Thursday, December 22, 2011

New horizons....

The other day, my pup got his first taste of being cucked. The extra special twist to this was that it was both unplanned, and with a gorgeous woman. I have been friends with her for a while, and we went out for the first time in a long time the other evening. We flirted, talked, etc. but this was nothing new. Eventually, the conversation turned to sex (as conversations are wont to do), and it was then she made it known that she has been harboring a desire for me for several months.

Here is where things get interesting… I have been with other women (as you all can attest to). I love it. It is fun and sexy. I have always been in charge. With her, I was not. With her it was mutual. This was a very interesting thing, and it has made writing this blog a little bit of a dilemma for me. You are all aware of what I am capable of. You have all read my stories and know that I am quite comfortable in charge. So, how do I tell the story of this awesome experience, and be honest about it without being domme? I have gone over and over this and frankly, I have just decided not to be. This was too hot not to share, and if it makes me look like a girl can domme me, so be it. If it’s anything like this experience, I will happily be a switch for women…

So, first I will tell you about the cuck part. After drinks we went to her place. I set puppy up on the couch nicely with water and the TV remote. He was instructed to wait for me like a good boi, and then expected to drive me home after (like any good bitch would).

Once we were in the room together, the sex was pretty straightforward. I am not saying it was not exciting or anything like that, because it was. I just mean there was no kink. There was no spanking, no bondage, not even any toys. It was just two beautiful, horny women sucking and fucking each other to several orgasms.

I have to tell you, I loved this experience. I loved just letting go and having fun. I loved being flipped on my back by a gorgeous woman. I loved her talking dirty to me while her fingers made me cum. I loved feeding my breasts to her and watching her suckle them hungrily. I loved kissing her and sucking on her breasts. I loved feeling her tongue on my clit. I loved moaning for her when she made my pussy feel so good.

I loved the feel of her pussy lips parting on my tongue as I entered her body. The feel of her clit between my lips as the dew of her pussy juices dripped on my chin and my nose parted her body. I loved inhaling her smell, her legs on either side of my head as she writhed on the bed out of control with orgasm, only my mouth attached to her flailing body just trying to hang on for the ride. I loved hearing her orgasm as my mouth tried its best to hold on to the wet piece of flesh that is the essence of her sex. I loved the satisfaction of knowing no toy, no appendage...nothing but a mouth (that people see every day in public, and would never think I would be using it in such a way) caused her such pleasure. In short, I LOVED everything about it.

This was a different experience for me. I have always enjoyed my forays into sex with women, but I never liked them like this before. Her pussy tasted so good, her kiss was soft and supple. Her breasts were delicious. I wanted to soak up every drop of her cum, and then force more out. I was ravenous with desire… This is something I have only ever experienced with men before.

I loved it so much in fact that after, when I would in the past have been so horny for cock that I would have devoured my pup and then looked for more all I wanted to do was kiss and caress her more. We laid on the bed in post coital bliss for several minutes, kissing and talking and discussing how we wanted to make this a regular occurrence. After a while, I decided my pup was probably beside himself with lust, so we had to end it. However, I made sure she and I were both dressed so my naughty little cuck didn’t even get to see anything. I walked out of the bedroom, kissed my girl goodnight and told pup I was ready to leave. He had so many questions on the ride home. I told him he could read about it in the blog….
I think this should be my new profile pic... don't you?


Aimee said...

Glad you had a great experience with another woman. I do not feel it makes you any less of a Domme to have a switch or sub experience with someone else, it is all about exploring roles in different contexts. Anyway, hope things continue well for you. I too love playing with women when the opportunity arises!

Mistress Aimee

k said...

my Wife has begun to cuckold me with another Woman as well! We have all been friends for quite sometime...and what has happened between those two...and myself...happened so awkward moments...So now...not only does my Dominant Wife sleep with other men...there is another beautiful Woman sharing Her bed from time to time...and to top it off...She knows i'm a sub to my Wife...and is completely fascinated with it!...i'm glad to hear of your happy and satisfying experience...thanks for sharing!

Latin Sir said...

To think that now... Not only men can provide your Mistress with pleasure, but now women will also teach you what you are to sad to accomplish. lol

Anonymous said...
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whyguys said...

Any less of a dominant or superior to your male --- NO WAY!

If anything lovmaking betwen Females impresses upon the male how insignificant the male is to Female pleasure, as his sexual importance is highly minimalized and marginalized, especially if the Women involved play it in such a way to target his ego (teasing, taunting etc) to further consolidate power. In your seeming submission during Sapphic sex you are saying you can respect other Females at least as loving equals at times possibly more... but as for you males - keep kneeling as you watch perhaps you'll learn something - or even, send them away to make themselves useful as they go fetch you both a drink! LOL