I mean she POURS pussy juice since the day I met Her.  But this....this was new.  This was soaking...this was the wettest I have ever seen, felt, or smelled Her. She moaned to me " God even his fingers feel better than yours...even his fingers are bigger...make me cum cuck".  And yes...I did...and she squirted...ALL over my seats.  I mean SQUIRTED unlike anything I have seen.  She poured pussy juice, soaking my car seats. She relaxed...put Herself together and told me to drive her home....the cuckolding 101 class has begun.

SOAKED the car

P.S. My seats were so soaked with pussy juice that even after spending an hour cleaning them, for the last week every time I have entered my car there is a strong smell of pussy in the air.....and it is a constant reminder that this guy...this young black what made it actually happen. As I drive to I drive on errands it is a physical reminder that She is ready for him....and so is Her pussy and its juices.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Compare...your opinion please

Bull vs cuck

Mistress had myself and Her new black bull compare pictures of ourselves the other day.  After looking at the picture and truly studying it, i mentioned that i didn't think her bull was really THAT much bigger than myself and that the difference was not so great.  She laughed saying...." the pictures and ask our followers what they think....they will tell you in detail the differences"  So....i am here asking all of you to please comment on the picture and give a detailed view on the above picture and comparison. Thank you--puppy

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Closer to Being Cucked

So as you all know, pup and I have been trying to find bulls in order for me to properly cuck him. This has proven to be more difficult than we first imagined for a number of reasons. The main reason is that it is difficult to find someone who is real, serious, experienced, and into kink and cucking. We have had many responses, but most were from guys who just wanted to get laid, or ones that were interested but not experienced. While there is certainly nothing wrong with being inexperienced (everyone's got to start somewhere) I really feel like our first time should be with someone who has been around the block and knows the ropes.

That being said, we were able to narrow the field down to 4 great candidates that all have experience and would be perfect. I believe I have shared with all of you my desire for a "bullpen". Just in case I haven't I'll explain briefly. I assume you are all familiar with what a bullpen is in the baseball world (if not, google it!). The basic concept is that there is always 4-5 pitchers on standby waiting to be needed should the one that is currently 'in' not be able to perform. This is what I want. A cadre of bulls ready to perform when I need one.

The reason for a bullpen is twofold. First, not everyone is readily available. Conflicting schedules should in no way rule out an otherwise perfectly suitable bull. However, if I am in need of sexual relief, there is a better chance of getting that if I have several bulls to choose from. The second reason is simply that I feel it will give pup reassurance. One of his biggest fears in this part of the game is that I will be attracted to the bulls emotionally and not just physically. If I were to limit myself to one bull, pup would be more worried. If there are multiple, he needn't worry that I am falling for any of them romantically.

So, about the 4. The first one is the same that we have referred to many times in the past. Michael is a beautiful, fit BBC who has a lot of experience in cucking. I am really into him, and he has been patient in waiting for us to be ready to 'take the plunge'. Unfortunately we have had a difficult time synching schedules, so alas we have not had a chance to get together yet. The second is a gorgeous man we'll call "Jared". He is a big guy with a lot of muscles (yum). My pup and I met him for drinks a few weeks ago, and J and I ended the night with a kiss. This was the first time I have kissed any man other than my pup in 15 years. It was a big deal, and a great kiss. J is a great candidate, but he lives out of town. So far we haven't been able to find a time when he was in town to meet again, but I am sure we'll make it happen soon!

The third candidate is "B"- a very handsome, blue eyed dream with a gorgeous cock. I haven't had a chance to meet B yet, so not much to report except that he has experience and is a big fan of the blog. The fourth is who this already very long blog post is about. He is another BBC, and he looks a little like Tiger Woods. Tiger's cock is huge (9 x 6.5) and just gorgeous. He is a personal trainer, and he has a great body.

Last week, pup and I met Tiger for drinks at our favorite local spot to meet 'lifestyle' friends. Tiger wasted no time diving into his role as bull. He started off with his hands... We all talked for a few minutes getting to know each other and the whole time Tiger was rubbing my leg, which he had pulled onto his lap almost immediately after sitting down. When pup got up to order us all another round, Tiger and I shared our first kiss. It was a deep, slow kiss and there was a lot of heat in it. It was such a good first kiss that neither of us wanted to pull away when pup returned with the drinks.

Passonate kising with my new bull!

The rest of the evening turned into a giant tease fest for all three of us. Tiger and I frankly could not keep our hands off each other. We sat in a round booth, so we could be at one end and my pup could be on the side... close enough that I could touch him but far enough away to see 'the show'. Tiger has  amazing, strong hands and used them quite adeptly to rub my calves. He then worked his way up my thigh, and eventually he was rubbing my pussy outside of the g-string I was wearing. All during the 'massage' he was giving me, we alternated between deep, passionate kissing; licking and sucking each other's neck and ears; and touching each other through the clothing pretty much everywhere we could get our hands on. His cock was semi hard through all of it, and it was so good to feel a real cock under jeans when I rubbed him.

By the end of the evening, Tiger had me in the corner of the bar, legs spread wide so pup could see, and his fingers deep inside me. His fingers were making my pussy feel so good, and I was so wet from feeling them. I can't remember the last time I was so turned on, I literally was aching to fuck him, and pup found the experience hot enough, he was willing to let me.

This is actually me and my new black bull at the bar!.

Unfortunately, I am a fan of the slow tease. This means that I cannot fuck a bull on the first 'date'. This was disappointing for that night, but won't be in the long run. As I explained to my pup, it's not enough for him to want me to fuck a bull in the heat of the moment. I want him to want it always. I want him to fantasize about it. I want him to want it so badly that he wakes up every morning hoping today he will get to see my pussy satisfied by a real cock. I want him to beg me for it. One does not accomplish this sort of desperation by simply fucking out of sheer horniness. This sort of thing requires commitment, and restraint.

His black skin next to my white skin!!

Thankfully, Tiger is on board with the slow tease, and is more than willing to wait. So, at the end of the evening I walked Tiger to his car. My pup obediently waited by our car, where he could see us, but could not hear us. I was too horny to let Tiger go without at least feeling his huge cock in my hand, so I wasted no time when we got to his car. He kissed me deeply and I plunged my hand into his pants. He was semi-hard, and already it was huge. We continued making out, and I stroked his cock. It was amazing to feel him get hard in my hand. It is by far the biggest cock I have ever touched, and it drove me nuts knowing that it could be mine. I was mad with lust thinking of how full my pussy would be with his manhood plunging deep into it. My pussy was dripping wet just thinking about it.

His black fingers....fingering my tight pussy!

While I was working on his 9 inches, he was making short work of my top. He had pulled it down and exposed one of my breasts, sucking on and licking on it. Now, I have very sensitive breasts and it makes me so hot to have them sucked. My pussy was almost dripping wet from this, and not to let a good opportunity go to waste, Tiger again plunged his fingers deep inside me.

It was at about this time I almost made him cum with my stroking... Unfortunately, I say almost because he stopped me before I could. This was a bit of a disappointment, but in retrospect I think I'd rather do it when I can actually see it happen. It's more fun to watch the fruits of your labor, don't you think? Though, I must admit, it would have been hot.

My bulls BIG!!

Tiger then proceeded to take my other tit out of my top. I am normally a very reserved person in real life so to think that I was standing in a parking lot (not poorly lit, either) with both of my breasts exposed is crazy to me, but I was. At that point Tiger turned me around to face my pup so he could see. I am not sure how much pup saw, but I didn't really care at that point. Once turned around, with my back to him Tiger hiked up my skirt so my ass was exposed and fingered my pussy from behind.
While I was certainly in no hurry to leave this amazing experience, it was at that time that the bar closed, and all the patrons began filing out. No longer 'alone', we unfortunately had to say goodnight.

My tits exposed for him!

To say I was turned on by all of this doesn't begin to describe it. I have been trying to figure out how to convey the level of horniness I achieved that evening, and I don't know if I can. All of my senses were heightened. Every nerve ending on my body was on maximum overdrive. My skin tingled- actually tingled with excitement. My legs quivered with anticipation of what it will feel like to fuck him. My lips moistened at the thought of his lips on them. And my pussy.... my pussy was aching for his cock to be inside it. When he would take his fingers out, I could literally feel the disappointment in every inch of me. I was so turned on, I was dripping. This is not a metaphor. When I got home, my panties were soaking wet.

There was no way after all of that I could have gone another second without cumming. I was like a dog in heat, and I needed to have an orgasm so immediately I thought I was going to explode. Even on the drive home, I couldn't stop from rubbing my clit just to take the edge off. As soon as we got home, I ordered my pup to the bedroom. I could not get my panties (dripping wet panties) off fast enough, and pu could not get his fingers in me fast enough to soothe my need. Once he did, it took about 2 seconds for me to cum, and cum I did. I came so hard, it squirted out of me. pup's hand was coated in my cum, all the way to the wrist. I then had pup put on the hollow strap on and fuck me over and over. I was insatiable. Even after 6 orgasms, the edge was barely off. I could not get enough sex... I was of course driving pup mad, talking the whole time about Tiger... What I did with him, how he felt, how his kisses tasted... I cannot wait to see him again.

My pup versus my bull