Sunday, May 29, 2011


Friday night we were supposed to go out and get some dinner. However, I had decided that puppy was in need of some serious training. Since he had been sick, we had been doing too many things where we were on even footing (and even a time or two when I was caregiver). He needed to re-learn his proper place-grovelling and begging at my feet.

I had him come over, and had given him instructions on what he was to bring with him. When he got here, I ordered him to strip, leaving him in nothing but his chastity device. Then I had him make me dinner, serving and feeding it to me on his knees. When I was finished, I allowed him to eat- on his knees at my feet. Once he was done, I gave him dessert- ordering him to eat my pussy. After 2 orgasms, I had him bring me to another with his finger. Then, I had him give me a nice, long foot rub....

Once I was nice and relaxed, I had him take the cage off and sit next to me while I watched a movie. I made him stay hard through the whole movie, teasing him every time he became even slightly soft. His clit was leaking like mad, and I fed him every drop. At times, his clit would not respond to mere manual teasing (or at least not as quickly as I wanted it to) so I climbed on his lap and rubbed my sweet, warm wet pussy up and down just over his clit (not on it, but close enough that he could feel my wetness and heat) and command him to get his dirty clit hard for me. That did the trick. :)

He was a worthless puddle of lust after about 30 minutes, spending the rest of the movie begging me to let him cum, or at least touch me (I do not allow him to touch me unless I order him to, and NEVER when I am playing with his clit).

At one point, he was so excited he had a pseudo ruined orgasm (I say pseudo because he stayed hard after), and he made quite a mess all over himself. I made him clean it up with his hands, then lick his hands clean.

When the movie was over, I ordered him to give me 4 more orgasms with his fingers, mouth and toys.  I then ordered him to dress, clean up the dinner mess and go home. I went to bed to sleep the sleep of the sexually satisfied...

Needless to say, yesterday he was much more tame, and needed little correcting when we went out with some friends. I think we need more nights like that!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Saturday Night, part two

after puppy and I tried out our new toy, it was time for him to make up for the neglect I suffered while he was ill.

I starteds by freeing him from his bonds. Then I lay on the bed, turned on my favorite tv show, and had him eat my pussy. I am very difficult to please orally, and if there are ANY distractions, it takes me 30 minutes or more to cum. So, watching TV like I was, puppy had his work cut out for him.

After what I am sure seemed like FOREVER to pup (in reality it was only about 20 minutes... didn't even get to watch the end of my show) I came hard. I shoved my pussy onto his face and ordered him to lick up every last drop.

Then I had him bring me to orgasm over and over, switching from his fingers to my glass dildo, then back to his mouth. In between each, I ordered his dirty little slut mouth in between my legs to sop up all of my juices. In total, before the night was through I counted 12 orgasms. Not a bad number, if I do say so myself...

This whole time, puppy was in his chastity cage. I had been nice to him while he was sick, and let him out of it so he could rest well and recover quicker. Now, he was back to it. I didn't want him accidentally having any accidents while he should have been focusing on my pleasure.

So, we are back, in a big way. We are actually going to have a chance to play tonight, and I still haven't told you about our night out dancing with my ace of spades temporary tattoo.... SO, stay tuned, I have many more fun tales to share! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Toy Review

Ok, yesterday my puppy felt good for the first time in weeks (see previous post, he has been ill). Now, during this time, he was not the sweet, obedient puppy he should have been. He got frankly, a little lippy and was by the end of his confinement in desperate need for some discipline.

Lucky for me, my new sex toy arrived last week... What better way to break him back in to being broken than to try out my new naughty ruler?

So, the first thing I did was tie him to the bed. Can't truly discipline a sub who can move away from you... Then, we had a little discussion, puppy and I. See, he has taken to referring to his dirty little clit more and more often as his cock. He needed to be reminded. Pain is an excellent reminder, don't you think?

Once we had reestablished the proper label for his naughty clit, we moved on to reasserting the labels for his other various body parts (by this of course I mean spanking them with a ruler until he had properly apologized and begged me to stop). I swung his feet up over his head (secured to the spreader bar so he couldn't resist or protect anything from me) and spanked his ass. I also used the end of the ruler on his pussy entrance, not too much (as you can see from pictures, any insertion at all would cause some serious damage, and I am not into permanent pain).

Once I felt that he had sufficiently (re)learned the proper ways to address his pussy and clit, I turned him over and went to town with my new toy....

I must say, I love my new sex toy, I LOVE IT! It makes such a lovely slapping noise! Much more so than any other toy we have. It also packs a GOOD punch with little effort on my part. Additionally, according to him the pain while pretty to very uncomfortable while it's happening goes away fairly quickly. What does this mean?
  • That I can beat his ass red without even breaking a sweat.
  • That he will succumb and beg me to stop long before I ever get tired
  • That I can do this multiple times in one session with very minimal recovery time needed on his part.
In short, hours and hours of deliciously sadistic fun!

Look at that pretty red mark!
 I definitely give this toy a thumbs up!!! My only complaint is that the wrapping on it was done in such a way that the plastic they put over the leather grip was stuck to the leather (or whatever it is, it looks like leather, but I think it is fake), and it tore the leather away from the ruler. I had to rewrap it myself after I got the packaging off. So, that is definitely a design flaw they should work on...

We had more adventures after this, which I will write about separately, as I am short on time... Stay tuned tonight or tomorrow for more...

IF you want a naughty ruler of your very own, or any other deliciously sex toys from this Eden, check out the links below!

Where have we been?!?!

Hello friends! Sorry we've been awol... Tony has been sick for the past several weeks, much to my chagrin.... So, needless to say, play was put on hold. I know, not very Domme of me, but you must all remember he is not just my sub, he is also my love, and his health comes first... ALSO, it's no fun to torture someone who doesn't feel well. His pain and discomfort are only fun if I am the cause of them!

So, on that note, I owe you all for being faithful and patient, and I promise I will deliver... Enjoy!

Friday, May 6, 2011

New partnership for an excitingly kinky summer!

So, I know I have been remiss lately, just having my pup do all the posting... For that I apologize. I am in school and it is difficult to find time to do both with my work load.
BUT, I wanted to take the time to bring you all up to date about an exciting new opportunity that has crossed my path.
A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the marketing department for
She had come across my blog and wanted to know if I was interested in developing a partnership with their company wherein they send me toys to try out, and in return I blog about them when I use them.

That's all. No real time limits, etc... I just get to try out and play with new toys and then tell you all what I think!
Since I pretty much do that anyway, this was a no brainer! I of course agreed and was informed via email today that my first shipment should be here in the next couple of weeks... I was given the links below and they requested that I add them to my review when I post it.
Now, as this is the first shipment, I am not positive but I am guessing that the first link is to the toy that I will be reviewing... DID YOU SEE IT?!?!? If you didn't, go see it now. Click on the link. I will wait....
EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (that is the typed version of my evil, giddy squeal of delight)
It is a ruler with a soft leather grip! Can you say naughty, naught school boy? Oh, I cannot WAIT!
I am not much into role play, but I think perhaps for this toy I may make an exception...
I wish it were here now. I want to tie him to a school desk with his ass sticking out the back of the chair so it is exposed to me and beat him until he's red!
Anyway, I will let you all know when it comes! In the meantime, check out the website... There are some delicious items on it!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Proper way of taking a man

Mistress adores this picture...for many reasons and wanted me to share her reasons...the power the woman shows is holding the man...the submission yet excitement of the male and his hard clit...but mostly because of the pride the woman is showing in displaying her engagement and or wedding ring. This is a true femdom fiancee!! (Thanks to "I'd fuck that" blog for the pic)
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Sunday, May 1, 2011

New aroma!! New submission!!

Due to some back problems this weekend i was limited from serving Mistress is the way She deserves. She took this oppurtunity to make plans to meet a Bull on next Friday and to flirt with him.  She has taken to this idea of cucking with unusal desire. i never imagined that She would have a wanting to see other cocks or men...however Her level of sexuality has increased tenfold and She deserves to expand and explore all her avenues.

Since we could not play this morning, she had me edge in the underwear that i wore all night long.  She knew that She was driving me crazy and wanted me to leak all over them while discussing her meeting with this new Bull. She spoke of how he may please She wants to see me lick her juices off another mans cock who makes her scream.  She talked of how wet she would get feeling another mans cock stretch Her tight pussy out.  After she had my underwear wet with pre cum thinking of this new game she then ordered me to remove them...this time however instead of licking the pre cum out(she had me lick my wet spots before)....she wanted me to inhale them...smell the crotch.....suck in the aroma of my cock (opps clit)  and ball juice that have been permeating my boxers all night. As well to suck clean every area of the crotch...the pre cum stains...the area where my balls sweat all night...the button area where the head of my clit leaked and rubbed during my sleep. 

This was a new smell for me...I never really know how a cock (in my case clit) smelled...especially one that has been in denial, caged often (with and without spikes), and edged over and over.  i never knew how a mans balls smelled...I have had many woman in my past sit on their knees with my balls on their face...smelling me...tasting me...but this was a sort of reversal.  For me to be the one smelling balls....smelling cock.....inhaling the manly smell of male arousal and sex.

I didnt know how long She wanted me to sit there, inhale and lick...She made it clear.  Smell until i get the aroma well in my mind...and lick and suck until every drop of pre cum and every drop of balls sweat is gone and the underwear is clean.  Let me tell you, that it took longer than i thought.  A combination of the salty taste of what I know now is ball sweat, and the now faimilar taste of pre cum was on my my throat and I could could tell even in my hair. 

20 min at least it took to get to the point that the aroma was gone and the taste was of just clean cotton.  Yet i could tell now that my face had now taken on the smell of balls and a whore on the a slutty co ed that has taken on a multiple men. And most amazing of it all was that i was hard....for some reason because it was a an order from my Master...because She told me to make sure i smelled and truly inhaled the smell of mans sexual scent...because of Her desire to transform me from an alpha male to a submissive cock smelling grew my clit hard and leaking more than ever.

Indeed this was a new aroma and a new level in my submission to my Goddess.


I have been told by my Master to apologize and explain to our followers how i mentioned above in the past that i enjoyed having other woman smell my cock and eat my seed....

That was wrong to treat woman like a cum whore when in fact i am one.

That i should have consumed it myself and not let other woman taste my sperm. 

That because of how i treated those woman that i now need to make up for it and must eat more cum then ever before to make up for what i fed to others,

That i now longer have a cock

That i should never brag about my past conquests

That i am sorry for being prideful

That i am ashamed i spilled so much seed and were wasteful

That my Master now controls my sexuality

That anything short of spilling it for Master and consuming for Her is a huge mistake and a waste. 

That i am learning my place better as a proper sub to Master and a true cum slut with a dirty clit!

I hope you all forgive my arrogance and i am sorry to Master for my error.