Friday, May 27, 2011

Saturday Night, part two

after puppy and I tried out our new toy, it was time for him to make up for the neglect I suffered while he was ill.

I starteds by freeing him from his bonds. Then I lay on the bed, turned on my favorite tv show, and had him eat my pussy. I am very difficult to please orally, and if there are ANY distractions, it takes me 30 minutes or more to cum. So, watching TV like I was, puppy had his work cut out for him.

After what I am sure seemed like FOREVER to pup (in reality it was only about 20 minutes... didn't even get to watch the end of my show) I came hard. I shoved my pussy onto his face and ordered him to lick up every last drop.

Then I had him bring me to orgasm over and over, switching from his fingers to my glass dildo, then back to his mouth. In between each, I ordered his dirty little slut mouth in between my legs to sop up all of my juices. In total, before the night was through I counted 12 orgasms. Not a bad number, if I do say so myself...

This whole time, puppy was in his chastity cage. I had been nice to him while he was sick, and let him out of it so he could rest well and recover quicker. Now, he was back to it. I didn't want him accidentally having any accidents while he should have been focusing on my pleasure.

So, we are back, in a big way. We are actually going to have a chance to play tonight, and I still haven't told you about our night out dancing with my ace of spades temporary tattoo.... SO, stay tuned, I have many more fun tales to share! 


Anonymous said...

I hope puppy also licked all the juice from your sexy asshole also Mistress

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