Monday, September 5, 2011

We're Ba-ack! With a toy review and playdate with kitten!

Hello! It's been a long time! With me back in school and pup in a new job, we've been busy busy busy! But, not too busy to play with my kitten!

After many months of trying to work out schedules, we finally found a time when kitten, pup and Master could play! For the occasion, I got a new toy:
Kitty Kat mask with whip - BDSM kit
A kitten mask and matching flogger, courtesy of our sex toys and BDSM gear partners Eden Fantasies!

We started out the evening with a little dinner and some drinks. I sat between my pets, giving me access to both. puppy wore a pretty pair of black lacy panties, kitten wasn't permitted to wear any.

After dinner, we went back to kitten's house. To set the mood, I played a couple of movies from the Divine Bitches collection. If you aren't familiar with these ladies, get familiar. They are deliciously evil, and Maitress Madeline is my hero! kitten had never seen any of their films, so it was a real treat for her!

After we watched the movies, I took my pets into the bedroom. I ordered my pup to strip, and tied him to the door. He had made a bet with kitten earlier this year and lost, so I let her play with him a while. She proceeded to tease him by biting and pinching his nipples, tickling his clit with her tongue and mouth (but only long enough to get him excited, then stopping), scratching and clawing at him. I must admit, it was a good mixture of pleasure and pain. I enjoyed watching another woman abuse and torture my time she is going to take his pussy and fuck it in front of me.

While she was busy with him, I got out the new toy. I had kitten put on the mask while she tortured my pup. Honestly, the mask is hot, and she looks great in it, but in the context of the sex play it seemed a little cheesey. It wasn't long before I had her take it off. I know a lot of people are into dressing up for role play, and I think that is great. I am not sure it's for me, though.

However, the flogger is wonderful! I bent kitten over the bed and beat her ass with it. The flaps are not leather, but they really do so well at getting the blood flowing. Her ass was red in no time. kitten loves to be spanked, and her pussy got so wet with every strike. It was wonderful whipping her tight ass and seeing her pussy leak juice drop by drop onto her bed.  Im sure she was able to smell the pussy juices immersed in her bed for days as a reminder of her encounter.

Unfortunately, my arm got tired much too soon, and we were forced to switch to other games. kitten had never been tied up before, so I tied her to the bed. She has a perfect bed for bondage, with wooden posts that are very secure.

Being our first time playing, I thought it would be fun to really push kittens limits of pleasure, while denying any pleasure for my pup. I had him get out one of my glass dildos, lube it with his own spit and made him give kitten two quick orgasms. While he fucked her, I went to work on torturing her nipples. She screamed with alternating pleasure and pain. Her body was my plaything...a thing to be used...taken....and even abused. 

I gave her a small break by feeding her my own nipples, forcing her to suck and lick them while I sat over her. Then I ordered pup to fuck her with the dildo again. He pushed the glass dildo deep into her wet pussy...fucking her over and over...making her wet pussy leak onto her bed (yes there were manyyyy wet spots at the end of the night).  I told her she did not have permission to stop sucking my nipples, even if she needed to scream or cum. This, of course she was unable to do so I punished her by using the flogger on her naughty pussy and nipples while puppy forced yet another orgasm out of her. She did not seem after this to have properly learned her lesson, so we did it two times more. After that, she begged for a break (mind you, she had now had 6 orgasms in about 30 minutes).

I decided it was my turn. kitten has never pleased a woman before, so I had my pup give her a lesson in eating my pussy.  I had them both alternate eating me until I felt sure she had learned her lessons properly, then I had pup concede and ordered her to make my pussy cum. it was wonderful to see the look in a girls eyes the first time she eats another woman...the fear, the excitement...the wonder as she puts her mouth to a pussy to worship.  While she ate my pussy, I couldn't have puppy just sit there and enjoy himself, so I had him put a condom on his little clit and take my dirty girl from behind. The caveat- he was not permitted to cum, or enjoy the feeling. This was the first time he fucked a pussy with his pathetic little clit in months. He hasn't been allowed in mine since January. It was so much fun to watch him struggle. To feel him pounding her tonuge deeper between my lips, to feel her cum on his clit, and see him fighting to comply. Every thrust he made went through her body and into my pussy.  Of course, it was too much for him and he did...(more to cum....with pictures of me fucking my kitten with my strap on)