Monday, November 21, 2011

New idea for playtime!!!

Check out this picture I found on google:

Guess what I want to do the next time I take puppy's pussy!!!

I'm thinking it'll be good for a fun picture to share with you all. Or, maybe it'll become a new series... We could call it 'puppy prints' and you can all tell how hard I fucked him from the look of his artwork....

What d'ya think?


Paige said...

I LOVE it! But, I'm pretty sure You knew that would be the comment I posted. :-)

How are the both of Y/you? I hope things are well. Looking forward to seeing photos of Y/your playtime and puppy getting fucked like the slut he is. :-)


SometimesSpanked said...

Ha ha !!!

Vanessa Chaland said...

You have a great blog, and the background and layout is sort of cool, but its kind of distracting to try to read. :)