Friday, April 15, 2011

To cuck or not to cuck?

My Master has found Her first potential bull to cuck me with.  His name is Master Chad....He is an expert at tantric sex and has cuckold 5 couples....He is also a massage therepist.  Master had me edge to Him today and fantsize about Him making Her scream.  While this is still the early stages, my Goddess appears to want order to prove to me that She is in control and to further my submission and training.  Master Chad has already made me see pictures of His cock and told me I would help guide it into Her if this happens.  We will be meeting for drinks next. She has told me that He is a man and She deserves a real man.  Should be an interesting few weeks.

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HERsubmissivehusband said...

Sounds as if Mistress Lin has found a great choice to cuckold you with for the first time...and to be allowed to be directly very grateful...Q has yet to allow me to even watch Her with Her lovers yet...remember...enjoying a real man is all about what our Wives want...cuckolding us just drives us deeper into servitude...i hope you both enjoy this as we do!