Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sleeping with cum

Sleeping with cum

Weekend started out interesting this a.m....Master discussed cuckolding again (see previous post)  and how her working getting into shape will get her to be a better Domme and make it easier for her to seduce men (though she is an expert already).  She then though thought it best for me to get to know the various aspects of sluttiness and cuckolding (if and when She decides it is something She desires to further explore) and thought that a good starting point of discover is for me to know how it feels to have cum all over face, smell it and feel it dry.  Truly let it sit there for a few hours as it goes from a warm wet substance to a dried caked on mask.  So a few minutes ago i was told that i was to ruin two orgasms (I HATEEEEE ruining an orgasm by the way) and spread it alllll over face, just like a good whore does in the porns.  She told me then to go back to bed for a few hours as it dried on my face so i know how a true cum slut feels when i wake up.  The smell is dying down (cum does have a distinct smell... but fleeting) and it feels WEIRD a cleanseing mask. She told me i was a good little cum whore and that I should be happy that for now it is just mine that I have on face.  She also was wondering if anyone had comments about Her possibly cuckolding me and how to prepare herself and myself further for such an please leave comments here or the cucking post before this one.  Meanhile i am off to nap completely covered....eye lids, chin, head and neck in my own drying cum.....UGH! She is a hell of a Domme...who would know She didnt know ANY of this in December.


ravensron said...

While I'd never tell a Lady how she should manage her own property, please be aware that - unlike most of what we do in the ownership/service of full-time, till-death-do-us-part, beloved - cuckolding can't be "taken back" and you-all should think thrice or more times before engaging in it. Almost anything else a couple might do with each other, if for some reason it isn't what the couple thought it was, you simply don't do it anymore. But the emotional connotations of cuckolding - admittedly based on social customs which we in the lifestyle bypass in many ways - are such that it may have a continued effect even if you don't keep doing it.

By the way, how does a male ruin an orgasm by himself?

Mistress Lin and slave tony said...

ravenson- Its not easy to ruin your own orgasm....its frustrating as hell. BUT if you stop at the right monent and force yourself not to make that ONEEE more stroke you is ruined and leaks out. Not easy but of well trained you can do it.