Thursday, November 17, 2011

More fun with texts...

Taking the advice of one of our followers, I had my pup cage his clit and
wear my cock around. He slept with it, took pictures, etc. just so he could
feel what it is like to be a real man and have a cock that is a decent size
that women desire.

puppy: I ummm Master took pics with the real cock I think you will like

Master. Ty for letting me sleep with a real cock
Master: Mmmm. Good. Send
puppy: ‎This one shows huge tent in my underwear
like real men have.

puppy: ‎I imagine this is what happens when real men pee

puppy: ‎It was odd to stroke one so big.  

puppy: ‎A real cock doesn't fit in underwear

Master: God. That's HOT
puppy: ‎It was so long master

puppy: What was so hot?
Master: The sticking out of your underwear

Master: So, I'll bet you feel like hot shit now, don't you?
puppy: No master. I feel inadequate

Master: I think that last one is my favorite

puppy: Yeah I figured

puppy: I think it’s hot too

puppy: Looks real

Master: Well, you are inadequate, but didn't it feel good to know what a
real man feels like for a change?

puppy: I wish my clit looked like that lying down

Master: Me too
puppy: It made me realize you deserve real men
Master: Yes. I do
puppy: Michael as well as others you choose
puppy: I thought as I saw that last one that you deserve to lay down next
to a cock like that and fall asleep
puppy: A cock that's bigger when it’s soft then I am hard
Master: Yes, I do
puppy: Thank you for letting me see myself with a real cock instead of a
pathetic clit
Master: YW
puppy: Please fuck a real man Master and take the satisfaction you deserve.
Master: Hopefully now you understand my frustration a little better
puppy: You need cock
Master: I need a real man
puppy: Real cock
Master: Yes
Master: I need a man who can please me with more than just toys, mouth and

puppy: Ok...that just made me cum in my panties
Master: What? Bad puppy. No cumming
puppy: I ruined it
puppy: But I came
puppy: Sorry Master
Master: Consume it whore
puppy: Yes Master, licking it like a good cum whore for Master

Master: Good
Master: Did it get on my cock?
puppy: Sucking cum out of boxers and in mouth master
puppy: Yes, I licked it off
Master: Good
puppy: Licked shaft

Master: Good. You had better get it all off. I don't want my perfect cock
sullied with your dirty seed
puppy: No master...your cock is so perfect
puppy: I worship it
Master: Good
puppy: Master you need orgasms. You need to taste a real man’s
need to kiss a real man
puppy: I want to help you be satisfied
Master: Yes. I do
puppy: I will prepare you and clean you after like a good sub
Master: Yes, you will
puppy: I wish to serve
puppy: like the pics??
Master: Loved them
puppy: Did it get you wet?
Master: Yes
puppy: I'm glad to help get your pussy wet for a real cock to slide in

Master: Though that's a very forward question for a sub to ask, don't you
puppy: I'm sorry master. Forgive me
Master: I'll think about it
puppy: I need to lick you master...on my knees


SometimesSpanked said... humiliating! I love it! :)

whyguys said...

LOVE how you have your little clit-bearer now must refer to you as "MASTER". Hope you have him use the term for other Females as well. Have always felt the Female should remove the right of males to use definitions for themselves that infer the previous so-called 'masculine' traits to which they once felt privy...