Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Toys for Everybody!

So, last week was an interesting one for me... Completely autonomously, I had 2 ladies ask me to help them pick out a good dildo. Now, one of these girls I had literally just met. She is a friend of a friend and we were all out at a bar. Something must have been up that night, because although I was not discussing sex or sexuality at all, something about me made this girl feel completely at ease to just come sit next to me and ask me if I could recommend a good toy. Her problem- she is addicted to the one she has. Why is this a problem? Because it wiggles and vibrates and moves around, and a real cock doesn't do any of these things. Her fear is that when she is next in contact with a real one, she may not be able to enjoy herself fully because it won't have the whistles and bells that she is used to.

Now, I don't have any data or anything, but I think this is not true. When I was young and got my first vibrator, I read all about how using them for clitoral stimulation can make cumming during cunnilingus impossible. Now, I masturbate daily. Most days at least twice, and yet everytime my pussy is eaten, I cum hard and well. So, my theory about this is that it is a lie made up by men who are threatened by the use of toys for female stimulation.

However, sex is my favorite thing to talk about, toys is one of my favorite subtopics of sex, and she was super cute and sexy so I went for it. I recommended the glass dildo. As you have all learned from my prior posts, I love me some glass dildo. I have never been into dildos before, but the glass ones are a whole new level of good times! After about 10 minutes of discussing the pros and cons (of which in my book, there are none...except maybe the price for some of them), she asked me if I would go help her pick one out... The next day (in a hurry, much sister?) Why, do you ask? She has never been in a sex toy shoppe and so wanted support. Also, she new I would find her a good one.

So, fast forward to the next day and I am talking with my new girl... She mentions that she has also never been in a sex toy shoppe (What is it with the women these days. Ladies, we are LIBERATED, go forth and play with yourselves any way you want!). Also, she is in need of a new toy, so would I take her and help her find one? But she didn't want to go with me that day, she wanted it to just be her and I.

(sidebar.... I feel like I need a nickname for my new girl. Kitten doesn't seem fitting as this is a MUCH different attraction and relationship than I had with my previous girl. I have been rackinng my brains for weeks to no avail, so I am completely open to and requesting any suggestions you might have. For now, for the purposes of not having to type my new girl every time I refer to her, she will just be NG, ok?)

Now, the actual shopping was sort of lame. I went with new friend (NF) that evening and picked her out a lovely one that I was sure she would love. Of course, she did. However, the store that was convenient for both of us to meet at was sort of skint in their inventory. I guess I have been spoiled in my relationship with Eden Fantasies, as I have just about anything I want with the click of a mouse. However, she loves the toy, and I like to think that when she uses it to make her pussy cum, she thinks of me...

NG and I had a much better experience, but I'm going to wait to tell you that story... Let your imaginations run wild for a day or two and then I'll end the suspense! ;)

*This post is sponsored by EdenFantasys. However, all opinions contained in this post are honest and mine*

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ruin and Consume

In Masters ongoing training to make me a proper cum slut and work this week she made me do something I would have never thought I would do in my office.

RUIN my orgasm on my desk

     and CONSUME it.

For those that dont know what a ruined orgasm is lets define it:
A ruined orgasm occurs when a man is stimulated RIGHT to the point of ejaculation.   This is frequently executed after a long period of sexual or orgasm denial coupled with teasing from a sexual partner.  The stimulation is stopped at the EXACT moment of ejaculation.  When that occurs the semen just drips or pours does not squirt. 

Wikipedia defines it as:
This practice allows the physical release of sexual climax while denying or minimizing the satisfaction and pleasure associated with orgasm. Stimulation is provided to the moment orgasm is inevitable, and then stopped by breaking all physical contact with the genitals just as orgasm begins (i.e. past the "edge").
For men in particular, ruined orgasms can also contribute to the possibility of continued sexual activity, desire and arousal after ejaculation. A ruined orgasm lacks the
satisfying and relaxing feelings present after a normal male orgasm which usually prevent further sexual desire. After a ruined orgasm the man can still feel sexual desire and arousal, and this allows continued enjoyment of sexual stimulation after a very brief recovery period

Consuming....well that is self explanatory....and while something I would have NEVER thought I would do, I would say that it is clearly an act that the more you do the more submissive that you become.  It is the single most act (next to be being penetrated by your Mistresses strap on) that can transform an alpha male into a sub slut (aka: puppy) to his FemDom Mistress. Mistress Lins tells me that I have had many girl sluts consume many many loads of my cum over the years and until I consume as many that we will continue to make sure that any juice that leaves me gets returned.

She has made it clear that the Ruin and Consume aspect will be a regular part of my ongoing training.  She has not tasted my "clit juice" or her new term "cuck tears", in over a year now....nor even has come close to my "clit" with her mouth.  She let me know I have many more loads to consume to become a proper cum slut and that her mouth will be sucking a bulls cock long before my clit gets to feel her warm wet tongue again.  - puppy

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy FemDom New Year

First of all we want to thank each of you for following our blog over this our first year!! You guys (and gals) are great and have motivated us so many time with your comments and suggestions!! The adventures will get even more intense in 2012 and we hope you continue to comment and follow us.  Who could have believe that 1 year ago we could be where we are now.  An Alpha male and his hot turned into his Mistress and Her submissive puppy and future cuckold.

Here we come 2012

As for New Years Eve...well puppy was ordered to be completely shaved (Brazilian) to show off his pussy and clit.  Was ordered to dump two loads of clit juice in a condom (clit juice catcher) and keep the catcher on as he was caged. Then to go to the store and pick up some wine and snacks while having a plug up his pussy.  After he came over and Mistress had Her New Years fun.

puppy's caged and wrapped

While the time leading up to the ball drop was centered on giving Mistress orgasm after orgasm with various sex toys and teasing puppy plugged, shaved, wrapped and caged as much as possible.  It was also a time for Master to dicuss the details of why puppy has been denied access to Her pussy for 2011.  Why She wants a REAL COCK and not a pathetic clit anymore...why a REAL MAN needs to ruin her pussy while puppy hold Her hand...and why Her demands for a bullwith a cock much larger then puppy's clit to fuck her...fill her and be fluffed and cleaned by puppy is Her goal for 2012.

The comparison for 2012

 Thus was the beggining of the countdown for the New Year as Master put on a larger than normal strap on and puppy was on all fours While removing the plug and Master easily entering him, puppy was watching the ball drop as Mistress slammed into him ..HARD...over and over and making him yell...LOUD over and over how he was "Her whore"...."Her cum bitch" his "clit is useless" a bull is needed in 2012...and how She "rapes his slut pussy so well"

Happy New Year whore

After the countdown...She removed his clit juice catcher...poured thedirty clit juice contents in puppy's wine glass....and they toasted to 2012.

Puppy drank every drop!!

THAT'S a FemDom New Year.

Happy New Year to Everyone!!

Oh, one more thing... 2012 begins a new adventure with our partners, Eden Fantasys. In order to allow us to try and review more high dollar toys, we are now earning gift cards rather than toys to review. So, from time to time you will see banners like the one below at the bottom of our posts, as well as a couple of links within the post to their site. We will still review the toys when we get them, but this way we can get those high ticket items we have always wanted!