Sunday, May 1, 2011

New aroma!! New submission!!

Due to some back problems this weekend i was limited from serving Mistress is the way She deserves. She took this oppurtunity to make plans to meet a Bull on next Friday and to flirt with him.  She has taken to this idea of cucking with unusal desire. i never imagined that She would have a wanting to see other cocks or men...however Her level of sexuality has increased tenfold and She deserves to expand and explore all her avenues.

Since we could not play this morning, she had me edge in the underwear that i wore all night long.  She knew that She was driving me crazy and wanted me to leak all over them while discussing her meeting with this new Bull. She spoke of how he may please She wants to see me lick her juices off another mans cock who makes her scream.  She talked of how wet she would get feeling another mans cock stretch Her tight pussy out.  After she had my underwear wet with pre cum thinking of this new game she then ordered me to remove them...this time however instead of licking the pre cum out(she had me lick my wet spots before)....she wanted me to inhale them...smell the crotch.....suck in the aroma of my cock (opps clit)  and ball juice that have been permeating my boxers all night. As well to suck clean every area of the crotch...the pre cum stains...the area where my balls sweat all night...the button area where the head of my clit leaked and rubbed during my sleep. 

This was a new smell for me...I never really know how a cock (in my case clit) smelled...especially one that has been in denial, caged often (with and without spikes), and edged over and over.  i never knew how a mans balls smelled...I have had many woman in my past sit on their knees with my balls on their face...smelling me...tasting me...but this was a sort of reversal.  For me to be the one smelling balls....smelling cock.....inhaling the manly smell of male arousal and sex.

I didnt know how long She wanted me to sit there, inhale and lick...She made it clear.  Smell until i get the aroma well in my mind...and lick and suck until every drop of pre cum and every drop of balls sweat is gone and the underwear is clean.  Let me tell you, that it took longer than i thought.  A combination of the salty taste of what I know now is ball sweat, and the now faimilar taste of pre cum was on my my throat and I could could tell even in my hair. 

20 min at least it took to get to the point that the aroma was gone and the taste was of just clean cotton.  Yet i could tell now that my face had now taken on the smell of balls and a whore on the a slutty co ed that has taken on a multiple men. And most amazing of it all was that i was hard....for some reason because it was a an order from my Master...because She told me to make sure i smelled and truly inhaled the smell of mans sexual scent...because of Her desire to transform me from an alpha male to a submissive cock smelling grew my clit hard and leaking more than ever.

Indeed this was a new aroma and a new level in my submission to my Goddess.


I have been told by my Master to apologize and explain to our followers how i mentioned above in the past that i enjoyed having other woman smell my cock and eat my seed....

That was wrong to treat woman like a cum whore when in fact i am one.

That i should have consumed it myself and not let other woman taste my sperm. 

That because of how i treated those woman that i now need to make up for it and must eat more cum then ever before to make up for what i fed to others,

That i now longer have a cock

That i should never brag about my past conquests

That i am sorry for being prideful

That i am ashamed i spilled so much seed and were wasteful

That my Master now controls my sexuality

That anything short of spilling it for Master and consuming for Her is a huge mistake and a waste. 

That i am learning my place better as a proper sub to Master and a true cum slut with a dirty clit!

I hope you all forgive my arrogance and i am sorry to Master for my error.


dave94 said...

You have my forgiveness. I hope your master will appreciate your public contrition. Besides that, the smell and taste of one's ball sweat becomes something you'll never forget, especially if you associate it with the command of your master.

Anonymous said...

So, what happened? Two weeks without a posting? Did Tony leave you?

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