Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Toy Review

Ok, yesterday my puppy felt good for the first time in weeks (see previous post, he has been ill). Now, during this time, he was not the sweet, obedient puppy he should have been. He got frankly, a little lippy and was by the end of his confinement in desperate need for some discipline.

Lucky for me, my new sex toy arrived last week... What better way to break him back in to being broken than to try out my new naughty ruler?

So, the first thing I did was tie him to the bed. Can't truly discipline a sub who can move away from you... Then, we had a little discussion, puppy and I. See, he has taken to referring to his dirty little clit more and more often as his cock. He needed to be reminded. Pain is an excellent reminder, don't you think?

Once we had reestablished the proper label for his naughty clit, we moved on to reasserting the labels for his other various body parts (by this of course I mean spanking them with a ruler until he had properly apologized and begged me to stop). I swung his feet up over his head (secured to the spreader bar so he couldn't resist or protect anything from me) and spanked his ass. I also used the end of the ruler on his pussy entrance, not too much (as you can see from pictures, any insertion at all would cause some serious damage, and I am not into permanent pain).

Once I felt that he had sufficiently (re)learned the proper ways to address his pussy and clit, I turned him over and went to town with my new toy....

I must say, I love my new sex toy, I LOVE IT! It makes such a lovely slapping noise! Much more so than any other toy we have. It also packs a GOOD punch with little effort on my part. Additionally, according to him the pain while pretty to very uncomfortable while it's happening goes away fairly quickly. What does this mean?
  • That I can beat his ass red without even breaking a sweat.
  • That he will succumb and beg me to stop long before I ever get tired
  • That I can do this multiple times in one session with very minimal recovery time needed on his part.
In short, hours and hours of deliciously sadistic fun!

Look at that pretty red mark!
 I definitely give this toy a thumbs up!!! My only complaint is that the wrapping on it was done in such a way that the plastic they put over the leather grip was stuck to the leather (or whatever it is, it looks like leather, but I think it is fake), and it tore the leather away from the ruler. I had to rewrap it myself after I got the packaging off. So, that is definitely a design flaw they should work on...

We had more adventures after this, which I will write about separately, as I am short on time... Stay tuned tonight or tomorrow for more...

IF you want a naughty ruler of your very own, or any other deliciously sex toys from this Eden, check out the links below!

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