Monday, March 28, 2011

Caught, captured and tagged.

'Beginning week 1 of 24 hour chastity. Tag #478391. Feel free to help me keep my bad little puppy in check by demanding proof of chastity by emailing him on his phone at Will post new pic if lock # changes.
Lock changed out this evening under STRICT supervision. New ID Tag is #478522.  Mistress asks anyone who wishes to demand proof of chastity anytime day or night by emailing puppy for picture proof he is still tagged.


Anonymous said...

I'm certainly intrigued by the "proof of chastity" you are requiring your puppy to present! Would be interested to know what type of "response" you get to this!

lightspeed said...

Poor Slave Tony, OH MY,thats a nasty devise, Mistress. Love to wear one for you would be an honor. Sub Randy

Mistress Lin and slave tony said...

Ms Diance- I have been asked to show a picture that I am locked up with the time and date next to my licked up clit whenever ANYONE sends me an email....about 5 people have requested it.

Anonymous said...

I emailed the bad puppy (who is getting a little better, probably from being in chastity) at 1:33 ET and got a picture at 1:42. his clit cage was tagged with #478522. his polite response:
"Stopped car on way to meeting so you can report that I did it promptly sir. Please post comment confirming I obeyed."
Mistress Lin, I am still perturbed that he doesn't consistently capitalize his "Sirs" and "Mistresses." And from his comment on FemDomMarriage: "I apologize to you and to her as superior females." If he recognizes You and KeyholderWife as his superiors, shouldn't his writing demonstrate that?