Sunday, May 29, 2011


Friday night we were supposed to go out and get some dinner. However, I had decided that puppy was in need of some serious training. Since he had been sick, we had been doing too many things where we were on even footing (and even a time or two when I was caregiver). He needed to re-learn his proper place-grovelling and begging at my feet.

I had him come over, and had given him instructions on what he was to bring with him. When he got here, I ordered him to strip, leaving him in nothing but his chastity device. Then I had him make me dinner, serving and feeding it to me on his knees. When I was finished, I allowed him to eat- on his knees at my feet. Once he was done, I gave him dessert- ordering him to eat my pussy. After 2 orgasms, I had him bring me to another with his finger. Then, I had him give me a nice, long foot rub....

Once I was nice and relaxed, I had him take the cage off and sit next to me while I watched a movie. I made him stay hard through the whole movie, teasing him every time he became even slightly soft. His clit was leaking like mad, and I fed him every drop. At times, his clit would not respond to mere manual teasing (or at least not as quickly as I wanted it to) so I climbed on his lap and rubbed my sweet, warm wet pussy up and down just over his clit (not on it, but close enough that he could feel my wetness and heat) and command him to get his dirty clit hard for me. That did the trick. :)

He was a worthless puddle of lust after about 30 minutes, spending the rest of the movie begging me to let him cum, or at least touch me (I do not allow him to touch me unless I order him to, and NEVER when I am playing with his clit).

At one point, he was so excited he had a pseudo ruined orgasm (I say pseudo because he stayed hard after), and he made quite a mess all over himself. I made him clean it up with his hands, then lick his hands clean.

When the movie was over, I ordered him to give me 4 more orgasms with his fingers, mouth and toys.  I then ordered him to dress, clean up the dinner mess and go home. I went to bed to sleep the sleep of the sexually satisfied...

Needless to say, yesterday he was much more tame, and needed little correcting when we went out with some friends. I think we need more nights like that!

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Very very hot training session