Thursday, February 10, 2011

10 Training exercises for a better, healthier puppy

1 Stretching calves, legs, and arms to make puppy more flexible for extended periods of restraint

 2 Kegel and anal plug exercises  to make sure puppy’s “pussy” is stretched and “clit” is controlled

3 Pushups and sit ups to build strength and muscle for endurance in various submissive situations

4 Mouth stretching and gag control exercises to give flexibility for ball gag and muzzle events

5 Back stretching and strength building for endurance in various submissive sexual positions

6 Cock and ball endurance training to give more flexibility to testicles and strength for cock shaft

7 Kneeling exercises to build up endurance for longer periods of worship and submission

8 Edging to keep clit better controlled and to leak cum so taste of ejaculate is better appreciated

9 Weight lifting for building up muscles for body conditioning in various submissive situations

10 Diet and vitamins to build up health, increased ejaculate,  endurance and mental health


Anonymous said...

Very Nice!

lightspeed said...

So ture Goddess, all the above and love to worship at your feet. Sub Randy

Blogger said...

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