Thursday, March 31, 2011

As requested by blogger

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Anonymous said...

A pat on the head for the slutpuppy for carrying out the assignment that I gave him: "According to the latest blog post, you are supposed to be the "sluttiest whore." I would like you to pose like a slutty girl, sitting with your legs up and knees bent and spread wide
open, showing off your clit in its cage. I trust that you know what I mean without me sending an example; I'm sure you saw a lot of pictures like that before your Master took control of your clit, your pussy, and your life."
I could have done without the t-shirt, and stockings would have been nice, but not bad. I would like to encourage other Masters, Mistresses, and even other subs, to come up with more ideas for this whore puppy to do, to show that he knows his place to his Mistress.

lightspeed said...

Shave him..Sub Randy