Monday, November 7, 2011

Cuckolding-sub IM messages

Our newest idea for this blog is to let you in on our most intimate text conversations. The reason for this is twofold... #1- we have some damned sexy conversations, and sometimes they're worth sharing, but not exactly something I can write a story about. #2- to give you a better idea of what a dirty little whore my puppy is becoming.

When we have a particularly sexy convo, I will post them here. Sometimes I will need to edit to help you follow along, but hopefully not too  much so it doesn’t ruin it….

In regards to my potential Bull, and other things, here are some recent texts:


puppy: He was out tonight, flirting with a girl but said he would dump her
if you asked him to cum over...sheeeeezzzz

Master: Yes. Said and I quote "I will fuck you and use you like the dirty
slut you want to be for a bbc bull"

Master: Pulling you hair as you go down on me

puppy: He would come over and fuck you in a second! What the hell affect do
you have on men?

Master: perhaps if he can fuck me as well as he thinks, I'll be more than
happy to submit to him.

puppy: You'll be happy to submit to him??

Master: Yes

Master: If he is good


puppy: So yeah...Your Bull was ummmm interesting

Master: Yes.

puppy: Kept talking of your breasts

puppy: Pussy

Master: Horny for me.

puppy: Desiring you

Master: Mmmm

puppy: Even said how he would fuck you daily

Master: Daily

Master: Hot

Master: At one point I said. Let me get this right if I said come over here
and fuck me now and whenever I want and even bring a friend if I wanted you
would. And he said in a second

Master: He's a good friend to have

puppy: And he said when he fucked you that he would go as long as you
needed him to all night or an hour, whatever you needed

Master: Mm

Master: He did warn that many girls get addicted to black cock after him

puppy: Oh yeah?

puppy: Hey what do you mean daily is hot???

Master: Self-explanatory

puppy: Well I mean...he is like 2 inches longer

Master: Yes

puppy: That's kinda a lot

puppy: So you like this guy?

Master: Yes

puppy: Downloaded "hypnosis" tapes. One to make me submit to you as a
Mistress more as directed. One to make me desire to be a good cuck. Etc.
for you to use as training and punishment.

puppy: Heard a little of the cuck one...kinda hot " you want her to fuck
another man...think of her touching him" in a mantra like audio

Master: Hot

puppy: Another one is supposed to make you just cum from ass fucking alone

Master: Hotter

puppy: All I know if that between the Bull convo and the
panties are soaked in pre cum

puppy: And you seriously want to fuck him?

Master: Yes

puppy: Just yes?

Master: What more did you need?

puppy: I think it would be way hot as well!

I want to see you touch another guy....kiss another guy.

I want to see him make you cum like you deserve....over and over like a

I want to hold you and feel him thrust into you and know I'm not doing it.

I want to smell you after another man fucked you and look at your beautiful
pussy after another guy was there.

I want to enter you after another guy who is bigger was in you and feel the

I want to be taken down a notch an know that another man can make you cum

puppy: Ok now my panties are totally soaked

puppy: I want to see a good looking guy fuck you into bliss as well.

puppy: And well...for some reason its humiliatingly hot for you to cum from
a guy with a larger cock and that’s hot

puppy: I want to kiss your lips that have been only kissed by me for so
long after you suck his cock and see the ring I bought you stroke a cock

Master: I want that too

puppy: I want to see him grab the breasts that only I have worshipped and
slide his cock in between them since I have been denied it

puppy: Large black cock in between those milky white breasts

puppy: I want to hold your hand and feel it squeeze mine so I know the
exact moment that another man made you cum and always wonder if it was
better than me. And spend the rest of my life trying to prove myself more
worthy sexually

puppy: To smell another man’s cologne on you and sperm on he
claimed part of you and know that he understands how your pussy feels and
tastes… that he goes home smelling like you.

puppy: And to somehow know that he can hit places with the head of his cock
inside you that I cannot ever feel (My Bull is bigger than my pup) drives
me mad with lust

puppy: As well you are so sexual that you deserve to be sexually satisfied
by a stable of men, woman. And toys

puppy: I hope you fuck me soon master as hard as you desire to be fucked by
Your Bull

puppy: I need to learn that my clit is useless and that my pussy is the
only way to cum and that cum must be consumed to make up for all those
times I had woman take my load. I need to become a true cum whore to make
you happy Master

Master: Yes. You do.

Master: You need to learn your place is at my feet or at the end of my cock.

Master: That your only sexual pleasure should be in giving me mine

puppy: Yes’s my true place. I want to suck your cock tonight
master on my knees to show proper respect

puppy: Yes your pleasure is all that matters. I live for that

puppy: Ummm may I masturbate Master?

Master: No

Master: Why do you want to masturbate?

puppy: Because with all our talk etc. and those balls are huge
and I leak constantly

Master: But you are a pup

Master: And pups don't get to relieve their own frustrations

Master: So no

Master: And you've done nothing to please me in days. How can you allow
yourself pleasure knowing you've denied it to Me?

puppy: I will please you tonight

Master: And then maybe you can get release


Paige said...

That is so hot Master and puppy! You are both so awesome. :-)

You know I really want to meet you, right? Even if we never play, I'd really love to meet both of you. Please contact me! And if you're not at all interested, please let me know so I don't bother you with these messages anymore! I don't want to be a pain in the ass. Or, maybe I do? Lol.


Mistress Lin and slave tony said...

of course we would love to meet you sometime! As you can tell from our sporadic blog entries, we are very busy, and don't even have that much time to play together, let alone have a social life! But no worries! Things are bound to slow down eventually and perhaps then we can all grab a drink!
Meanwhile, stay tuned... Hope you enjoy it!

Paige said...

Mistress Lin and puppy,

that would be so great! i'd love to do that sometime. let's just make it happen (before i change my mind and chicken out about actually meeting somebody in person!)!


Latin Sir said...

I'm dying to show your pathetic slut boi what a real cock can do. Nothing like his silly clit. When we finially meet, your pup should be in panties and its leash. Looking at your pics of your sexy tits & body make my cock grow larger and harder than it's clit will EVER DREAM of being... lmao

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