Saturday, October 1, 2011

Black bull

Well, we think we have the bull picked out and its time for the fun to begin.  Not only is Michael a black stud....with a body that Mistress craves but he is kinky, intelligent, and fun.  :)  He is doing a great job at helping to make puppy more submissive and Mistress had made it quite clear that she She desires Michaels cock to stretch out Her pussy that has been without a real cock for months. Mistress says She is making her pussy "pure and tight and virgin like again so her black bull can claim it". Mistress wants to hold puppys hand..look into his eyes and make him see a mans cock can make her cum.


Anonymous said...

i am so happy for You Mistress Lin and you, too, puppy! won't it be nice to know that the Woman you love so much will be satisfied and pleasured? it doesn't really matter who is doing it. and, honestly, i think Mistress Lin will be so happy to look into Your eyes as Her pussy is filled with the bull cock that She wants.

would You like for me to be there as well? perhaps a sissy to hold Her other hand and be a comfortable smile for both of You?


Anonymous said...

I just love the do not disturb sign. Although I cuckold my bitch-boy with women, rather than with men, I will find a suitable image and instruct him to make a do not disturb sign for my bedroom door for when I am 'entertaining'. Wonderful.

PhoneSex said...

Wow what a nice comparing you have done between.