Wednesday, January 5, 2011


So, we are going to a boy toy party on Saturday. I am SO excited! I cannot wait to show puppy off. He really has a beautiful clit, and a nice body. He is on his way to being a perfect sub, and I am bringing him there. I am so proud of how far we have come, and I know there will be some wonderful Mistresses there to show me how we can take it to the next level! I can't decide what I want to do with him while there! Do I want to tease him? Are we ready for trading? Do I want others to fondle and inspect him? Do I just want to watch other Dommes and get some ideas? My head is swimming (and so is my pussy. I am gushing wet just thinking about it)!

Anyone have ideas/suggestions? Anyone been to a party like this? I would love some input on how to behave.


KeyholderWife said...

What a party. I would think keeping him hard is something you should do. Maybe a blindfold so he doesn't know who is looking at him. And have him dance too. With an erect penis, that would be quite the site. With the blindfold, who knows who you are trading him to.

Cuckold H said...

I agree with everything KeyholderWife posted. Also give him a ruind orgasm. That would make him suffer as this was done in front of everyone. Use him as a footstool. Let us all know what happen's! Lady B my key holder would like to know. She says that this sounds fun. Would like to know how this party was found.

Also if you could find sometime to give her some advice as we are new to this life choice also.I've even created her own Blog Tribute, that we now both work on with her direction.

little man p said...

KeyholderWife,.. i am somewhat surprised that You do not have him clean shaven,.. is that not one of Your contract requirements? Just a question Ma'am.