Thursday, March 10, 2011

Impromptu Dom/sub party

Due to a change in plans with our kitten, we are planning an inpromptu Dom/sub party at a local resort in Tempe, Arizona.  A time to meet for drinks, hot tub, discussion, and maybe some play time.  Couples interested (or select males and females) are welcome.  So, if your local Female..or Male Dom and want to meet email either Mistress or sub and we can give you details...YESSS i knowwww its short notice...go with the flow :)


lightspeed said...

Mistress Lin:
I shall attend. I’ll wear a modest bath suit. And be very vanilla while in public. But with a little adult fun we can have a kinky time. I love that picture. Would love to be one of the Subs on the floor, with a full clit erection.
Mistress Lin,
1. I shall have my base cock ring on or cock strap, balls and clit held tightly, under my suit, and bring my Sub gear with me.
2. If Mistress does go swimming, she can under the cover of water, inspect and examine clits, balls, grope, Sub at her leisure.
3. Mistress can also have the Subs of her choosing up to her room for further examination and inspection
4. Mistress can have a few Subs in her room and tell them get nude and do to the as she wills
5. Mistress can have her cunt eaten as she enjoys her cocktail drink
6. Mistress can sit on a clit and abuse another clit as she relaxes
7. Mistress can have a Sub eats her cunt as Slave Tony is told to put his clit to her lips
8. Mistress can squat on the face of a Sub, while Slave Tony has his clit sucked
9. Mistress can have her ass licked and eaten, while Slave Tony penetrates her in one of her wet holes.. Sub Randy

lightspeed said...

Dear Mistress,
Even though I didn’t get a training session on Sta. nite, I want to tell you how much I enjoyed myself. Mistress and Slave Tony are terrific, and Sub Kitty is delightful.
I truly love all your array of toys. (poor Slave Tony), lol. And again I want to thank you for my gift. That’ll take a lil practice to make it fit but I’ll work at it. I like the things that I saw, glass dildo, cock-rings, legs restraints, full hood, ran chills through me. My clit was so excited.
Hope that headache went away.
For a thank you for just being in your presents, I’ll get the room next time on my dime. Nice place, clean and I really liked it. We’ll have our session, and Mistress and Slave Tony can stay the rest of night there. I have to be on horse back usually by 5 am on Sunday mornings.
We can discuss the Sat Pet Party, time you like, that a go. So many homes to rent for a single Sat party. I believe I can get the 2-Strays to opt for the full payment amount. The 2-Strays with your supervision, will set the home up and do the clean up for Mistress and guess. Mistress can point and we’ll do the rest. 2-strays will get all the soft drinks and food, and décor, ready for an evening of delight. Just need a date to shoot for and I’ll do the rest, with you total input. Sub Randy