Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reclaiming him!!!

So, recently puppy received a promotion at work. With the extra office time that is required in addition to me working 2 jobs and going to school, we have not had much play time.

 It has become increasingly clear that this promotion thing is starting to go to his head. His ego was getting quite inflated, and he was slipping a lot. For instance, he would refer to his pathetic little clit as a cock, call his pussy his ass, call his disgusting clit juice his cum, etc. While he was always apologetic for his little slip ups, I realized if I did not make him reassert his full submission to me, I might never get him back to where I really do love him to be under my complete and utter domination!

I am sure it's difficult when you are the boss (and especially when most of your employees are women, as in this case) to switch roles and take orders. This however, is not really my problem. I came first. He was my sub before he was anyone's boss, and I will be damned if a job will undo all of my hard work...

So, it was time for puppy's retraining...

Lately I have really gotten into him serving me. I have had many orgasms, been pampered with dinner, drinks, bubble baths, etc.... A girl could REALLY get used to that. But, none of that get him into 'subspace' quite as much as when I stick my cock deep inside him and force him to cum.

So, I had him prepare for me. He cleaned properly, shaved the area around his clit balls and pussy (see before and after photo below), wore his prettiest panties and his cage.

 I ordered him to the bedroom, and ordered him naked. Only then did I lift up the skirt I was wearing to reveal the cock I had strapped on underneath. I ordered him to his knees and had him suck it.

He sucked my cock long and deep. I told him to really concentrate on the feeling of a cock in his mouth. I mentioned the ridges of it. I pulled it out often and ordered him to look at it. To study the cock that would be pounding his pussy and claiming it soon. I pointed out particular spots and had him lick and touch them, getting to know all the unique grooves and ridges of this particular cock.

I then ordered him to bend over the bed. I positioned myself to his side, and informed him it was time for him to be punished for his little slip ups. I took out my riding crop and began spanking him. With every crack of it on his ass I made him apologize to me for his insubordination. I made him list one by one all of his infractions, humbly apologizing for each.

Once his ass was good and red on the right side, I moved across him and knelt next to his left. As I proceeded to make the left cheek match the right, I turned his head toward me and shoved my cock deep down his throat. As I increased the intensity of the beating of his ass, I also increased the intensity of my raping of his mouth. I told him he was a good cock sucker. I asked him if he enjoyed my cock in his mouth. I informed him he needed to practice so I could feed him the cock of my bull when I cucked him. He needs to learn to be a good cock sucker so he can fluff my studs for me.

Once I felt his ass was in enough discomfort, I ordered him on his back. I wanted to see his face as I fucked him. I wanted him to feel me with every thrust. Not just my cock plowing into him, but also continue to feel his beating and be reminded of his place beneath me with pleasure and pain all at once.

I proceeded to reclaim his pussy as my own. To reclaim his body as my fuck toy and his mind as my playground. With every thrust I reminded him of the ridges of my cock, and asked him where he felt those ridges now. I forced him to focus on every sensation my cock was giving his dirty pussy and tell me exactly what part of it felt the places on my cock I had forced him to study earlier. His dirty clit dripped like a faucet with juice and I made him repeatedly wipe it with his hand and lick it clean, each time making him reassert verbally that he is a dirty little cum slut.

As I increased the intensity of his fucking, I forced him to scream and beg me to fuck his dirty pussy harder. He was instructed to tell me he was my dirty whore and beg me to fuck him harder and deeper. I made him beg me to make him cum all over himself and then clean up his mess. Of course, I was more than happy to oblige...

BONUS:  FOR OUR LOYAL BLOGGERS: Picture BEFORE and AFTER shaving of puppy's clit:
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Anonymous said...

So much better looking after! I don't know why you allow it to get that hairy? Love your blog, I just found it.

Robert_Anthony said...

Great post! Thank you for sharing your fun time!

Paige said...

Absolutely beautiful post! I'm so glad that You've retrained puppy and hope that he doesn't slip up anymore. :-)

Beautiful before and after pics. Perhaps when her pussy starts to grow back You could send her to a salon for a brazilian. Of course, she would be sure to have her panties on and very clearly leave them on top of her pants once they are removed for the waxing. :-)


SometimesSpanked said...

Ma'am- Looks like After is a clear winner!!

Glad you hear Your retraining session was just what he/she needed. He was getting too big for his britches... er, I mean bra.

Latin Sir said...

It's very easy for a puppy to get a large ego after winning a ribbon at a bitch show. But, just as the puppy, when you return home, you MUST remind it, it is nothing more than a pet bitch.

jellybean said...

The Brazillian sounds super nice for the future. The dick on the right is so much nicer, why should it ever have any hair around it.

Love your blog you both are having a really good time, good for you both.

Blogger said...