Friday, April 27, 2012

Loaned out slave

Sorry its beens such a long time since we have posted...but sometimes life interferes with fun.  However this weekend and last should make some good posts. 

Last weekend, Mistress used Her puppy in one of the HARDEST episodes she has ever dommed me in.  From her discussing the other cocks she desires to fuck to her use of the strap on on my "pussy".....from her riding my face with her cum drenched pussy to her biting, slapping and spanking.  She wishes to write the blog about it so I wont go into detail...however it was wild.

This weekend will also be interesting as my Mistress will be going down to Tucson alone for a bit of a vacation and is also planning to meet up with a bull who owns TWO.....yes TWO couples.  Meanwhile I have been loaned out for the weekend to her VERY attractive girlfriend from work.  I am to be her toy...used as she sees fit....and pleasure her.  A few moments ago I sent my Mistresses lover the following text:

Hello there...
I was told....ordered to really ;) to offer any "services" you may need this weekend in order to help you relieve the stress you have been under. I have been told that my mouth...lips...fingers...hands...tongue are here for you to use day or night in order to give you pleasure. If requested...i am to drop what I am you and satisfy your sexual desires in any way you want.  If you desire me to cook you a meal...draw your bath...give you a massage or simply use toys on your body to make you cum...I am here to serve. I am your toy and owned by you for the weekend. Your fantasies...desires...and needs are my pleasure to fulfill. All by courtsey of your friend Lin.

So, again I apologize for the long spots between blog entries...but I assure you more posts about our adventures are forthcoming.