Friday, February 25, 2011

Shoes bought by another service sub crushing slaves balls

Happy friday!!
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lightspeed said...

Now thats a fine picture, both of Mistress lovely shoes and suckable toes to the crotch crunching heels. So nawty looking and commanding. Someday..Sub Randy

lightspeed said...

Last night I met with Mistress Lin and Slave Tony. It was heaven. Slave Tony email me and asked if I were available for cocktails at Happy Hour to talk about Mistress Lin’s “Private Puppys and Kittens Training Session Party”. I immediately replied that I would be available. Slave Tony emailed me the time, location, and special instructions as requested by Mistress Lin.
Mistress Lin’s special instructions to me were: (1.) Must wear a cock-ring. (2.) Must wear my girlie panties. (3.) Must sit with my pants zipper completely open, in case she wanted to inspect my cock-ring and panties. (4.) Must go to the girl’s bathroom and edge myself every ten minutes. (5.) Must have a certain table and her drink for her on the table as she entered the establishment. (6.) Must wear my sub collar. (7.) Optional, bring a coat to cover my lap. (8.) Must be there at 6:00 sharp.
The excitement was over whelming, I could hardly wait till the clock hit 6:00. I picked out my double metal cock-ring. This cock-ring has one large ring that fits around the balls and engulfs the entire cock and base area. The second ring fits snuggle around the base of the cock. Once in place any rubbing or excitement to the cock and it starts to enlarge. The feeling is incredible.
I wore my metal linked dog collar under my shirt, Slave Tony said that would be very appropriate.
I picked out a pair of my sexiest black silk lacy girlie underwear. The silky fabric rubbing against my cock, in cock-ring bondage, made my energized erection very visible and pushed hard against the front of my pants. Mistress instructions were to have my zipper completely open. My very eager cock strained against the silk fabric and tried to exit the opening in my pants as I sat down. I was so embarrassed by the slight wetness of pre-cum on the front of my panties.
I had Mistress Lin’s drink ready for her as she arrived. She had on a breathtaking deep open front black short dress that showed off her superb breasts. She had on a pair of ultra black high heels that accented her lovely legs. I tried not to stare. My cock in bondage was immediately and totally awake.
I’ve done edging before, but never in a public place. I excused myself, right after Slave Tony returned from doing his edging duty. As soon as I got into the bathroom, I dropped my pants and slowly, on purpose, pulled down the front of my panties. My cock, now swollen and extremely excited, sprang forth. I stood in front of the bathrooms mirror and marveled at my erection. Mistress Lin would be so proud of what her presents had and effected me. I so wished Mistress could see this display of cock hardness. Little bits of pre-cum was visible on the very tip.
I slowly stroked my member, visualize the way Mistress was dressed, and brought myself to the brink of liquid eruption. I replace my trebling cock into my panties and returned to the table. My zipper still down, my bulge totally visible, so thankful for the low lights. If Mistress had inspected me, I would have exploded.
We talked about her Private Party and all the things involved. Places, time, and how many femdoms couples and maledoms couples could we have at this training session party number 1. Looking forward to my training session also.
The evening concluded with a lot of progress. Looking forward to see Mistress and Slave Tony again soon, more special instruction I hope…Sub Randy