Saturday, July 2, 2011

From Glass Dildos to the Search for Bull Cocks!

Well, this week was interesting and this weekend proves to be even more so....It started out with my Master telling me that tonight I was going to be able to cum. i was SOOooooo happy!  First however I had to please Her pussy....satisfy its appetite...I ate it....fingered it....used vibrators on it....ate her again and fingered her again.  She made me stretch out her tight pussy and then grabbed her glass dildo.  Keep in mind this glass dildo is her favorite.  It makes her cum harder than anything ever has. She gushes from it.  She made me penetrate it with her slowly, the lips parting, and it sliding effortly inside Her.  After quickly making her cum once with it, she told me to withdraw it and thank it....thank it for pleasing Her...thank it for being better at fucking Her than me....thank it for being a better cock than I ever had been...thank it for being a real mans cock compared to my dirty clit...thank it for stretching it... and on every thank and praise she had me lick it...suck it ...getting every drop of Her juices off it and in my mouth and rubbed over my lips.  She said it was good practice for when i would praise a real mans cock for fucking her.  When i would see a real cock stretch Her and please Her pussy.

After than She had me insert it again and fuck her with it...and as i pushed it deep in Her, She told me to cum on the exact spot where the glass dildo met her pussy lips....quickly and without haste.  I came damm fast and it was ALOTTTT of cum. (Keep in mind i was teased for weeks and denied) For her final order of the night I was to lick my cum from the cock that pleased her so and lick EVERY drop of my cum from her creampie.  I leaned down...looked at her used, stretched pussy...covered in cum and still penetrated by this glass cock i had just praised...and licked.  i licked around her stretched lips...i licked where the cum pooled on her ass, i sucked the dildo clean, and i sucked every drop of cum that covered her shaved and beautiful pussy.  Again hearing from Her how this practice was good for me to prepare for the day coming soon when I would eat another mans cum from her....praise the cock that pleased Her and smell and taste Her new lifestle and feel the cum slip down my throat like a true cum whore.

Was She done?? tonights follow up, i had to share her desire with you and here it is.  The following pictures were searched by me show all of you the cocks that i believe she would desire and want.  She told me to find Her cocks...and to explain to our followers why She would want to fuck them...suck them...and have them please her pussy.   i have never spent so much time looking at other mens cocks and examining the details...but i obey her wishes and hope you comment on my ability to follow orders.

#1- the black cock
#1-  This cock i believe She would enjoy because of its darkness...she has desired a black male for a while...this man had the hard body she wants to carress and explore....a cock that is large enough to stretch Her and for her to see her white legs wrap around a black cock satisfying Her need.  As well I know she wants to compare the feel, taste and smell of a black man to me and tell me how it is superior.

#2- The thick one

#2- Most woman will tell you, it is not the length of a cock that is the key but the thickness.  This man has the thick cock that will make her pussy stretch and leak out its wonderful juices.  Its head is the same thicknes as its shaft so that she would feel the stretching from the first point of contact all the way to when the balls are deep inside of her.  She will feel full of cock...full of pleasure and after being fucked will still feel that the walls of her pussy were truly used.

#3-Overall good
 #3- This cock i would choose for her because of the shape and size...not too big...not too small. Its head is well shaped to be able to pop into her and brush up against Her pubic bone and rub against her g-spot.  The balls are tight and would brush up against her ass perfectly when he was entered deep, and as well She would enjoy his 6 pack.

#4- Mr. Big

#4  This one i think She would enjoy for the challenge.  While usually not a lover of large cocks, i wonder sometimes if She would find one interesting to taste, smell and see if its possible to fill her without feeling pain.  I know as well she would adore the low hanging balls and attempt to get them tied up in rope and string for her amusement as she had this huge cock hit places inside of her that i never could reach.

#5- Body and cock
#5  Here is a guy similar to #1...a man she would like to explore not just for his cock but for his body.  She would like to enjoy the feel of his arms and strong chest as he leaned over Her, entered her and consumed her beautiful body and She would desire to feel the strength of his obviously strong and harder than steel cock as it fucked her to multiple orgasms. She would enjoy the feel of his hard body entering and taking her.

#6- The curved one
#6  Seeing how the glass dildo makes her cum so hard and that same dildo has an unusual curve to it, i think a cock that is curved would bring about the same mind blowing orgasms that she now enjoys.  This curvature of this wet cock would hit her g-spot in the missionary position and in the doggy position hit her ass in a way that seems to draw out her orgasms  in multiple endless streams.

#7- Veined
#7 This cock she would enjoy for more than one reason.  The curvature again hitting her g-spot, the veins coming down the side for Her to trace with her tongue, the pronouced head to pop into her pussy and declare its entrance, the thickness of the shaft, the size and finally the apparant strength of the erection itself which shows power and the throbbing of a superior cock.

#8- P.A.
#8- The elusive Prince Master, i think, would enjoy the feeling of the P.A. ring rubbing against her engorged clit...enjoy the feeling of the metal ring as it enters Her and with every thrust tickling Her insides.  As well, the cock ring... She would enjoy it both for visual appeal (a cock and balls presented to Her) and to keep the cock hard and full for when she is ready to drain it of its cum.

#9- The head
#9- i think my Master would enjoy this cock for one thing and one thing only, this smoothness and silkyness of the head.  i think She would like to feel the head slide across her lips, feel it roll around her mouth, feel it wet with her spit rub over her face and as with all the other cocks in the pictures shown here, i believe she wants it presented to me so i can suck it in front of her like a slut.

#10- Dark meat
#10- Again one cannot deny that my Master has a desire and love of ALL cocks but the black male seems to appeal to her in particular.  This cock has the dark black large balls that She wants to caress and milk dry.  His large cock will be able to push into her deep and the slight curve will rub on her inner walls.  His black hands will hold her white breasts as he pluments his black cock deep inside.

Well, there you have it...i have never looked at so many cocks in so many details and NEVER thought I would be asked to share how my fiancee would enjoy them and enjoy them more than me. Please comment on which you think She should seek out and let me know if i did a good job of choosing ones that she would enjoy.  Thank you.



Anonymous said...

Hi Tony/Mistress Lin,

A wonderful post Tony. Just yesterday I was wondering when I might see another post to your blog! And what a great post it is! Tony is so lucky to be able to please Mistress like this....and then to be allowed to cum. What a great night for you!


p.s. I chose #6. I really wanted to choose mine, but of course that would be selfish. And this is about Mistress Lin, not me. :-) But, if you guys would like a pic just to see, let me know. I can try to take a pic of me both caged in my CB6000 and also hard. :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, Tony, if #3 is really like your own, then i think that we both know that's not going to be the right one ;)

i agree with Paige. #6 is the winner! And what a fantastic task you were assigned. Sounds like the both of you had a lot of fun that night!

radha said...

not only cocks but body of studs is great; broad chest UUUMMMMMM!!!!!
I m wet.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog just found it. I have watched my wife with a black gut he was hung slightly larger than the Guy in the first pic there was soo much thick goo Cummings from her it was amazing

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