Friday, February 10, 2012

Date with Cleo

Ok, housekeeping first… New Girl needs a nickname. Not a lot of help from you guys, so I am on my own. So, since she is not sub to me (yet), it is not so easy to come up with one. For a while I was thinking Sancha. For those of you that know, in Spanish, a Sancho is slang for a woman’s male lover. Sancha would be the female equivalent. But when you say this word out loud, it’s not very pretty. It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. So, I started thinking about super sexy women throughout history, especially those that were suspected to be bisexual. Now, while there is no proof that she was bisexual, Cleopatra is known to have been so desirable and sensual that even women found her hard to resist. This is my new girl. She is tall and graceful, smart and funny, and can fit in just about anywhere. Cleopatra seems a bit overdramatic, so I will from now on refer to her as Cleo…
Ok, as promised… Here is my story about sex toy shopping with Cleo. A few weeks ago, Cleo and I had our first date. The first time we were together was a spur of the moment sort of thing and completely unplanned. To further pup’s cuck training, I decided to plan a night out with her.  A couple of days before I had learned that Cleo had never been in a sex toy shop, so that of course had to be on the list!

In true cuck form, pup helped me prepare. He selected and purchased the panties I wore for the occasion, helped me clean, shave and dress myself. Then, he drove me to the toy store (Cleo lives on the other side of town, so we met halfway). His instructions were then to take my car and wash it while I enjoyed some alone time with Cleo. He was, however to remain nearby and on call in case my lover and I needed anything.
So, it being Cleo’s first time, I took her to the biggest shop in town. Again, they don’t have quite the selection as EdenFantasys does, but then again I think Eden would have to be as big as a Costco to fit everything they sell online into a brick and mortar.

First things first, Cleo needed a new dildo. She had one before, but it was destroyed and she had been without for too long. As usual, I suggested a glass model (seriously, the glass is the only way to go. Those babies are A-mazing!). We perused the selection, which was thankfully much better than the shop I went to with NF the day before. That being said, she actually ended up selecting the exact same one that NF got. This of course makes me so hot. Two girls using the same toy that I helped them pick to make their pussies cum… Yep, makes mine wet just thinking about it. Though in my mind’s eye version, they are together, using the exact same toy (not just identical ones) and there are various combos involving the one toy, and the three of us… Mmmmm…..

Sorry, I went to a happy place for a minute there! I’m back now. So, where was I? Ah yes… The toys. During the dildo selection, I learned that Cleo had never had a vibrator before. Her previous toy vibrated, but a vibrating dildo is not the same as a vibrating clitoral stimulator. So, we wandered over to those. Now, these come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I am here to tell you, they are all bullshit. You don’t need a heart shaped one, or one that looks like some sort of animal, a lipstick, or (this one kills me) a rose. All any girl really needs is a good old fashioned pocket rocket. Not only are these little babies strong, they also tuck perfectly between the mattress and box springs of your bed, which makes it available to you  any time you feel the urge to cum… Now, there are various brands of pocket rockets. As a matter of fact, I believe “pocket rocket” is a name brand (like Kleenex or Coke)… If so, I’d like to take this time to give trademark credit wherever it is due in this post, so as to not offend or anger anyone, and I will herein refer to this style of clitoral stimulators as PR’s, just in case.
The most expensive PR is about $60. This is also bullshit, since I’ve had mine for over 2 years and it cost $12.95. It works like a dream, and the one I had before it lasted over 3 years and was $10. The point is, if you want to get one, find the name brand one, see what it looks like, then buy the knock off version.

This is exactly what Cleo did. After we chose her purchases, we walked around a bit. Of course we ventured over to the BDSM section, and she was very excited to hear about all the items in there that I currently own (or have tried and didn’t like). I also found some new items I hadn’t seen before, so I will have to obtain these and let you all know what I think!
Once we finished our shopping excursion, we went to dinner and had drinks after. About half way through dinner, I texted pup and let him know that Cleo and I would be ending the night at my place. He was instructed to prepare for this. The preparation included ensuring that all of my toys were out, clean and ready. Plenty of condoms and lube for the dildos, etc. Also, I instructed him to ‘make it special’, indicating that I wanted a personal gesture from him signaling not only his submission, but how much he wanted this for me. How open to my new girlfriend he was, and how much he wanted to make her feel welcome and desired as a new aspect of our relationship.

When we arrived at my place, pup was waiting with a bottle of wine and a rose for each of us. He served us our wine, and then (as per instructed) went home. Cleo and I proceeded to the bedroom where just as instructed it was all ready for a night of fucking (he had even sprayed some perfume on the sheets and lit a few candles… a nice touch, I thought).
Now, Cleo is not one to beat around the bush, so she immediately undressed. I followed suit, and soon we were on the bed, fully nude and kissing. We spent some time ‘priming the pump’ as it were. Then I got out my glass dildo (an oversight, but we left hers in the car… good thing I have one as well). She laid back on the bed and I proceeded to show her exactly why the glass dildo is king. I fucked her pussy over and over, licking and sucking her delicious clit while I did so.
Not that I was counting, but I gave her 4 orgasms that evening. Of course, when she was spent, she took care of me. Unfortunately, she was unable to spend the whole night. When we were done, she went home. I called pup who, as instructed was waiting across the street and he came over and cleaned me up. As he ate my pussy and fucked me with his finger, I asked him how it felt to be the second person to fuck that pussy tonight. I asked him if he could taste her mouth when he used mine. I asked him if my pussy was stretched from the fucking she had given me while he was across the street, caged and wondering what sorts of pleasures we were experiencing.

And then, just when he was about to explode from lust, I released him from his cage and allowed him to hump my leg like the horny little pup he is. Pup came hard (he really is getting good at cumming this way… He truly is transforming into a dirty little pup quite nicely). Of course, once he had cum, he was commanded to clean up his mess. He licked and sucked every drop his dirty cuck tears from my leg, and even the few drops that had spilled on the bed. Once he had finished, I thought it fitting that he truly clean me up from my night, so I instructed him to run me a bath. While he washed me (naked, collared and caged), I told him all about my night….

*This post is sponsored by EdenFantasys. However, all opinions contained in this post are honest and mine*