Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sexy input needed from followers:

Input needed from followers: this week we are preparing for a special all day Saturday session in which Mistress Lin will be playing for the first time with TWO subs. A sexy young woman and me her male sub. Mistress is in control of us both. What suggestions do you all have of what could be done with the 3 of us? What scenarios? What games? What positions? What adventures? What can the subs do to each other? To Mistress? All suggestions are welcomed and we will post which ones (maybe with pictures) of the best ones we that we actually did. Let the games...and suggestions begin!
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Giles English said...

Female sub has 10 minutes to make you come.

If she succeeds, you go down on her. Mistress beats you - that'll hurt since you just came - until female sub has had enough.

If she fails, she has to blow you and swallow, while being beaten.

lightspeed said...

Mistress Lin:
Now that’s sounds like the most exciting Saturday, I’d love to be at, leashed and told to watch. Mistress Lin, Slave Tony, and plus Sub Kitten. Wow! To be in the presents of Mistress Lin and her ordering and commanding two subs to be at her beckon call. Devine!
If I were Mistress, I’d have them naked, except, both in full hoods, collared and leashed. Slave Tony also with his cock-ring with ball spreader and girlie panties. Sub Kitty, in very open crotchless and bottomless panty hose, little nipple clamps with connecting chain, on her ripe young nipples, and very high heels.
Ideas for Mistress Lin should have Slave/ Sub do these things and positions:

1. Have Slave Tony lay on his back, hands behind his back, thus raising his hips and elevating his cock
2. Have Sub Kitty straddle him in the opposite direction, so Slave Tony’s cock is right at her lips. Also, later Mistress can penetrate Sub Kitty’s cunt with a Strap-on.
3. Have Slave Tony will suck and lick her cunt as she sucks and licks his cock, both are instructed to be “edging” each other for Mistresses amusement.
4. Have Sub Kitty on her knees, in between Mistresses legs, sucking and licking Mistresses lovely pussy and asshole, while with both hands spreading her ass cheeks for Slave Tony’s tongues her cunt and bung hole
5. Have Slave Tony stand next to Mistress as she sits, and caress and fondle Mistresses superb breast and great nipples, giving Mistress ample time to play or suck his member all the while Sub Kitty eats Mistresses pussy, while working a dildo into her own cunt or asshole which ever Mistress Lin prefers.
6. Have Slave Tony penetrate Mistresses fine pussy or ass as Sub Kitty licks and eats Mistresses cunt and laps the juices from Slave Tony’s balls
7. Have Sub Kitty put a dildo in her ass and one in her pussy an edge herself in front of full view of Mistress Lin, while Slave Tony has his balls tied and weights added, watches, edging him self.
8. Have Sub Kitty on hands and knees, head on the floor, rise her ass high in the air, thus exposing her open cunt and nasty asshole for Mistress Lin to examine, explore, finger, Slave Tony can do the same.
9. Some ideas…Sub Randy

lightspeed said...

Dear Mistress Lin:
Too add to the many kinky positions and games.
1. Feed Slave Tony’s clit (cock) to Sub Kitty, right down to the base
2. Have Slave Tony and Sub Kitty, on all fours, butt to butt, get a double headed dildo, place it in their asses, then proceed from the front one to the other and have them lick you pussy or spread your ass cheeks and make them lick you ass as they slide the dildo into each other.
3. Do have Sub Kitty get on all fours, penetrate her in the pussy or ass and have her deep throat Slave Tony’s clit (cock).
4. Have Slave Tony sit on the couch, his rock hard cock-ringed clit (cock), penetration Mistresses pussy or ass, spread Mistresses legs wide, and have Sub Kitty lick your pussy, his shaft and balls, everything, with a butt plug in her ass, as she finger bangs her cunt.
5. Now that would be a evening full of excitement and cum juices…Sub Randy

lightspeed said...

Mistress Lin:
Other fun positions would be:
1. Mistress has Sub Kitty lay on the floor face up, Mistress squats over her lips and Sub Kitty tongues both your lovely holes, while you have Slave Tony in a double cock ring, balls tied and weights hanging from them, and Mistress sucks at her leisure his extremely erect and hard clit (cock)
2. Mistress is sitting in a kitchen chair, breast openly exposed, Sub Kitty on all fours, suckling on Mistresses taunt and erect nipples, Sub Kitty’s ass raised high, exposing her open and wet cunt and ready asshole. Sub Kitty asshole and cunt, have a large double headed dildo coming out one hole and entering the other. Slave Tony is beside Mistress. Hands cuffed. His clit (cock) ready for her lovely lips.
3. Mistress, riding crop in hand, has Slave Tony walks behind her, leashed and hands cuffed, Sub Kitty is on the couch, legs tied back and open. Her hands tied to her ankles. A large vibrator protrudes from her ass. A egg vibrator in her cunt on full. Mistress strokes Slave Tony’s clit (cock), slowly edging him as he strains to see the actions of Sub Kitty building orgasm.
....Sub Randy