Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cucked by Glass

I received my second toy from Eden  a few weeks ago. With everything going on, I only just recently had a chance to try it out.

This time they sent me a glass dildo. I already have one, but this one is different. New one is one right in below picture:

Now, my first impression of this dildo was not great. As stated, I already have one that I adore, and it came with it's own velvet bag with pillows built in so that it is protected from getting knocked around when I put it in my bag of toys. This one came with its own velvet bag, but its only protection was that it was in bubble wrap. While this was perfectly adequate to protect it during shipping, the bubble wrap is not exactly sterile and won't work for long term care. So, off the bat I was forced to find an alternative way to store it in order to keep it from breaking. Also, it is a doble ended one, and I thought that might be fun to try it in me and my pup. Unfortunately, it is not really long enough to be conducive to this.

That being said, it is the only (and I mean ONLY) complaint I have....

I first used the toy on myself. To clarify, I have never been much for dildos. I have many, many sex toys, but I have never really been able to get myself off with one, and very rarely have gotten off when others have used them on me (and even then it was never as good as the real thing). That is until I got a glass one. HOLY COW. What a difference! When I bought my first one, the girl in the store told me it would blow my mind, and it does... Still... Every time I use it.

This new one is no exception. It is unreal. It made my pussy feel so good when I used it that I shudder just thinking about the sensations it sent through me.

And then there are the ribbons of glass that run all along the shaft. On a hunch, I twisted it while I thrust it into me. Wow, wow, WOW.... That was very nice!

While I can't say that this dildo is any better than my other glass dildo, I can say I love them both the same. They are different, however and they hit different areas. Which really makes for twice the fun...

SO, knowing that even the glass dildos feel better when someone else uses them on me  (I think it has to do with angles), I had my puppy use it on me. Shockwaves... That is what it felt like I had coursing through me as I came over and over again on this handy little tool. As you can see below it left me VERY wet:

Now, when he uses the other one on me, he sometimes turns it over so that it is curved downward and fucks me that way. This is a totally different orgasm for me, and I LOVE it. It is not as intense, but it is still great. He tried the same thing with this one, and something about the curvature of it or the shape/size of the end (I'm not really sure what it is), it doesn't have the same effect. But, OH the twisting.... My my... It is even better when he does it.

So, all in all, I have to give this toy two enthusiastic thumbs up. I highly recommend it, and can't wait to use it again myself! It's definitely worth finding a box to put it in.


Paige said...

Mistress Lin,

sounds marvelous! i'm so glad You have a wonderful new addition to the family of toys that can make You happy. it certainly makes my clit try and push its way right through my cb6000 and soft thong panties when i think about You twisting the night away..... :-)


Robert_Anthony said...

Mistress R loves her glass dildo too. When I gave it her she wasn't that impressed, she's never been very big on sex toys... until she tried it out!