Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Again sleeping exposed and caged

I am amazed not only how vulnerable I still feel when I get in bed...stripped off bottoms but not T-shirt, ass up in air like a whore but also how this feeling is making me feel a lack of control over my modesty and sexuality. Definitely a vulnerable feeling. It exposes "pussy" and reduces emphasis on "clit" It makes it feel like "training" for my masters desire to claim my "pussy"...expose it so that in the middle of the night she can just mount me as she wishes. Again as i stated..its not the FULL nudity like the picture above...Noooo its the JUST PANTS removed part.  its the, yes you can sleep covered on your top...but your genitals must be open....THATS the combo that makes me feel whorish, exposed, flayed open and at the mercy of another.

Add to that constant daily chastity in a cock cage...the focus on the "clit" yet inability to touch...the need of having to sit to have the makings of a difficult and pre cum stained week for puppy!

Once again the request to all is out for those helping Mistress Lin keep puppy in line by requesting proof of chastity anytime day or night by simply emailing puppy and puppy will respond with picture proof. Email puppy at

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Paige said...

What a great post tony & Mistress Lin! i love the way you describe how this makes you feel not just physically, but the emtional side of being Mistress Lin's whore. Just a yummy post!