Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chastity and a NEW poll for readers

Well as seen in the picture in the last post (a very artistic picture i think) i am still in chastity and learning submission.  i am trying to earn my freedom by offering Master fulfillment of some of Her kinkier fantasies to help come true.  She has been exploring such extremes as cuckolding and extreme flogging as well lately...so i am a little nervous. The new poll to the right is about some ideas i can do to earn my freedom.  Please take the time to both request proof of my chastity (at any time via email) as well as vote on what i can do to earn freedom.  Also, be advised that you can add any additional ideas to the comment section and Master would love to incorporate those ideas. i hope to earn release by being the sluttiest whore i can for Her with little or no limits.

from IhonorHer blog- truly a good sub whore puppy


lightspeed said...

Mistress, can cuckold Slave Tony. Oh Mistress could be so bad. Tie Slave Tony to the door and play with another male sub as Sub Kitten sucks his cock, bringing him to the edge of cuming but denial of it. Have the male sub eat her pussy in front of tie Slave Tony, and she could tell him how fantastic her pussy feels and is so wet. Tell the Sub and Slave Tony to play with each other clits/cock in front of her as Sub Kitten suckles on her breasts. So many options for a tantalizing evening of Mistress be pleasured and being evil. Sub Randy

lightspeed said...

love to be the other sub..Sub Randy