Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Femdom / Cuckold Contract

   FemDom/Cuckold Contract
Contract is currently in force for the Year 2012

The, male submissive Herby referred to as “puppy”, previously in possession of his own person, agrees to deliver himself entirely into the hands of his Master. Master agrees and states that She wishes and intends to take possession of puppy for the year of 2012.

By signing this Contract, it is agreed that puppy gives up all rights to his own person in every sexual manner, and that Master takes entire possession of puppy as property, claiming for Herself his body, his sexuality, his future, his heart and his mind.

*Note: Definition and term changes for clarity concerning puppy:

cock= clit, ass= pussy, cum=clit juice, shaving=shorning,

condom=clit juice catcher, cock cage=kennel, testicles=marbles

1.0.0 Puppy's Role

(a) Puppy agrees to obey and submit completely to Master in all ways. There are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which the puppy may willfully refuse to obey the directive of Master, except in situations where the puppy's veto (section 2.0.1) applies.

(b) Puppy also agrees that, once entered into the Puppy Contract, his body belongs to his Master, to be used as seen fit for the above time period

(c) Puppy agrees to please Master to the best of his ability, in that he now exists solely for the pleasure of Master.

Puppy understands that all that he has, and all that he does, shall now move from right to privilege, granted only as She wishes, and only to the extent that She finds useful.

2.0.0 Safe words

If puppy feels that a situation is approaching a boundary unforeseen, puppy may utter the safe word "Yellow" signifying this. Master accepts the responsibility of assessing situations when puppy calls the safe word and will, to the best of Her ability, make judgment on whether to modify the activity or stop activity entirely. Puppy agrees to hold no ill will due to Master's decision. Master agrees not to punish puppy for the use of a safe word.

2.0.1 Puppy's Veto

Puppy, where appropriate, holds veto power over any command given by Master, at which time he may rightfully refuse to obey that command. This shall be signified by the safe word "Red." Utterance of the safe word "Red" necessitates immediate termination of activity, is considered a veto, and is grounds for termination of the Contract.

3.0.0 Puppy's Behavior: General
(a) Puppy will strive diligently to remold puppy's body, appearance, habits, and attitudes in accordance with Master's desires. Puppy agrees to change the puppy's actions, speech, and dress to express his ownership. Puppy will always speak of his Master in terms of love and respect, and address Her appropriately (i.e. "Master", "Ma'am", "Cuckoldress", etc.) at all times appropriate.

Puppy will seek to learn how to please Master better, and will gracefully accept any criticism in whatever form Master chooses.

Puppy renounces all rights to privacy or concealment from Master. This includes but is not limited to photography and video photography of puppy, in any situation, to be used and displayed in any manner Master sees fit.

Puppy agrees to confess all of puppy's desires and fetishes for the Master's consideration.

Puppy will answer truthfully and completely, to the best of the puppy's knowledge, any and all questions Master may ask of puppy. Puppy will volunteer any information his Master should know about his physical or emotional condition.

When in the same room as his Master in private, puppy will ask permission before leaving the room, explain where he is going, and why. This includes but is not limited to asking permission to use the restroom. In public puppy will excuse himself to Master before leaving.

Puppy shall be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and availability of all toys. None shall be used without the express permission of Master, unless agreed to beforehand.

When in a domestic environment, puppy is responsible for maintenance and completion of all household chores that Master tells him to do, or he sees are in need.

3.0.1 Puppy's Dress/Body/Appearance
Unless expressed otherwise by Master, puppy shall dress himself in a manner he feels will be pleasing to and appropriate for his Master.  A picture shall be sent to Master for approval prior to completing the dressing ritual and any suggestions will be made at that time.

Puppy shall endeavor to keep his legs apart and open in Master's presence for Her access.

(c) Puppy shall not wear undergarments, except when the act of doing so, and the design of the item of apparel are expressly approved by Master. Each day Master will decide if underwear or panties is approved or if puppy is to wear none at all

 (d) If real men’s underwear is worn that day, puppy is to inspect crotch at end of day for clit juice and remove any with mouth sucking underwear clean of clit juice and sending pictures to Master

Puppy shall at all times while in the presence of Master be required to wear a kennel, clit ring, ball stretching device, collar and tag or other adornment unless excused by Master.

Puppy shall keep puppy's groin area shorned at regular intervals to show his submission.

At all times puppy shall sleep with his bottom half exposed and on his stomach in the“slut” position, signifying his ability to be penetrated by Master cock at Master’s will.

(h) Master has the right to have tattooed or have pierced any part of puppy’s body.

3.0.2 Puppy’s sexual role
(a) Master is in total control of the puppy's sexual release. Release is not included in sessions unless utilized for clit juice eating, coating the puppy’s body or at the command of the Master.
(b) When in Master' presence puppy will always stand with heels approximately 18 " apart to give access for Master to grab crotch and inspect clit.
(c) When told "down" puppy will immediately drop to his knees at Masters feet. Forehead to floor and not move until released with "up."
(d) When told "reveal and display" puppy will immediately at any location pull his pathetic clit out of zipper and lay clit on the outside of pants and remain so for the pleasure of Master.
(e) When told "strip" puppy will immediately remove all clothing. Puppy is to be available for inspection at all times

f) When told “sniff” puppy will proceed to delicately and respectfully remove Masterspanties and sniff and lick the crotch of panties like a puppy in heat.  If desired Master can command puppy to masturbate in Her panties at this time and lick clean.

(g) When told eat” puppy will at any time and location drop to knees and lick Masters pussy in accordance with Her wishes and to increase performance and perfection of cunninlungus. Puppy will keep juices on his face as a sign of devotion and of being marked by Master.
(h) When told “finger” puppy will, at any time and any location insert fingers into and bring Master to orgasm.  Unless otherwise directed puppy will smell and lick fingers clean at the end of orgasm.
(i) When told “fuck” puppy will enter Master with no other words spoken, in the position directed by Master and proceed to give Master pleasure and orgasms.  Afterwards if a clit juice catcher is used said clit juice catcher will be opened and spread over puppy’s clits and balls and/or other body parts directed by Master to dry or to be consumed directly from catcher.  If no clit juice catcher is used puppy will lick Master’s pussy clean. Cumming in this way is considered a treat and luxury and expressed thankfulness should be shown by purchasing a gift for Master
(j) When told “Matt” or “Shemar” puppy is put on and wear appropriate hollow strap on then present himself to Master.  After puppy has used hollow strap on to satisfy Master, puppy will proceed to thank said cock for satisfying his Master then puppy will lick and clean Masters juices off strap on, performing fellatio on “Matt” or “Shemar” and praising their ability and his lack thereof. 
(k) When told “play with clit” puppy is to stand in front of Master displaying his clit and stoke it to entertain Her.  Master will decide if Her puppy will play with clit, keep it hard, edge or spurt clit juice for Her pleasure. If puppy’s cums he is to clean up with his underwear and lick them clean.
(l) At any time Master may text or say the word “edge” to puppy and puppy is to edge 3 times. Master may also say "ride it" and puppy is to ride edge for an indicated amount of time. After edging puppy is to remove clit juice from fingers and lick clean in order to keep puppy’s body primed for Masters pleasure and to learn to enjoy and be addicted to the taste of the juices.
(m) At any time, Master may text or say the word “ruin” to puppy and puppy is to ruin orgasm and lick and eat any spilled clit juice in order to show that puppy’s orgasm is not important and to remind him that his pleasure is nothing compared to pleasing his Master.
(n) At any time, Master may text or say the word “milk” to puppy and puppy is to milk clit of all juices with prostate massager to show that puppy’s must be drained properly.  Clit juice is to consumed unless otherwise directed by Master.
(o) At any time, Master may text or say the word “tease” to puppy and puppy is to choose a random web tease or tease assigned by Master from www.milovana.com for males and perform it to the best of his ability and report back what the tease was to Master.
(p) At any time, Master may text or say the word “thai soup” to puppy and puppy is to immediately stop what he is doing and get a bowl of cold water with ice.  Puppy is to tie his marbles up tight separating each marble.  He is then to immerse his marbles and clit in bowl of ice water.  After immersion he is to ruin his orgasm into said bowl and consume contents of soup.
(q) At any time, Master may text the word or say “write” to puppy and puppy is to take a permanent marker and write a phrase on his erect clit of the Master’s choosing.
(r) At any time Master may text the phrase or say "suck cock" to puppy and puppy is to ruin into a dry clit juice catcher three times...put condom on Shemar or Matt, clip small hole in condom and proceed to suck cock and eat all cum, cleaning cock with mouth when done.
(s) When not in presence of Master and going out with other females the puppy’s clit kennel is to be worn at all times.  If puppy is seeing Master after, a metal key lock is to be used.  If not, plastic numbered lock is to be used with picture being sent to Master before and at end of evening. If kennel is unavailable puppy must find a suitable alternative to show Master’s ownership.
(t) The puppy will be open to and accepting of Master introducing Her cock at any time into him. puppy will learn to praise it, perform fellatio on it, masturbate it and to accept it deep in his pussy while also being both verbal and physical in his acceptance and desire to be taken in such a way.
(u) puppy is to participate in various training exercises during the year including but not limited to;  marble stretching, cuckold and femdom hypnosis, pussy dialation exercises, kneeling and begging position classes, blowjob and cum consumption lessons, humiliation and pain training as well as other various physical and mental conditioning exercises to learn to bring more pleasure and pay homage to Master.
4.0.0 Master's Role
Master accepts the responsibility of puppy's body and sexuality, to do with as She sees fit. Master agrees 
Master has the right to have tattooed or have pierced any part of puppy’s body.
to love, care for, protect, and cherish puppy, and to arrange for the safety and well being of puppy. Master also accepts the commitment to train the puppy, punish the puppy, love the puppy, and use the puppy as She sees fit.

5.0.0 Punishment

puppy agrees to accept any punishment Master decides to inflict, whether earned or not. puppy agrees that severe punishment may be assessed for any infraction of the letter or spirit of this Contract, and will accept the correction gratefully. The form and extent of the punishment shall be at the Master's pleasure. She may punish him without reason to please Herself. puppy enjoys the right to cry, scream, or beg, but accepts the fact that these heartfelt expressions will not affect his treatment. Further, he accepts that if his Master tires of his noise, She may gag his or take other actions to silence him.  Master may deny any sexual release for as long as She sees fits with no reaction from puppy.

6.0.0 Other People
puppy may not seek any other Master or lover, or relate to others in any sexual or submissive way, either in "real time", or "virtual" or "cyber" time, without Master's permission. To do so will be considered a breach of Puppy Contract, and will result in punishment or Contract termination.

Master may accept other submissives, Bulls or lovers online or in real life (see section 6.0.1 on Cuckoldry), but must consider puppy's emotional response to such actions. Master will discuss all such instances in advance with puppy.

Puppy agrees that his Master possesses the sole right to determine whether others can use his body and to what use they may put it. Master will discuss all such instances in advance with puppy.

 6.0.1 Cuckoldry

(a) The Master/Cuckoldress will reserve the right to pursue and undertake extramarital affairs.

(b) These extramarital affairs can be of a heterosexual or homosexual nature.

(c) The number of partners is not limited in anyway.

(d) The selection of a partner is the sole responsibility of the Master/Cuckoldress.

(e) The puppy/cuckold must be informed at the beginning of the extramarital affair.

(f) All details of the extramarital affair must be conveyed to the puppy/cuckold.

(g) The Master/Cuckoldress reserves the right to terminate the extramarital affair at a time of Her choosing.

(h) The Master/Cuckoldress when in the company of extramarital partners at all times must pay attention to the use of contraception.

(i) All extramarital affairs must be covert at all times, except from the puppy/cuckold or others who are aware of the arrangement.

(j) A safe system must be arranged for the emergency contact between the Master/Cuckoldress and the puppy/cuckold at all times during an extramarital affair experience.

(k) The puppy/cuckold must carry out tasks as detailed by the Master/Cuckoldress during any extramarital affair experience.

(l) The puppy/cuckold must never undertake any activity that could be construed as attempting to facilitate an extramarital affair between himself and another.

(m) The puppy/cuckold may be allowed heterosexual or homosexual experiences as deemed appropriate by the Master/Cuckoldress.

(n) The puppy/cuckold shall join the Master/Cuckoldress and Her partner, unless expressly denied to do so by the Master/Cuckoldress.

(o) On occasion the puppy/cuckold may appeal to postpone an encounter between the Master/Cuckoldress and Her partner under special circumstances.

(p) Although the postponement of an encounter may be accepted by the Master/Cuckoldress, She has no duty to cancel any arrangement between Her and Her partner on behalf of the puppy/cuckold.

(q) During any extramarital affair experience taking place within the presence of the puppy/cuckold, the role of the partner will be decided by the Master/Cuckoldress as She deems fit.

(r) The cleaning of the Master/Cuckoldress and Her underwear following an extramarital affair experience is the duty of the puppy/cuckold. And is to be done in a manner decided on by the Master/Cuckoldress.

(s) The puppy/cuckold will give the Master/Cuckoldress cunnilingus prior to the commencement of the sexual experience. This will signify the official beginning of the experience.

(t) The puppy/cuckold will offer the Master/Cuckoldress cunnilingus following the sexual experience. This will signify the official end of the of the experience

6.0.2 Cuckold Humiliation Exercises

(a) The sexual ridicule of the puppy/cuck in front of the Bull by Master/Cuckoldress.

(b) The Bull humiliating the puppy/cuck with the Master/Cuckoldress permission.

(c) Preparing the Master/Cuckoldress for Her Bull in any and all ways (shaving, dressing, etc).

(d) Preparing the Bull for intercourse with Master/Cuckoldress in any and all time. (Fluffing, putting on condom, etc).

(e) puppy/cuck financing the Master/Cuckoldress dates and supplying Bull with condoms and lube.

(f) The enforcement of feminization or homosexuality at the discretion of the Master/Cuckoldress at any time.

(g) The wearing of panties or clit kennel at the discretion of Master/Cuckoldress with Bull present to show uselessness of clit.

(h) Smelling and licking the underwear of the Bull to show and remind cuck of the odor and taste of real men.

(i) Having cock of Bull compared side by side to the clit of puppy/cuck to show and remind cuck why Bulls are preferred.

(j) puppy/cuck to used as the “bed” for intercourse between the Bull and Master/Cuckoldress.

(k) The puppy/cuck’s tongue and mouth shall be used as a lubrication device at the point of sexual entry to help facilitate pleasure.

(l) Holding, smelling and licking the used filled condoms of the Bull after copulation.

(m) The puppy/cuck will swallow his semen along with any and all semen deposited in his mouth by any and all Bulls.

(n) Cleaning the Master/Cuckoldress and Bull after intercourse in a way desired by the Master/Cuckoldress.

(o) Cleaning all toys and apparatuses used with mouth and then proper disinfection techniques

(p) The puppy/cuck will graciously and sincerely thank his Master/Cuckoldress for granting him the honor and privilege of serving Her and Her Bull or sexual lovers both male and female.

7.0.0 Alteration of Contract
This Contract may not be altered, except when both Master and puppy agree. If the Contract is altered, the new Contract shall be printed and signed, and then any previous Contract is destroyed.

7.0.1 Termination of Contract
This Contract may be terminated at any time by Master but never by slave unless mutually agreed upon. Upon termination, all materials and belongings shall belong to Master, to be shared or kept as She sees fit. Puppy, having agreed to give body and sexuality to Master, shall once again own his body, but nothing else in relation to the contract.

8.0.0 puppy's Signature

I have read and fully understand this Puppy Contract in its entirety. I agree to over body and sexuality to my Master, and further accept Her claim of ownership over my physical body, heart, soul, sexuality and mind. I understand that I will be commanded and trained and punished as a puppy and cuckold, and I promise to be true and to fulfill the pleasures and desires of my Master, and serve Her to the best of my abilities. I understand that I cannot withdraw from this Contract, unless mutually agreed upon.

signature: ____________________________         Date: ________________

8.0.1 Master's Signature
I have read and fully understand this Contract in its entirety. I agree to accept this puppy as my property, body and sexuality, and to care for him to the best of my ability. I shall provide for his emotional security and well-being and command him, train him, and punish him as a puppy. I understand the responsibility implicit in this arrangement, and agree that no harm shall come to puppy as long as he is mine. I further understand that I can withdraw from this Puppy Contract at any time.

Signature: ____________________________        Date: ________________

8.0.2 Witness Signature

I have read and fully understand this Puppy contract in its entirety and witness this agreement between the parties in question either verbally, in person or online.

Signature: _______________________ Witness Date: __________________

Friday, February 10, 2012

Date with Cleo

Ok, housekeeping first… New Girl needs a nickname. Not a lot of help from you guys, so I am on my own. So, since she is not sub to me (yet), it is not so easy to come up with one. For a while I was thinking Sancha. For those of you that know, in Spanish, a Sancho is slang for a woman’s male lover. Sancha would be the female equivalent. But when you say this word out loud, it’s not very pretty. It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. So, I started thinking about super sexy women throughout history, especially those that were suspected to be bisexual. Now, while there is no proof that she was bisexual, Cleopatra is known to have been so desirable and sensual that even women found her hard to resist. This is my new girl. She is tall and graceful, smart and funny, and can fit in just about anywhere. Cleopatra seems a bit overdramatic, so I will from now on refer to her as Cleo…
Ok, as promised… Here is my story about sex toy shopping with Cleo. A few weeks ago, Cleo and I had our first date. The first time we were together was a spur of the moment sort of thing and completely unplanned. To further pup’s cuck training, I decided to plan a night out with her.  A couple of days before I had learned that Cleo had never been in a sex toy shop, so that of course had to be on the list!

In true cuck form, pup helped me prepare. He selected and purchased the panties I wore for the occasion, helped me clean, shave and dress myself. Then, he drove me to the toy store (Cleo lives on the other side of town, so we met halfway). His instructions were then to take my car and wash it while I enjoyed some alone time with Cleo. He was, however to remain nearby and on call in case my lover and I needed anything.
So, it being Cleo’s first time, I took her to the biggest shop in town. Again, they don’t have quite the selection as EdenFantasys does, but then again I think Eden would have to be as big as a Costco to fit everything they sell online into a brick and mortar.

First things first, Cleo needed a new dildo. She had one before, but it was destroyed and she had been without for too long. As usual, I suggested a glass model (seriously, the glass is the only way to go. Those babies are A-mazing!). We perused the selection, which was thankfully much better than the shop I went to with NF the day before. That being said, she actually ended up selecting the exact same one that NF got. This of course makes me so hot. Two girls using the same toy that I helped them pick to make their pussies cum… Yep, makes mine wet just thinking about it. Though in my mind’s eye version, they are together, using the exact same toy (not just identical ones) and there are various combos involving the one toy, and the three of us… Mmmmm…..

Sorry, I went to a happy place for a minute there! I’m back now. So, where was I? Ah yes… The toys. During the dildo selection, I learned that Cleo had never had a vibrator before. Her previous toy vibrated, but a vibrating dildo is not the same as a vibrating clitoral stimulator. So, we wandered over to those. Now, these come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I am here to tell you, they are all bullshit. You don’t need a heart shaped one, or one that looks like some sort of animal, a lipstick, or (this one kills me) a rose. All any girl really needs is a good old fashioned pocket rocket. Not only are these little babies strong, they also tuck perfectly between the mattress and box springs of your bed, which makes it available to you  any time you feel the urge to cum… Now, there are various brands of pocket rockets. As a matter of fact, I believe “pocket rocket” is a name brand (like Kleenex or Coke)… If so, I’d like to take this time to give trademark credit wherever it is due in this post, so as to not offend or anger anyone, and I will herein refer to this style of clitoral stimulators as PR’s, just in case.
The most expensive PR is about $60. This is also bullshit, since I’ve had mine for over 2 years and it cost $12.95. It works like a dream, and the one I had before it lasted over 3 years and was $10. The point is, if you want to get one, find the name brand one, see what it looks like, then buy the knock off version.

This is exactly what Cleo did. After we chose her purchases, we walked around a bit. Of course we ventured over to the BDSM section, and she was very excited to hear about all the items in there that I currently own (or have tried and didn’t like). I also found some new items I hadn’t seen before, so I will have to obtain these and let you all know what I think!
Once we finished our shopping excursion, we went to dinner and had drinks after. About half way through dinner, I texted pup and let him know that Cleo and I would be ending the night at my place. He was instructed to prepare for this. The preparation included ensuring that all of my toys were out, clean and ready. Plenty of condoms and lube for the dildos, etc. Also, I instructed him to ‘make it special’, indicating that I wanted a personal gesture from him signaling not only his submission, but how much he wanted this for me. How open to my new girlfriend he was, and how much he wanted to make her feel welcome and desired as a new aspect of our relationship.

When we arrived at my place, pup was waiting with a bottle of wine and a rose for each of us. He served us our wine, and then (as per instructed) went home. Cleo and I proceeded to the bedroom where just as instructed it was all ready for a night of fucking (he had even sprayed some perfume on the sheets and lit a few candles… a nice touch, I thought).
Now, Cleo is not one to beat around the bush, so she immediately undressed. I followed suit, and soon we were on the bed, fully nude and kissing. We spent some time ‘priming the pump’ as it were. Then I got out my glass dildo (an oversight, but we left hers in the car… good thing I have one as well). She laid back on the bed and I proceeded to show her exactly why the glass dildo is king. I fucked her pussy over and over, licking and sucking her delicious clit while I did so.
Not that I was counting, but I gave her 4 orgasms that evening. Of course, when she was spent, she took care of me. Unfortunately, she was unable to spend the whole night. When we were done, she went home. I called pup who, as instructed was waiting across the street and he came over and cleaned me up. As he ate my pussy and fucked me with his finger, I asked him how it felt to be the second person to fuck that pussy tonight. I asked him if he could taste her mouth when he used mine. I asked him if my pussy was stretched from the fucking she had given me while he was across the street, caged and wondering what sorts of pleasures we were experiencing.

And then, just when he was about to explode from lust, I released him from his cage and allowed him to hump my leg like the horny little pup he is. Pup came hard (he really is getting good at cumming this way… He truly is transforming into a dirty little pup quite nicely). Of course, once he had cum, he was commanded to clean up his mess. He licked and sucked every drop his dirty cuck tears from my leg, and even the few drops that had spilled on the bed. Once he had finished, I thought it fitting that he truly clean me up from my night, so I instructed him to run me a bath. While he washed me (naked, collared and caged), I told him all about my night….

*This post is sponsored by EdenFantasys. However, all opinions contained in this post are honest and mine*