Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Used like a cheap whore!

Yes....thats My Mistress...My Goddess taking me...using me...fucking my "pussy" with her strap on and She took it hard core.  She had the need this night to remind me of my new place.  To remind me that she owned the cock and that when She says She wants to fuck...this is what it means.  She also wanted me to be vocal this time...just as if most men love the idea of a slut they are fucking talking dirty to them....well this time she made me scream out loud that i was "Her dirty whore"...that "i loved Her cock in my pussy"...that "i was her bitch"....that "She is the man now."  She looked crazed with lust in Her eyes as She took me over and over again. 

Futhermore this time my Master did not just accept a little screw....oh no..., She held my legs up high over Her head so she could penetrate me deeper than she ever before literally pushing the air out of me with each frantic thrust.  She told me that i needed to feel it all the way in my dirty pussy to understand what it is to be fucked and i was to always remember that i am owned by Her cock.  She re positioned Herself over and over again to get the maximum thrust and power.  i swore She acted as if sSe felt the strap on as a man feels his own cock as he bottom out in a pussy.  This was the first time She ever did this for nearly an hour straight and all the time while i was caged.  She also said i needed to concentrate on being used...on the feeling of being penetrated and to ignore my dirty little clit, therfore this time i was to remain caged.  i leaked and leaked pre cum the whole time.

It was....to say the least....mindblowing.  She was SO intense....SO extreme in her pounding.  At one point with my legs held high over her shoulder, she pulled out and took this picture.  After that i was ordered to give her multiple orgasms with many toys all the time hearing her tell me how i was to imagine other cocks pleasing her....real cock....other cocks hard and ready to pump her.  That i was to think of holding and placing other cocks inside Her...guide then into Her as she came so i could remember how hard and thick the cocks were that were going to please Her

Then FINALLY she said i could cum (it has been 2 weeks) but only if i  begged.....barked....and humped her body like a puppy and licked the cum off her like a cheap whore.  Needless to say....i did it without hesitiation.  So....in a nutshell...i was used last night., truly like a cheap whore  She told me to post this picture and answer any questions about the experience.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Yes, its that time again....assisting my mistress in proving my loyalty. Locked all week and weekend. Anyone want proof to help show mistress I am compliant simply need to email me and I will send proof no matter where I am. Then please tell mistress I am obeying. Validation requests can be sent to me at mistresslinspuppy@gmail.com.
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spankings, panties, cum and cleanup

 Day started out ok but a little painful.  Master had me slap my ass 60 times with a hairbrush and turned my ass cheeks into a red glow....then got more intense and had me spank my clit with a ruler 20 times....all the time keeping it hard as i spanked.  i thought...well i am sore but i can live with that....i am a tough man...but the she switched and wanted me to eat my cum to remind myself i am in fact NOT in fact a man...but a little fucking dirty cum slut.  But... Ok...i thought i was used to eating cum...i can do this.  Well, i dont know, perhaps i havent done it in too long...perhaps it was the amount but today....well today i HATED the idea of it!! Master let me cum (its been weeks since I have been able to cum without it being ruined) but it was to be on a pair of my OWN panties and i then was supposed to put them in mouth...suck the cum out, chew them, and keep them in mouth sucking, chewing and cleaning until every drop was down in my stomach like a true cum slut. 
Well, cumming only took about 2 min.  Because of the thoughts she had in my head for the past few weeks....of cuckolding, of intense domination, of spankings, of strap on play....etc made me squirt in NO TIME in the panties.  The amount of cum was a damm good amount to, teased for weeks and balls filled to the brink...and then i sat there and TRULY was trying to figure out a way to get out of cleaning them.  i mean the confidence i had of doing it before i came was there and i was prepared but it quickly dissipated after ejaculation.  i sat for 3-4 min trying to figure out how to get out of it...i begged to Master, thought i could lie my way out of it perhaps.  But no....as i saw the cum begin to absorb in the lace, i knew that i could never lie to my Master and that she had alloweed me to cum so i was obligated to consume my dirty juices for Her pleasure.  i grabbed them, rammed them into my mouth and sucked, chewed and cleaned them.  It wasnt easy....not a ALL.....almost gagged....but i did it...and i have the pictures to prove it.  i hope She is happy.  i still have the taste of cum in my mouth.

clit squirting in panties

cum slut cleaning them

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sleeping with cum

Sleeping with cum

Weekend started out interesting this a.m....Master discussed cuckolding again (see previous post)  and how her working out....training....and getting into shape will get her to be a better Domme and make it easier for her to seduce men (though she is an expert already).  She then though thought it best for me to get to know the various aspects of sluttiness and cuckolding (if and when She decides it is something She desires to further explore) and thought that a good starting point of discover is for me to know how it feels to have cum all over face, smell it and feel it dry.  Truly let it sit there for a few hours as it goes from a warm wet substance to a dried caked on mask.  So a few minutes ago i was told that i was to ruin two orgasms (I HATEEEEE ruining an orgasm by the way) and spread it alllll over face, just like a good whore does in the porns.  She told me then to go back to bed for a few hours as it dried on my face so i know how a true cum slut feels when i wake up.  The smell is dying down (cum does have a distinct smell... but fleeting) and it feels WEIRD drying....like a cleanseing mask. She told me i was a good little cum whore and that I should be happy that for now it is just mine that I have on face.  She also was wondering if anyone had comments about Her possibly cuckolding me and how to prepare herself and myself further for such an event...so please leave comments here or the cucking post before this one.  Meanhile i am off to nap completely covered....eye lids, chin, head and neck in my own drying cum.....UGH! She is a hell of a Domme...who would know She didnt know ANY of this in December.

Friday, April 15, 2011

To cuck or not to cuck?

My Master has found Her first potential bull to cuck me with.  His name is Master Chad....He is an expert at tantric sex and has cuckold 5 couples....He is also a massage therepist.  Master had me edge to Him today and fantsize about Him making Her scream.  While this is still the early stages, my Goddess appears to want this...in order to prove to me that She is in control and to further my submission and training.  Master Chad has already made me see pictures of His cock and told me I would help guide it into Her if this happens.  We will be meeting for drinks next. She has told me that He is a man and She deserves a real man.  Should be an interesting few weeks.

Monday, April 4, 2011

"puppy" pins and other things

(image courtsey of:.captivemale.com)

This weekend I decided to kick things up a notch with puppy's training... He has been very defiant lately, off and on, and trying to convince me that he cannot be broken. I disagree...

I began by securing him to the bed with bondage tape. This was the first time we had used it, and I must say it gets a big thumbs up from me! It secures so well, and it seems to bind tighter when he struggles, rther than loosening. It was delicious to know he could not work his way free! I also secured him to a spreader bar so he could not close his legs and prevent me from doing my work.

We then proceeded to have a talk about his recent behavior. Well, he was gagged... I talked, he listened and nodded. (and occasionally moaned and whimpered as things went on!)

I wanted to impose upon him not only my complete devotion and determination to breaking him and making him my willing and deserving whore, but also my immense creativity and ability to improvise his training in any setting. I therefore refrained from delving into our ever growing collection of sex tools and toys, and instead began searching the room for everyday items...

I have seen in movies the use of clothespins for cbt, and while I find the idea delicious, I think they are very large and that their application would threfore be over too soon. So, when my eyes fell on the tray of bobby pins in my vanity drawer, I was giddy! These are PERFECT! SOOO Much fun! They pinch and hold the skin quite nicely, and I can use so many before the game is done! They also fit perfectly over the nipples, and they stay so very secured! What a wonderful discovery!

As we can all remember from childhood, pinching hurtsl However, it was always the smaller, tinier pinches that hurt the worst. They were almost like bites and the smart to the skin lingered ever so much longer than those pinches that take in more skin. It makes the skin that is subject to the pinch so much more tender and delicate... I love it!

With each application, my puppy squirmed and tried to get away as best he could (of course that was impossible, as the bondage tape ensured)! But that was nothing compared to what he had in store for him.

I asked him for one thing and I would relieve his suffering. All I wanted was for him to admit that my pleasure is the most important thing, and his pleasure matters not. But he was feeling very defiant. Bad, bad puppy.. Of course I would be lying if I said that I wasn't a little excited that he would not concede... It gave me more time to play...

Now, I have seen some comments asserting that bobby pins don't look painful... I have never used clothespins before, so I cannot provide a comparison. I can however assure you all that the application of them is not very painful... I believe this is why puppy felt so confident in his defiance. However, but as soon as I began removing them... EEEEE! The pain! The delicious pinch of pain that shot through his body as I puilled them off slowly, one by one. They pinched and pulled the skin so deliciously, and even pulled some hair out in the process! And they left the skin so tender after that a mere touch would send shockwaves through him that made me tingle to watch! Such fun!

Unfortunately, it only took about 5 such removals to get puppy to concede to my wishes, and he most fervently assured me that my desires and pleasure far outweigh his. He also asserted his devotion to trying harder to always put them first, and to obey me more diligently in the future...

Now, here is where I believe bobby pins (of course in my house, they are now called puppy pins) are superior to clothespins... Clothespins, when the situation warrants, can be squeezed together and removed with very little discomfort. puppy pins, however do not have that advantage... The only way to lessen the effects of the removal is to go ever so slowly, which causes agonizing anticipation for the victim... And, it is even then no guarantee that the removal will not be very uncomfortable indeed! What a FUN, fun time!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Picture taken tonight with Master using bobby pins on clit and balls in her continued effort to break me from my alpha male ways.
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Friday, April 1, 2011

New anklet

Mistress has me buy her a new anklet for her right foot...it is supposed to symbolize that she is free to explore other men. Google "hotwife anklet" and you'll see...ok...I'm a little nervous. Grin
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