Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ruin and Consume

In Masters ongoing training to make me a proper cum slut and work this week she made me do something I would have never thought I would do in my office.

RUIN my orgasm on my desk

     and CONSUME it.

For those that dont know what a ruined orgasm is lets define it:
A ruined orgasm occurs when a man is stimulated RIGHT to the point of ejaculation.   This is frequently executed after a long period of sexual or orgasm denial coupled with teasing from a sexual partner.  The stimulation is stopped at the EXACT moment of ejaculation.  When that occurs the semen just drips or pours does not squirt. 

Wikipedia defines it as:
This practice allows the physical release of sexual climax while denying or minimizing the satisfaction and pleasure associated with orgasm. Stimulation is provided to the moment orgasm is inevitable, and then stopped by breaking all physical contact with the genitals just as orgasm begins (i.e. past the "edge").
For men in particular, ruined orgasms can also contribute to the possibility of continued sexual activity, desire and arousal after ejaculation. A ruined orgasm lacks the
satisfying and relaxing feelings present after a normal male orgasm which usually prevent further sexual desire. After a ruined orgasm the man can still feel sexual desire and arousal, and this allows continued enjoyment of sexual stimulation after a very brief recovery period

Consuming....well that is self explanatory....and while something I would have NEVER thought I would do, I would say that it is clearly an act that the more you do the more submissive that you become.  It is the single most act (next to be being penetrated by your Mistresses strap on) that can transform an alpha male into a sub slut (aka: puppy) to his FemDom Mistress. Mistress Lins tells me that I have had many girl sluts consume many many loads of my cum over the years and until I consume as many that we will continue to make sure that any juice that leaves me gets returned.

She has made it clear that the Ruin and Consume aspect will be a regular part of my ongoing training.  She has not tasted my "clit juice" or her new term "cuck tears", in over a year now....nor even has come close to my "clit" with her mouth.  She let me know I have many more loads to consume to become a proper cum slut and that her mouth will be sucking a bulls cock long before my clit gets to feel her warm wet tongue again.  - puppy