Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dancing and teasing

My pup has a friend that is in a local band. They play R&B & Hip Hop covers. Pretty good band.

The other night, they were playing, and we went to see them. The venue is a place in the east valley that is apparently fairly well known around town as a good place for me to wear my Queen of Spades temporary tattoos that I made puppy buy me. (http://www.queenofspadestattoos.com/)

So, I put one on my right ankle, and off we went....

pup's back was hurting him that night (from the original injury weeks ago, still flaring up from time to time). I thought this a PERFECT opportunity to test out his ability to handle what I now believe to be his inevitable cuckolding.

I spent the evening dancing, while puppy sat at the table and watched my purse. (good little puppy). I danced with girls, a couple who were very hot. I danced with men, and most interesting of all, I was VERY popular with the beautiful big black men who were present and had noticed my tattoo. Now, normally these tattoos are taken at literal value, and I had been warned that to wear them meant you will be expected to deliver. However, I found that explaining to them that I was new to all of this, that he was also new to all of this, and for now we just wanted to test the waters a bit, etc they (most of them at least) seemed fine with just dancing.

As a matter of fact, a couple of them really enjoyed it. See, with pup's back out, he was powerless to do anything but watch. He couldn't move around much at all, so it was easy for me to control him without use of any restraints (of course, he was caged with spikes as punishment for forcing me to find other dance partners). If I wanted to dance, he had to sit and watch, if I wanted to step outside for some air, he was made to sit at the table like a good little bitch and wait for my return. Once, I had one of the men accompany me to the restroom.... To this day pup has no idea what happened there (if anything). There were two men in particular that LOVED the idea of playing it up for the restrained pup. They would put their hands all over me, sliding higher and higher up my thigh, under my skirt, all the while I am looking right at my pup. Holding his gaze so he can see my reaction to being touched....then I'd turn around and one would block my pups view so he couldn't ever see just how far I let them take it...

After we left (with their two phone numbers in pups pocket, I had him hold for me) I had pup drive me home. Since his back hurt, I tied him to the bed, and made him please me with his mouth. He brought me to two orgasms, and then I milked his prostate, while leaving his dirty little clit still caged. This was very frustrating for him (poor puppy) because he is forced to focus solely on the feeling of having his pussy filled. And, without the clitoral stimulation he normally gets, it took him at least twice as long to be drained... This was such delicious fun for me. I LOVE milking him. I love watching his face as his body feels sensations that are still very new to him. I love forcing the cum out of him. I love taking over all control of his sexual organs from him, and turning them into my own playthings.

It was a very fun evening, and one I hope to repeat (and possibly take further) soon....


Robert_Anthony said...

Wow, that was hot!!!

Anonymous said...

What a delicious post. You are clearly coming into your own as puppy's owner. There a many more delights for you both down this cuckolding path. It is good that you are taking it slowly, a your own pace, with plenty of teasing and hints to provoke and gauge his reactions.

Consider tying his releases and other treats to the pleasures you get from others. You won't find a more enthusiastic and supportive man than a submissive who knows his release depends on you cucking him. He will dress you, escort you, and do much more for you. Soon he will truly associate his pleasure with yours in a way you probably never thought is possible.

Worked for me for many years.