Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chastity and a NEW poll for readers

Well as seen in the picture in the last post (a very artistic picture i think) i am still in chastity and learning submission.  i am trying to earn my freedom by offering Master fulfillment of some of Her kinkier fantasies to help come true.  She has been exploring such extremes as cuckolding and extreme flogging as well lately...so i am a little nervous. The new poll to the right is about some ideas i can do to earn my freedom.  Please take the time to both request proof of my chastity (at any time via email) as well as vote on what i can do to earn freedom.  Also, be advised that you can add any additional ideas to the comment section and Master would love to incorporate those ideas. i hope to earn release by being the sluttiest whore i can for Her with little or no limits.

from IhonorHer blog- truly a good sub whore puppy

Monday, March 28, 2011

Caught, captured and tagged.

'Beginning week 1 of 24 hour chastity. Tag #478391. Feel free to help me keep my bad little puppy in check by demanding proof of chastity by emailing him on his phone at mistress.slave@hotmail.com Will post new pic if lock # changes.
Lock changed out this evening under STRICT supervision. New ID Tag is #478522.  Mistress asks anyone who wishes to demand proof of chastity anytime day or night by emailing puppy for picture proof he is still tagged.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

Requested by a follower

Requested by a blog follower and approved by my mistress... in order to help me get back in mistresses good graces I have taken this picture and made the requested markings on my body. Any other requests will be fulfilled per my mistress.
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

puppy wanted?

So, my puppy has been bitching today... He has been in chastity now for almost a week straight. I was feeling generous and I gave him reprieve today. I allowed him to take the chastity device off for today, to see how his behavior was. This morning he was loving, adoring, and very, very submissive.

By this evening he was complaining that he hasn't cum in a while. Complaining that while I have been singularly focused on training his clit to behave, I haven't touched it. I haven't sucked it. Bitch, bitch bitch.

SO I told him that if he doesn't shape up, I will find myself a new puppy. He was feeling quite sassy from a good day at work, and challenged me to find one. So I am taking him up on it. Here are my qualifications:

1- MUST be local (in the Phoenix, AZ area)
2- must be relatively fit. (no more than 20 pounds overweight)
3- must be at least 5'10"
4- must be willing to be in chastity for extended periods without complaint
5- must be willing to accept any discipline or training given without question
6- must be grateful for every bit of attention you get, even if it is not the kind you were particularly desiring at the time
7- must be willing and able to pamper me
8- must be a good cook
9- must be open to spanking, flogging, etc
10- must have very few hard limits.
11- must be well versed in the art of cunnilingus
12- must know how to find and properly stimulate the female g-spot
13- must be willing and open to my strap on
14- must be willing to have your prostate milked on a regular basis
15- must be willing to submit to cuckolding

here are some preferences, but not deal breakers:

1- gives a good massage
2- Italian
3- blue eyes
4- nice car
5- expendable income
6- dress well (don't worry, if you don't you will with me)
7- be able to hold up your end of a conversation
8- bisexual, or open to bi play

If you are interested, please send me an email with a detailed message explaining why you would be the perfect sub for me. I cannot stress enough the importance of detail. This is your one shot. If you follow this blog, you know what I like. Convince me.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Again sleeping exposed and caged

I am amazed not only how vulnerable I still feel when I get in bed...stripped off bottoms but not T-shirt, ass up in air like a whore but also how this feeling is making me feel a lack of control over my modesty and sexuality. Definitely a vulnerable feeling. It exposes "pussy" and reduces emphasis on "clit" It makes it feel like "training" for my masters desire to claim my "pussy"...expose it so that in the middle of the night she can just mount me as she wishes. Again as i stated..its not the FULL nudity like the picture above...Noooo its the JUST PANTS removed part.  its the, yes you can sleep covered on your top...but your genitals must be open....THATS the combo that makes me feel whorish, exposed, flayed open and at the mercy of another.

Add to that constant daily chastity in a cock cage...the focus on the "clit" yet inability to touch...the need of having to sit to urinate...you have the makings of a difficult and pre cum stained week for puppy!

Once again the request to all is out for those helping Mistress Lin keep puppy in line by requesting proof of chastity anytime day or night by simply emailing puppy and puppy will respond with picture proof. Email puppy at mistresslinspuppy@gmail.com

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Mistress finds this man to be the perfect male specimen
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Impromptu Dom/sub party

Due to a change in plans with our kitten, we are planning an inpromptu Dom/sub party at a local resort in Tempe, Arizona.  A time to meet for drinks, hot tub, discussion, and maybe some play time.  Couples interested (or select males and females) are welcome.  So, if your local Female..or Male Dom and want to meet email either Mistress or sub and we can give you details...YESSS i knowwww its short notice...go with the flow :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sexy input needed from followers:

Input needed from followers: this week we are preparing for a special all day Saturday session in which Mistress Lin will be playing for the first time with TWO subs. A sexy young woman and me her male sub. Mistress is in control of us both. What suggestions do you all have of what could be done with the 3 of us? What scenarios? What games? What positions? What adventures? What can the subs do to each other? To Mistress? All suggestions are welcomed and we will post which ones (maybe with pictures) of the best ones we that we actually did. Let the games...and suggestions begin!
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Friday, March 4, 2011

Chastity and requests to prove compliance

Per my stunning and beautiful Master, I am to show proof that as of 9am this morning I am in chastity for an indisclosed time (see proof below).  My Master is going away this weekend without me so I have on a plastic numbered lock that cannot be removed without cutting it.  She will ask random times during the weekend to have me send a picture of the lock (even at work) as proof.  As well this demand of proof of chastity at a moments notice is extended to anyone on the blog who demands it...email...and proof will be be posted....sent to Mistress..or sent to you direct.  In this way I hope to prove that I am not in control of my "clit" and that even strangers have more control than I.   My email is mistresslinspuppy@gmail.com  This will truly be a challenge for me. So again...anyone who reads this blog and demands to see proof I am still in chastity need only send an email and I will stop whatever i am doing to prove it.  All is ask in return is that you post a comment here letting my Goddess know I am in compliance

As I stated in the last post the reason is that I have not been following directions as well as I should...I have been arrogant and I have been touching myself without permission. I still have many alpha male qualties that I need to control and supress while training.  When other male doms talk to her I tend to be agressive a bit and need to learn to be respectful to them.  When I am feeling horny I tend to still beg for regular sex.  I even get too jealous when other sub males and females get her attention.  I guess I am too competitive. I hope chastity may help me train better.

I have to admit I never thought 5 months ago when we went down this journey that I would be here at work in panties and a cock cage and writing about it on a blog....I was used to fucking my fiancee evey few days...having her suck my cock....fingering her.. having her lick my cock after i cum....and seeing her wear sexy panties for me  WELL....things have changed.  Now i eat more of my cum than she ever did...I am the one getting fucked....and fingered....and I am now wearing panties.

 I hope to learn from this time in chastity to be a better sub and to realize that my cock is truly a clit and not to be played with without pemission and that I am owned by Her and no longer in control of my sexuality. 

Also, we are going to be planning a Dom/sub party....so if you are local, please contact Mistress Lin or myself and we can see about having you join.

And as always feel free to email either of us with your comments and suggestions.  And again if proof is needed that i am in compliance..email.  Thank for your help

sub tony

Thursday, March 3, 2011


i have incurred another infraction of my Masters rules today and She has decided that i need to be caged in chastity until further notice. i want to apologize publicly to Her and beg forgiveness from all of you as well. i am not used to chastity 24-7 so any advice would be welcomed.
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