Friday, March 4, 2011

Chastity and requests to prove compliance

Per my stunning and beautiful Master, I am to show proof that as of 9am this morning I am in chastity for an indisclosed time (see proof below).  My Master is going away this weekend without me so I have on a plastic numbered lock that cannot be removed without cutting it.  She will ask random times during the weekend to have me send a picture of the lock (even at work) as proof.  As well this demand of proof of chastity at a moments notice is extended to anyone on the blog who demands proof will be be posted....sent to Mistress..or sent to you direct.  In this way I hope to prove that I am not in control of my "clit" and that even strangers have more control than I.   My email is  This will truly be a challenge for me. So again...anyone who reads this blog and demands to see proof I am still in chastity need only send an email and I will stop whatever i am doing to prove it.  All is ask in return is that you post a comment here letting my Goddess know I am in compliance

As I stated in the last post the reason is that I have not been following directions as well as I should...I have been arrogant and I have been touching myself without permission. I still have many alpha male qualties that I need to control and supress while training.  When other male doms talk to her I tend to be agressive a bit and need to learn to be respectful to them.  When I am feeling horny I tend to still beg for regular sex.  I even get too jealous when other sub males and females get her attention.  I guess I am too competitive. I hope chastity may help me train better.

I have to admit I never thought 5 months ago when we went down this journey that I would be here at work in panties and a cock cage and writing about it on a blog....I was used to fucking my fiancee evey few days...having her suck my cock....fingering her.. having her lick my cock after i cum....and seeing her wear sexy panties for me  WELL....things have changed.  Now i eat more of my cum than she ever did...I am the one getting fucked....and fingered....and I am now wearing panties.

 I hope to learn from this time in chastity to be a better sub and to realize that my cock is truly a clit and not to be played with without pemission and that I am owned by Her and no longer in control of my sexuality. 

Also, we are going to be planning a Dom/sub if you are local, please contact Mistress Lin or myself and we can see about having you join.

And as always feel free to email either of us with your comments and suggestions.  And again if proof is needed that i am in  Thank for your help

sub tony


lightspeed said...

Dahmann Slave Tony, nice chasity device. Is that a CB-6000. I wish I had words of wisdom for you but I fresh out of words. Mistress has the first and last words in all matters of the Clit (cock). Sub Randy

Anonymous said...

Mistress Lin: I sent a request at 6:20 ET and received a photo at 6:38 ET. Your sub said he had to "pull over to side of car for the one I sent you." I assume he meant he had to pull over to the side of the road. At any rate, your training seems to be progressing well. Have an excellent weekend.

Wild Clint said...

I would love to have a sissy boy in a Chasity device. I agree that your training is going well. Have a well trained submissive is so sexy regardless of gender. Especially when their cock is locked up in panties.

Anonymous said...

Mistress Lin, i sent a request to Your sub and have received e-mail evidence of the device being in place. i hope he realises what a lucky sub he is to have such a caring Master

Anonymous said...

Mistress Lin,I sent an e-mail to Your slave at 3:28 ET (You are copied on it)and have seen no response. I suppose if he were on his way to the airport to pick You up, that would be acceptable, but otherwise, taking more than one hour is shameful.

Anonymous said...

Update: I received a photo of the device next to the clock showing 4:48 (Mountain Time), which is 6:48 ET. (Mistress Lin, do You know if that clock updates its time automatically, or is it susceptible to tampering by Your slave? I would hope that he knows better than to try to tamper with it.) slave tony explained:
"Sorry for the delay. Mistress had me remove it, clean it and re lock myself."

New lock number is 445890.

Anonymous said...

I also sent a request at 4:28ET & at 6:50ET got what sounds like the same photo as the anonymous above. Clock shows 4:48 and lock is 445890. What a great idea this training method is...

Anonymous said...

Mistress Lin: I sent a request at 2.56pm PST and received proof at 4.02pm but got another mail at 3.41 saying Sorry, I didn't have phone on...will take pic and send asap
lockid 445890.

PS. she has a cute little clitty DS.