Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reclaiming him!!!

So, recently puppy received a promotion at work. With the extra office time that is required in addition to me working 2 jobs and going to school, we have not had much play time.

 It has become increasingly clear that this promotion thing is starting to go to his head. His ego was getting quite inflated, and he was slipping a lot. For instance, he would refer to his pathetic little clit as a cock, call his pussy his ass, call his disgusting clit juice his cum, etc. While he was always apologetic for his little slip ups, I realized if I did not make him reassert his full submission to me, I might never get him back to where I really do love him to be under my complete and utter domination!

I am sure it's difficult when you are the boss (and especially when most of your employees are women, as in this case) to switch roles and take orders. This however, is not really my problem. I came first. He was my sub before he was anyone's boss, and I will be damned if a job will undo all of my hard work...

So, it was time for puppy's retraining...

Lately I have really gotten into him serving me. I have had many orgasms, been pampered with dinner, drinks, bubble baths, etc.... A girl could REALLY get used to that. But, none of that get him into 'subspace' quite as much as when I stick my cock deep inside him and force him to cum.

So, I had him prepare for me. He cleaned properly, shaved the area around his clit balls and pussy (see before and after photo below), wore his prettiest panties and his cage.

 I ordered him to the bedroom, and ordered him naked. Only then did I lift up the skirt I was wearing to reveal the cock I had strapped on underneath. I ordered him to his knees and had him suck it.

He sucked my cock long and deep. I told him to really concentrate on the feeling of a cock in his mouth. I mentioned the ridges of it. I pulled it out often and ordered him to look at it. To study the cock that would be pounding his pussy and claiming it soon. I pointed out particular spots and had him lick and touch them, getting to know all the unique grooves and ridges of this particular cock.

I then ordered him to bend over the bed. I positioned myself to his side, and informed him it was time for him to be punished for his little slip ups. I took out my riding crop and began spanking him. With every crack of it on his ass I made him apologize to me for his insubordination. I made him list one by one all of his infractions, humbly apologizing for each.

Once his ass was good and red on the right side, I moved across him and knelt next to his left. As I proceeded to make the left cheek match the right, I turned his head toward me and shoved my cock deep down his throat. As I increased the intensity of the beating of his ass, I also increased the intensity of my raping of his mouth. I told him he was a good cock sucker. I asked him if he enjoyed my cock in his mouth. I informed him he needed to practice so I could feed him the cock of my bull when I cucked him. He needs to learn to be a good cock sucker so he can fluff my studs for me.

Once I felt his ass was in enough discomfort, I ordered him on his back. I wanted to see his face as I fucked him. I wanted him to feel me with every thrust. Not just my cock plowing into him, but also continue to feel his beating and be reminded of his place beneath me with pleasure and pain all at once.

I proceeded to reclaim his pussy as my own. To reclaim his body as my fuck toy and his mind as my playground. With every thrust I reminded him of the ridges of my cock, and asked him where he felt those ridges now. I forced him to focus on every sensation my cock was giving his dirty pussy and tell me exactly what part of it felt the places on my cock I had forced him to study earlier. His dirty clit dripped like a faucet with juice and I made him repeatedly wipe it with his hand and lick it clean, each time making him reassert verbally that he is a dirty little cum slut.

As I increased the intensity of his fucking, I forced him to scream and beg me to fuck his dirty pussy harder. He was instructed to tell me he was my dirty whore and beg me to fuck him harder and deeper. I made him beg me to make him cum all over himself and then clean up his mess. Of course, I was more than happy to oblige...

BONUS:  FOR OUR LOYAL BLOGGERS: Picture BEFORE and AFTER shaving of puppy's clit:
(Please let me know what you think in comments)

Monday, November 21, 2011

New idea for playtime!!!

Check out this picture I found on google:

Guess what I want to do the next time I take puppy's pussy!!!

I'm thinking it'll be good for a fun picture to share with you all. Or, maybe it'll become a new series... We could call it 'puppy prints' and you can all tell how hard I fucked him from the look of his artwork....

What d'ya think?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

More fun with texts...

Taking the advice of one of our followers, I had my pup cage his clit and
wear my cock around. He slept with it, took pictures, etc. just so he could
feel what it is like to be a real man and have a cock that is a decent size
that women desire.

puppy: I ummm Master took pics with the real cock I think you will like

Master. Ty for letting me sleep with a real cock
Master: Mmmm. Good. Send
puppy: ‎This one shows huge tent in my underwear
like real men have.

puppy: ‎I imagine this is what happens when real men pee

puppy: ‎It was odd to stroke one so big.  

puppy: ‎A real cock doesn't fit in underwear

Master: God. That's HOT
puppy: ‎It was so long master

puppy: What was so hot?
Master: The sticking out of your underwear

Master: So, I'll bet you feel like hot shit now, don't you?
puppy: No master. I feel inadequate

Master: I think that last one is my favorite

puppy: Yeah I figured

puppy: I think it’s hot too

puppy: Looks real

Master: Well, you are inadequate, but didn't it feel good to know what a
real man feels like for a change?

puppy: I wish my clit looked like that lying down

Master: Me too
puppy: It made me realize you deserve real men
Master: Yes. I do
puppy: Michael as well as others you choose
puppy: I thought as I saw that last one that you deserve to lay down next
to a cock like that and fall asleep
puppy: A cock that's bigger when it’s soft then I am hard
Master: Yes, I do
puppy: Thank you for letting me see myself with a real cock instead of a
pathetic clit
Master: YW
puppy: Please fuck a real man Master and take the satisfaction you deserve.
Master: Hopefully now you understand my frustration a little better
puppy: You need cock
Master: I need a real man
puppy: Real cock
Master: Yes
Master: I need a man who can please me with more than just toys, mouth and

puppy: Ok...that just made me cum in my panties
Master: What? Bad puppy. No cumming
puppy: I ruined it
puppy: But I came
puppy: Sorry Master
Master: Consume it whore
puppy: Yes Master, licking it like a good cum whore for Master

Master: Good
Master: Did it get on my cock?
puppy: Sucking cum out of boxers and in mouth master
puppy: Yes, I licked it off
Master: Good
puppy: Licked shaft

Master: Good. You had better get it all off. I don't want my perfect cock
sullied with your dirty seed
puppy: No master...your cock is so perfect
puppy: I worship it
Master: Good
puppy: Master you need orgasms. You need to taste a real man’s cock...you
need to kiss a real man
puppy: I want to help you be satisfied
Master: Yes. I do
puppy: I will prepare you and clean you after like a good sub
Master: Yes, you will
puppy: I wish to serve
puppy: So...you like the pics??
Master: Loved them
puppy: Did it get you wet?
Master: Yes
puppy: I'm glad to help get your pussy wet for a real cock to slide in

Master: Though that's a very forward question for a sub to ask, don't you
puppy: I'm sorry master. Forgive me
Master: I'll think about it
puppy: I need to lick you master...on my knees

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cuckolding-sub IM messages

Our newest idea for this blog is to let you in on our most intimate text conversations. The reason for this is twofold... #1- we have some damned sexy conversations, and sometimes they're worth sharing, but not exactly something I can write a story about. #2- to give you a better idea of what a dirty little whore my puppy is becoming.

When we have a particularly sexy convo, I will post them here. Sometimes I will need to edit to help you follow along, but hopefully not too  much so it doesn’t ruin it….

In regards to my potential Bull, and other things, here are some recent texts:


puppy: He was out tonight, flirting with a girl but said he would dump her
if you asked him to cum over...sheeeeezzzz

Master: Yes. Said and I quote "I will fuck you and use you like the dirty
slut you want to be for a bbc bull"

Master: Pulling you hair as you go down on me

puppy: He would come over and fuck you in a second! What the hell affect do
you have on men?

Master: perhaps if he can fuck me as well as he thinks, I'll be more than
happy to submit to him.

puppy: You'll be happy to submit to him??

Master: Yes

Master: If he is good


puppy: So yeah...Your Bull was ummmm interesting

Master: Yes.

puppy: Kept talking of your breasts

puppy: Pussy

Master: Horny for me.

puppy: Desiring you

Master: Mmmm

puppy: Even said how he would fuck you daily

Master: Daily

Master: Hot

Master: At one point I said. Let me get this right if I said come over here
and fuck me now and whenever I want and even bring a friend if I wanted you
would. And he said in a second

Master: He's a good friend to have

puppy: And he said when he fucked you that he would go as long as you
needed him to all night or an hour, whatever you needed

Master: Mm

Master: He did warn that many girls get addicted to black cock after him

puppy: Oh yeah?

puppy: Hey what do you mean daily is hot???

Master: Self-explanatory

puppy: Well I mean...he is like 2 inches longer

Master: Yes

puppy: That's kinda a lot

puppy: So you like this guy?

Master: Yes

puppy: Downloaded "hypnosis" tapes. One to make me submit to you as a
Mistress more as directed. One to make me desire to be a good cuck. Etc.
for you to use as training and punishment.

puppy: Heard a little of the cuck one...kinda hot " you want her to fuck
another man...think of her touching him" in a mantra like audio

Master: Hot

puppy: Another one is supposed to make you just cum from ass fucking alone

Master: Hotter

puppy: All I know if that between the Bull convo and the tapes...my
panties are soaked in pre cum

puppy: And you seriously want to fuck him?

Master: Yes

puppy: Just yes?

Master: What more did you need?

puppy: I think it would be way hot as well!

I want to see you touch another guy....kiss another guy.

I want to see him make you cum like you deserve....over and over like a

I want to hold you and feel him thrust into you and know I'm not doing it.

I want to smell you after another man fucked you and look at your beautiful
pussy after another guy was there.

I want to enter you after another guy who is bigger was in you and feel the

I want to be taken down a notch an know that another man can make you cum

puppy: Ok now my panties are totally soaked

puppy: I want to see a good looking guy fuck you into bliss as well.

puppy: And well...for some reason its humiliatingly hot for you to cum from
a guy with a larger cock and that’s hot

puppy: I want to kiss your lips that have been only kissed by me for so
long after you suck his cock and see the ring I bought you stroke a cock

Master: I want that too

puppy: I want to see him grab the breasts that only I have worshipped and
slide his cock in between them since I have been denied it

puppy: Large black cock in between those milky white breasts

puppy: I want to hold your hand and feel it squeeze mine so I know the
exact moment that another man made you cum and always wonder if it was
better than me. And spend the rest of my life trying to prove myself more
worthy sexually

puppy: To smell another man’s cologne on you and sperm on you...like he
claimed part of you and know that he understands how your pussy feels and
tastes… that he goes home smelling like you.

puppy: And to somehow know that he can hit places with the head of his cock
inside you that I cannot ever feel (My Bull is bigger than my pup) drives
me mad with lust

puppy: As well you are so sexual that you deserve to be sexually satisfied
by a stable of men, woman. And toys

puppy: I hope you fuck me soon master as hard as you desire to be fucked by
Your Bull

puppy: I need to learn that my clit is useless and that my pussy is the
only way to cum and that cum must be consumed to make up for all those
times I had woman take my load. I need to become a true cum whore to make
you happy Master

Master: Yes. You do.

Master: You need to learn your place is at my feet or at the end of my cock.

Master: That your only sexual pleasure should be in giving me mine

puppy: Yes Master...it’s my true place. I want to suck your cock tonight
master on my knees to show proper respect

puppy: Yes your pleasure is all that matters. I live for that

puppy: Ummm may I masturbate Master?

Master: No

Master: Why do you want to masturbate?

puppy: Because with all our talk etc. and those tapes...my balls are huge
and I leak constantly

Master: But you are a pup

Master: And pups don't get to relieve their own frustrations

Master: So no

Master: And you've done nothing to please me in days. How can you allow
yourself pleasure knowing you've denied it to Me?

puppy: I will please you tonight

Master: And then maybe you can get release

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Cock of my OWN!

OMG, where do I start!?!?!? I haven't had a moments peace or rest in months, and I have seriously neglected all of you our loyal and faithful friends! I am sorry, but you must know that while other RL things have gotten in the way, this game and my puppy are my real and true passion, and given the choice I would do nothing but play all day every day...

But, I am unfortunately not a pro, and so I have to spend my time doing other things which have overtaken my relaxation time! :(

First things first... Our partner, Eden Fantasies has been waiting over a MONTH for our latest sex toy review. I have to say, this company is so great to work with! They are professional and so quickly responsive, and we certainly want to keep them happy! They have been waiting so patiently, so I will do this for them first.

The toy we received way back when we received it was what is known as a 'packing cock'. This is a synthetic prick that is designed to go in a harness and be worn under clothing. It is limp, like an unexcited cock. It basically is made to give a woman the illusion of having a cock and being a man.

Can you see where I am going with this? Of course you can,you know me well!

My cock arrived in a non descript box, and I have to say this is one of my favorite things about Eden. My toys are always sent to the post office, and I can retrieve them any time without having to worry who else might see, or whether I have to conceal it in any way in order to transport it to my car.

Anyway, here were my first impressions:

#1- for whatever reason, I thought My cock would be more firm.  I don;t think I had quite grasped the concept of a packing cock, because clearly when I thought about it logically it would not be firm for fucking like other sex toys. The purpose of this toy is not fucking, and though I realize other women use it for other reasons, my purpose in wanting and using it was for his humiliation and subservience.

#2- it is unbelievably realistic! Really, it looks like a cock. It feels like a cock (ok, it feels cock-ish, but ever so much more so than any other toy I have had.

So, it took a few weeks to actually have a chance to try the toy out (for reasons outlined above). But finally, I got to!

puppy and I were treating ourselves to a rare night out, and I wore My cock under a short skirt. My top was low cut, accentuating my breasts, and I wore the black strappy shoes that are pictured elsewhere on this blog. I did not tell puppy that I was 'packing'. :) I did, however make him cage his naughty little clit for the evening...

I had been teasing him all day, so when he picked me up he was very excited at how sexy I looked.
After we got in the car he asked if he could rub my leg and feel me. I allowed him to do so and after a few minutes, I moved his hand and placed it on My cock. He recoiled immediately, but I was prepared for this and forced him to keep his hand there. I then instructed him to stroke My cock while we drove.

I proceeded to spend the rest of the evening demanding this at different times. We hopped from venue to venue and by the end of the evening, puppy had stroked me in 5 different locations around town! When he brought me back home, I ordered him to his knees and made him suck me. He sucked me for about 10 minutes, while I talked to him. I talked about where he had stroked me that night, I asked him if he now understood what it meant to be a real cock whore, and teased him about his pathetic little caged clit, pointing out that cocks get sucked and clits get locked away like the dirty little pathetic wastes they are.

By the end, puppy was leaking like a faucet all over my floor. I of course made him lick up all his dirty cum and then sent him home.

I am sure you were expecting more play, but I thought it was fitting the first time to have the entire focus for the evening be on his submission to My cock....

ok, now for the review...

I really only have 2 complaints- first, the toy did not come with the harness that is made for it. this must be purchased separately. We will get one next month and then will review them both together, but for this month I had to improvise. I did so by just sort of stuffing it in my underwear. This made it difficult to have puppy stroke it under the panties, since it might pull away from me and ruin the 'realness' of things. However, I think all of this will go away once I have a proper harness for it like the girl below.

Secondly, because I had to wear panties with it (wouldn't it have been lovely to let it hang freely under my short skirt!) the cock got stained. It was still quite hot out hear a few weeks ago, and the moisture from my body made the dye from my panties bleed onto it. I was able to wash some of it off, but it still has a purplish tint in some places.

Other than that, this thing is awesome! Whatever material it is made of conducts heat, so it feels even more real when it absorbs my body heat! puppy was amazed at how real it felt, and it was such an experience for him that I plan to have him right his own review!

Ok, all... It is late and I have a lot going on tomorrow so I will close. This was a long one, so hopefully it makes up for my failure to post... I will try to be more diligent in the future and update you all more often! Have a great weekend!