Thursday, March 24, 2011

puppy wanted?

So, my puppy has been bitching today... He has been in chastity now for almost a week straight. I was feeling generous and I gave him reprieve today. I allowed him to take the chastity device off for today, to see how his behavior was. This morning he was loving, adoring, and very, very submissive.

By this evening he was complaining that he hasn't cum in a while. Complaining that while I have been singularly focused on training his clit to behave, I haven't touched it. I haven't sucked it. Bitch, bitch bitch.

SO I told him that if he doesn't shape up, I will find myself a new puppy. He was feeling quite sassy from a good day at work, and challenged me to find one. So I am taking him up on it. Here are my qualifications:

1- MUST be local (in the Phoenix, AZ area)
2- must be relatively fit. (no more than 20 pounds overweight)
3- must be at least 5'10"
4- must be willing to be in chastity for extended periods without complaint
5- must be willing to accept any discipline or training given without question
6- must be grateful for every bit of attention you get, even if it is not the kind you were particularly desiring at the time
7- must be willing and able to pamper me
8- must be a good cook
9- must be open to spanking, flogging, etc
10- must have very few hard limits.
11- must be well versed in the art of cunnilingus
12- must know how to find and properly stimulate the female g-spot
13- must be willing and open to my strap on
14- must be willing to have your prostate milked on a regular basis
15- must be willing to submit to cuckolding

here are some preferences, but not deal breakers:

1- gives a good massage
2- Italian
3- blue eyes
4- nice car
5- expendable income
6- dress well (don't worry, if you don't you will with me)
7- be able to hold up your end of a conversation
8- bisexual, or open to bi play

If you are interested, please send me an email with a detailed message explaining why you would be the perfect sub for me. I cannot stress enough the importance of detail. This is your one shot. If you follow this blog, you know what I like. Convince me.


Anonymous said...

not to sound arrogant...but there is only one puppy that fits all those criteria (well ALMOST) all of them...and thats me...tony

Anonymous said...

I'm only 5'9" and I'm only 1/4 Italian by courtesy, but otherwise sounds like me.

Lin's puppy said...

Anonymous- Then email Mistress direct she will overlook your shortcomings

lightspeed said...

Mistress Lin, I'd like to be part of your pets. I like both you and Tony, and like the full adventures and coming adventures your planning. Your postings are really fantastic. Poor Slave Tony.
If a tryout is in order, please put me on the top of the list, because i fill all the requirements, except i'm Austrian. Working on the Femdom Pet Party. Have a place almost ready for next month. Will email your futher details. Sub Randy

Anonymous said...

Kinda' pulling your chain. Yes, I do fit the requirements, and it would be an honor to be of use to Mistress Lin, but I'm already owned. My Wife would certainly expect me to treat Mistress Lin with the respect and deference due a Lady in our lifestyle, and would be delighted to have Her as a little sister, but I could never be in a position to take your place.