Friday, February 25, 2011

Shoes bought by another service sub crushing slaves balls

Happy friday!!
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Cuckolding future?

My master believe the only thing missing is to have the man wear a hollow strap on so he feels and sees nothing as she feels and sees another man. She is planning to do this to me. Any thoughts?
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Training and renaming.

Ass becomes pussy, cock become clit.

As I continue my training regime (as laid out in the last post and pictured above) My Master has recently renamed my body parts and it makes one wonder why.  Why I can no longer say that my cock is hard but have to say that my clit is hard, why when she wants to use her strap on on me..she doesn't want to fuck my ass..but my pussy.  Its been an adjustment that I still find hard.   Deleting the word cock and replacing it with clit often when typing to her..or when she wants me to beg to be fucked having to remember to beg her to fuck my pussy.  When asked about it, my Master told me that as I train I am to contemplate why she made these changes to me and to then write about it.  Here goes my attempt to write why I think the name change is important to Her.

I think its multiple reasons.  I think the word cock brings forth images of power, penetration, hardness, steel, dominance and strength.  And those are not qualities a sub's sex organ should possess while being trained to become a sub.  The name clit, brings forth images of pleasure, femininity, small, wet, desire, elusive. Thus the change is in part feminization (something that Master says she truly isn't into), humiliation, and control.  It no longer penetrates (unless desired like a toy) but does leak and get wet (like a clit).  Its power and hardness is transferred into pleasure and desire (even soft is sometimes preferred).  So my quest, my job is to stop thinking of it like a cock...and more like a clit.  To stop worrying about its hardness (unless that is required) as a sign of its pleasure and to remind myself that is leaks as a sign of pleasure. To refocus my attention from the hardness of my cock to the wetness of my clit.  To expand my understanding of pleasure.

The ass to pussy thing is a little more clear.  Both sexes have an ass.  A male has an ass that is strong and firm, a female has an ass that is tight and small. But when it comes to penetration a pussy is penetrated more so than an ass.  Calling my ass a pussy is another way of feminization as well as humiliation and control.  A man fucks a pussy....a man says a person is a pussy as a sign of weakness and insult.  A pussy is penetrated...a pussy is used...a pussy is a hole that is taken. A pussy is filled with a cock, a pussy is covered by panties.  A pussy cums from a cock fucking it.  Therefore my males ass wouldn't work as well to be used in such a way unless it is transformed and made into a pussy.  It needs to be a source of pleasure that makes my clit wet, it needs to by used my master as a way of showing her power and authority.  It needs to be penetrated and rammed into as way of knowing my place is beneath her and that I am weak to her power. It needs to be open and available as a way of showing my growing comfort in being made into her willing slut and whore.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


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How male subs even sleep.

Master even now dictates how puppy sleeps...puppy used to sleep in nice silk boxers and a soft t shirt. Or cotton pajamas. Or even naked ready for wild sex! more.... Puppy must sleep like a whore now. T-shirt on top like before but now bottom less. A reminder that "pussy" and "clit" are As well, like a good dirty slut...puppy must sleep on stomach exposing ass and pussy with legs spread. In this is obvious that the slut is always prepared to be Master or anyone that Master dictates. So...even sleeping there is a way to show proper submission and respect to a beautiful and sexy female Master.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

10 Training exercises for a better, healthier puppy

1 Stretching calves, legs, and arms to make puppy more flexible for extended periods of restraint

 2 Kegel and anal plug exercises  to make sure puppy’s “pussy” is stretched and “clit” is controlled

3 Pushups and sit ups to build strength and muscle for endurance in various submissive situations

4 Mouth stretching and gag control exercises to give flexibility for ball gag and muzzle events

5 Back stretching and strength building for endurance in various submissive sexual positions

6 Cock and ball endurance training to give more flexibility to testicles and strength for cock shaft

7 Kneeling exercises to build up endurance for longer periods of worship and submission

8 Edging to keep clit better controlled and to leak cum so taste of ejaculate is better appreciated

9 Weight lifting for building up muscles for body conditioning in various submissive situations

10 Diet and vitamins to build up health, increased ejaculate,  endurance and mental health

Thursday, February 3, 2011


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Again I came without permission...will do ruler, ice and consume cold cum treatment as before. Please see jan 7th as a detailed example of what I must do. Pics to follow. I am sorry to all that I was so weak.
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Just a hot picture to share.
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