Monday, October 24, 2011

Punishment AND humiliation

First of all let us apologize for not writing sooner.  My Master and i have been very busy lately and have had very little time alone much less to play.  i know my Master wants to post both about her encounter with Her kitten as well as the new black Bull She met and is very attracted i will leave that post for Her.  However because we have not played often lately it seems like i have started to go back to my alpha male ways and yesterday and today Master had decided i once again needed to be reminded of my place. She said through punishment and humilation i will learn my place once again as Her cum slut....Her hole for Her cock...Her puppy.

Yesterday began with me being reeducated that i am a Her cum slut and after years of having various hot girls suck me off and drink my cum that i must learn to appreciate what they have consumed myself... my Master said i need to learn what those woman went through...what they tasted...smelled...felt....what they became as they took what was then my cock in their mouth and tasted my ball cock leaking cum....that i need to make up for all the cum i had other woman swallow and i too must become a cum whore.

So yesterday began with Master directing me to prove this to her in a way She taught me months ago.  i began my putting metal rings aroung my balls, my clit and my clit head. With 3 rings placed in this way...even a clit like mine became hard and stiff.  i filled a small bowl of warm water and proceeded to emerse my balls and clit into the water...rinsing off the days balls sweat and pre cum covered head.  After a few moments of this, i procceded to do what my sexy Master enjoys me doing...edge...over and over and leak into the bowl, filling more and more of it with my clit juice as my balls and clit pulsed through the metal rings

Finally trying to control my recent emergence as an alpha male and once again become the well trarined puppy that Master enjoys...i ruined my orgasm into the water.  While difficult to ruin ones own orgasm (not everyone can do this)...if you have been trained well...know your body and know the punishment for failure is not nice, you can do it.  It is BEYOND frustrating to ruin an orgasm... one still feels VERY horny yet one leaks all his cum out and goes semi hard.  In many ways one is hornier then before but your body betrays you.  But I guess thats the point of a ruined orgasm...and the only way to have continued what i knew i HAD to do to please Master.

After leaking out a load of cum that was building up for over a week and a half and washing my balls in the water....i put the bowl down on the ground...and as a proper cum slut and puppy should do..i lapped up the "cum soup".  Consuming the clit juice for my Master...tasting my juices mixed in the bowl...Now i know that many woman through the ages have drank cum before...but  i dont think many have ever lapped up cum in a bowl of warm water...well maybe just the true cum whores have.  But....anything to prove my worthiness as a sub to my Master.

After having my breakfast i proceeded to place a clit ring on and a pair of panties i know Master likes and i went all day..leaking cum in my panties....and tasting the remanents of my own cum in my throat. One thing i noticed with panties...if you get wet and leak....the leakage goes through the panties EASILY....Master made sure the flow of clit juice was plenty all day as she had me pull down my panties many times at various restrooms during thr day and edge and leak and edge and leak over and over.  I had hoped that my showing i was a good cum slut still and that my clit was securely in my panties that it would be enough...but now....she still had the humilation part in mind.

Today was that day of humilation....and Master said things i never heard Her say before.  She proceeded to tell me that even after many years of me fucking Her..that my cock was too small for Her...that not only was it a clit in name but that it's size was too small for Her...that it was a clit in size as well.  She said she needed a real cock...a mans cock in her mouth and one that could actually fill her pussy.  She told me that her new Bull...a black male in excellent shape named Michael has such a she considers worthy of fucking Her pussy.  She said she mastubates often thinking of Her bull fucking Her....stretching Her tight cunt..She said she loves the idea of me being forced to watch her cum over and over ...She thinks She wants me to take His superior cock in my mouth after His cock hits places my clit never could and gets coated in her inner juices.   She said She is thinking more and more every day of fucking him....of watching my face as her bulls superior cock fucks Her.  That His is truly a cock She can ride and drain while my clit does nothing for Her.

All day long she said my clit is pathetic....that its tiny....that it doesnt get hard enough...or stay hard enough to satisfy her....that my clit doesnt give Her what needs...that She faked orgasms in the past and that she needs Her black bulls cock to truly make her pussy spasm in multiple orgasms...that She deserves His cock and i deserve to see what a real cock can do.  She told me She truly wants to make me a cuckold to Her Black Bull.  Tiny, not hard enough, not satisfying, and not long lasting....i never heard myself humilated like that before by my Mistress...and in the punishment and humilation...she has once again reminded me of my place...on my knees....submissive...and serving Her in any way i can. I am Her Puppy....She is my Master...she deserves a real cock and all satisfaction.


Anonymous said...

OMG! Love the cum soup...that delicious panty play... and the humiliating comments from your Master! Mmmm... tenting here!

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