Thursday, December 29, 2011

Strap on for Puppy's first blow job!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my pup's story detailing how I raped his throat. Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't tell you I owe that entire incredibly hot, kinky eperience to my new toy. As you will recall, my last review was for the cock itself. As a reminder, here is where you can find that particular product (there was a question on my pup's post about where I got such a realistic looking cock).

To recap, this cock is wonderful. It is so realistic looking and feeling. When I reviewed it, there were really only 2 drawbacks. First, it doesn't get hard. It is more for show, to make a girl look like she has male parts under her clothes. Of course, a dildo wouldn't do for this sort of thing since it's erect, and this wouldn't work as a dildo. But that is fine. For my purposes, it worked just fine.

My second drawback was that I didn't have a proper harness for it. After all, what good is a packing cock if you are constantly having to check and make sure it's secure. Well, leave it to Eden Fantasies, our sex toys partners to fix that issue for me, and in a BIG way.

The harness was great. It fit the packing cock snugly into it, and in a way that from the outside of my clothe, even when stroked and caressed one really couldn't tell that the unit I was packing wasn't my own! Additionally, as you could probably guess from my pup's review, that baby doesn't go anywhere! I was really able to make pup go to town on my cock and it never budged. The entire time he was sucking (and I made him suck hard.... As you know, I make him work hard for my affections) and neither one of us even had one moment of worry that it was coming loose, or needed more security. I didn't have to hold onto it, and neither did he. With the harness my cock truly did feel like an extension of me.

The other good thing about this harness is that not only does it keep the packing cock in place, but it also stays put on my body. It is an elastic band. It doesn't fit so tightly that it cuts off my circulation, nor does it feel loose at all. It is a snug fit, and is really quite comfortable.

All in all, the packing cock and harness are by far my favorite of all the sex toys that Eden has sent us to review! I highly recommend it, and encourage any of you who might be interested to get this one!

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Awwww.... No photo of you wearing it :(